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I chuckled

Me too. I flashed on Admiral Ackbar as well.

This is the first time Iā€™ve watched the actual clip.


šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ WHO DID THIS šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Who did this? No, who actually did this? I want to give credit where credit is due. Iā€™m done with stealing memes. New year, new me.

Good bot.

Y-you too.

You forgot a forehead joke.

y'all wrong for this šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Thanks for giving me my daily exhale laugh.

Like slight nose exhale or that heeeeee wheezing noise some people make?

Just tried to reproduce that noise.

If you poke a small hole in something inflatable that should do it

Oh I got you like a huuuh?

Kinda, but with a more of a high pitched twist

xDD lmaoooo xDD is your friend

I don't get this tbh. My CC has 100% refunded me all fraudulent transactions and any transactions that are bogus (eg: cable company claims my cancellation was not within their "policy" range and dings me, CC refunds in full and issues them a chargeback punishment fee)

Dont mind me, Im warding

Does it work outside US?

Only in US per their site Sign Up page:

Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

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My credit card has a virtual number generator. It generates a card number that only works for one transaction and expires after like 15 minutes or something. I've used it for every online purchase in the past 5 years or so. Is this not common?

That needs to be standard everywhere.

What the fuck I wish

This is in Europe right? I've only seen a few pictures of credit cards with the little display that changes numbers every once in a while

I get a message on my phone and to verify the transaction before it goes through so whether I give my card out or not doesn't matter

What? How? Where?

It works like that in Turkey.

Its just a regular visa. It's like that for online transactions only. Issued in Cyprus (Bank of Cyprus). I think it's normal part of 3D secure, the bank verifies all online transactions.

In India it's called 3D verification system. You can't use credit card just by swapping it anymore. You have to enter a PIN, just like debit card. And while using it online, you have to either enter One-Time Password (OTP) which you get on text or a pre defined Password.

What : Gold Visa credit card (i think) How : Just a regular 2FA authentication Where : France (LCL bank)

Same here. I get a code when I use it online

Damn that's smart

I had this back in 2003... and then they discontinued it, and I've never had another card with it.


Citi bank has it

All banks in Portugal do this, it's pretty useful

Which bank?

Citi for me

So wait,could you just use this for infinite Netflix trials,I feel like they'd have something specifically for those cases .

You can get unlimited trial with the same card with different email. I've been doing this for 4 months now.

I've never used Netflix before, do they take money from the credit card when I sign up?

No, that's why it's called a free trial.

First month is free. Just remember to cancel it immediately.

they wont know if we can keep this between us

Fucking Uncle Charlie's game.

The only way to be sure is to eliminate the rest of reddit.

Good riddance.

I hope you had the time of your life.

Its something unpredictable

But in the end it's right

Well, getting rid of them is kind of the point.

I'll start by offing myself.

Me too thanks

Me too thanks

Flea boo flanks

Wow that's a very sophisticated bot. Check out it's history.

Crazy, I imagine America will have it by 2100.

Go on...

oh my fucking god i need to get a card that can do that O_O;

My BoA CC has that feature. Pretty useful



Every Credit Card company provides this virtual card service. Or at least that's my exp in India

What? This black magic fuckery is available here? Which bank?

I've used it on HDFC & SBI. It's on ICICI too.

WOW. I gotta try this

Which card and in which country? Ive never heard of this.

Citi credit cards in the US have this, but it is accomplished with software on the PC.

Android pay does something similar too

do you have a cashback key i can use?

If only that worked in Canada.

That was a close one.

Me on crunchyroll

It's pretty safe though. The only problem I've had with it is that it blocks in my country and doesn't let me watch shit

That's due to the vagaries of licensing restrictions (this is what support told me). It sucks that I can't see One Piece subbed. my dude

*Pfft* Noob.

(Pulls out empty Prepaid card)

Even though they obviously won't be able to get any money from you, would you still be legally responsible for the amount they charge you until they just cancel acct? Like if you used your real name, would the charge be sent to collections?

As dmnchild said. The charge will just get declined and they'll suspend the subscription until you (never) add a new payment method.

It depends on the company. They also could leave service running, create an invoice for you and if you didn't paid then they would report you to credit agencies and ruin your credit.

Especially be wary of places that know your SSN.

