Can someone explain how to play a cracked PC game?

2  2017-09-03 by miguelz509

For example, if I download WatchDogs 2 which required U-PLay or some other game that requires a steam connection, how do I work around this to play the game? I've tried looking online an the explanations either don't make scene or don't work.


The only cracked copies of Watch_Dogs 2 that are real are [Watch.Dogs.2-CPY]( and [Watch.Dogs.2.MULTi16-PLAZA](

Once you download one of these, it might be an ISO file or it might be in multi-part archive (RAR) format. If it's RAR'd you will need WinRAR or 7-zip to extract the ISO file. If you are running Windows 10 you can double-click the ISO file to render it as a virtual disc in a virtual DVD drive.

On the ISO/DVD drive there is a setup executable which will install the game. Within the ISO/DVD drive there is also a folder, like /Crack which contains files you need to copy into the folder where the game is installed (which will be shown to you during the installation, alternatively you can right click on the shortcut on your desktop and pick "Open file location").

Then the game will play as if you were licensed.

Thanks for this detailed information.

One question, does running these cracked games with the steam support or uplay support have any chance of causing any problems with my legit steam account? I don't want to get banned on Steam!