Good download site for Gamecube Roms

5  2017-08-09 by miguelz509

With cool roms being shut down, and ThePirateBay not having all the games I want, can anyone vouch for any other sites that have GameCube roms?


Emuparadise. It is where I get mine.

It's missing first party roms.

Go to for those

Vimm is so underrated.

Emuparadise is dead, they've removed 90% of their roms.

Think has GameCube iso sets


The eye is fucking amazing, hust google it or find it in /r/opendirectories

Ridde me this:

What's international, ignorant of a certain OS, and still completely awesome?

Answer: You. You are.

Nice link, O wizened traveller of the internet. Accept my praise now, for I am off for a long walk down memory lane.

Dude holy shit this is the motherload! A lot of sites don't have the USA versions or are missing things. This site has literally everything and is fast.

Fast? It downloads at 80kbs for me... I'm using the torrent file now which is faster, but it has more leachers than seeders so who knows if it will even finish

Couldn't tell you why that is buddy. I was downloading all day at somewhere around 1 MB. No game took longer than 20 mins and my internet is not wonderful. In WV if it means anything.

Hmm. For some reason my internet sucks at downloading from web browser. I pretty much only use torrents. Also programs like steam download fast. Web browser downloads just go slow and time out for me

I know that pain man. I had a PC that did the same thing for some reason. Like it would max out on torrents but chrome would take a ridiculous amount of time to download from a good source.

Quite! Not limited to GameCube either.

Since you've mentioned The Pirate Bay, I feel myself obliged to share the knowledge of the existence of a much better site — a site that searches in dozens and dozens of torrent websites at the same time, TPB included. Meet Torrentz², the only torrent website you'll ever need.

I found this:

Not sure if its safe tho, it seems so

ill agree the eye is epic!