I've never met a consumer aimed subscription business that does this. Most online subscription services are pre-paid so at the beginning of each cycle they charge you and if the charge doesn't go through they cease your service until you pay up. Less trouble for everyone involved. Besides, if you're using a Prepaid card then it isn't tied to your credit since it acts as a pseudo-debit card, and you shouldn't be giving your real info to a business you plan on severing ties with anyway. You shouldn't be giving your SSN to random businesses either.

SirusXM does this, they will provide an invoice and continue providing the service.

Actually they might be an exception, since I never gave them my SSN (unless they got it from my dealer).

They charge you like a cable subscription would, where you're basically getting a service contract instead of simply prepaying for service in set periods. Plus it's a physical service again so they have your personal info, and they don't accept prepaid cards for auto-renewal anyway, according to their customer agreement, they're only allowed for when you're manually paying for service each period.

I used to work for a place that had a "free trial" where you put in your credit card and then they send you more and more shit. If the card declines they harass the customers via phone and letters to the billing address. Then they sell the debt to collectors.

At that point it's a scam anyway. And that's a physical subscription not an online one, so automatically you're handing over your personal info which defeats the whole point to using a disposable card. At that point you should properly cancel your subscription with them and if they refuse or ignore it you can take threaten legal action as that could qualify as harassment or even fraud.

There are anonimous prepaid cards which is not connected to your bank account and you dont give your info while buying the card.

On prepaid if the funds aren't there, it gets declined. So most likely you'll get deactivated from the services and a few emails to that spam account you created and never check letting you know there was a billing error.

Eh, too much work, might as well pirate it.

At least you don't to worry about malware.

Right? Especially when piracy is legal in my country anyway

What country



I use a cardboard one that I got in the mail for spam. Mainly when I book hotel rooms so if I have to cancel they can't charge me anything if they want try to pull the 24 hour cancellation policy BS.

Could you elaborate? This seems interesting.

Yeah sure hotels don't charge you anything or even authorize any payments until arrival. Unless of course you prepay for the room. So lets say you want to make a reservation all you have to do is use any random 16 digits as long as they start with the number like (4 visa, 3 amex etc.) It will work to put on the room reservation because hotels in majority of cases will only authorize the card upon arrival and not actual run the room charge until your check out date. So when making the room reservation you can use a fake card so if you can't make it and you missed there cancellation policy they can't do anything cause the card isn't real in the first place so it won't run through.

I worked at a hotel for 5 years and did business with hotels nationwide it's a little know trick to cheat the policy.

Prepaid doesn't work 99% of the time.

Worked with most of the online subscription services I've encountered. For online services it's really easy to just cut off their service to you if you don't pay, and then restore it once you do. It's all automated, so as long as they get their money they're happy. Hunting down users for payment just wastes more resources than simply cutting them off when the money dries up.

Just use an old prepaied card

You must always look for the cracked version first

What's this from?


Thank you for reminding me to cancel prime free trial

This is what I do. Works okay for me.

Love your "Cancel HBO NOW"

Yeah it's their streaming service.

Oh right

I always cancel my trials right after i signed up for it. They still give you premium till the end of the month. Worked for Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

HAHah so true

Man, I'll drink to that!

Generates that credit card

this is why I keep a prepaid card with no money on it

This is why you should use temporary card numbers created by your bank. I use them all the time with like a $10 top limit. It lets the company charge $1 for authorization and get the trial started then the $15/mo or whatever fee doesn't authorize if you don't cancel.

Make burner card

This is awesome!

I was going to say this. Best service ever

I just got charged for HBO Now after signing up for the free for Game of Thrones. Bamboozled myself šŸ˜­

Watch Westworld

Nah definitely watch Westworld on blu-ray. Much better experience

I have already šŸ˜

As someone who works in credit card disputes, I have to tell you that the amount of traps set up like this are absolutely insane. We're talking people will sign up for "Free trials" or "only pay shipping and handling" and then have to call us three months later when they've been charged $300 a month by all these groups and have no idea why. And then I have to explain to them that those charges are absolutely valid and there is nothing we can do except prevent future charges.


Ay fr. Screw the companies that do that garbage. If it's a so called free trial, then I shouldn't have to put my person info in for something temporary


Google Play music...

Just want to let you all know, If it's those 30day free trial sort of things, just enter your credit card number first then immediately cancel the subscription. You will still be entitled to the 30 days free trial.

Eh, too much work, might as well pirate it.