Join the Battle for Net Neutrality! Net Neutrality will die in a month and will affect online gamers, streamers, PIRACY and many other websites and services, unless YOU fight for it!

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Its funny how i posted about this days ago and got downvoted and ridiculed for it. Now all of a sudden you guys here care?

the difference is that OP is a sockpuppet account like many of the others posting this today

This is the one time I will call out shills on reddit, looking at the front page earlier today you had to go down 7 or 8 posts to find something besides this image.

Why is that a bad thing? I mean, it sucks that people downvote it before. Maybe the eff and others organized an up vote brigade or some sort of "buy up votes" strategy to get passed the shills?

Why is that a bad thing?

Well, when you ask someone (who usually doesn't have a post history in that subreddit) why Comcast supports Net Neutrality, you get a totally neutral third party who shows up and claims you're a shill for Comcast, despite your same comment pointing out Comcast bought out your local ISP and your internet quality in the area has been going downhill (inversely to the cost) ever since.

Because it doesnt really concern many of us at all. Like sure if it passe it will but besides that? What can others out of the US do?

Bug your friends in the USA and educate them? SPAM the shit out of them, make them realize that this is an important issue. Tell them they need to fight for it. SPAM EVERYONE. So its everywhere, and the idiots there have to learn about it. Shame them if you have too, encourage the people who show interest. This is blatantly about the powerful grabbing more power. This is a fight anyone who isn't in the 1% need to fight for. I agree that its a pretty uphill battle but what are you going to say when your kids/grand kids ask you what you did to fight for net neutrality? Are you going to just say you pouted and gave up the fight before it started or you actually tried and evil/greed won? Both are equally sad but such is life when you aren't in the 1%.

The thing is, here you work with an assumption that I have friends in the US. No. I dont. And quite a lot of Europeans and people from other continents dont have them too.

And when they came for me, there was no one left...

Yeah, yeah... Sure...

I counted 35 posts. 35 FUCKING POSTS before I got to actual content.

Then whine when net neutrality dies. As usual

I support NN. 10000%. I called my Congress members, did the resistbot, and emailed. But now I want to actually be on Reddit. Can I please have that?

You could always use filters. Though it may be cumbersone to setup, I think it`s the only way to get it off the feed unfortunately.

Blocking battleforthenet still has runaround links so it cant be blocked.

Blocking "net neutrality" doesn't work.

Blocking subreddits related to it doesnt work.

Yep, someone is spending a fuckton of money trying to make sure the government maintains control over internet traffic.

Probably because all NN submissions are being upvotes by bots. This submission currently is sitting at 5,300 upvotes and less than 1,000 people have even viewed this post.

Here’s my take on it: I’m European so I just upvote these posts as I scroll the Front Page so they’ll be visible to more. Could also be your version, or a combination.

There is a good chance people are upvoting without feeling the need to view. I'm upvoting the net neutrality posts Im coming across but viewing very few.

r/all is full of these posts so yeah, probably the correct reason

Sort of emblematic of the entire Net Neutrality movement. A bunch of willfully uninformed people blindly supporting an intellectually bankrupt idea out of a misguided sense of solidarity against corporate interests.

And of course, you being a pirate, you think that somehow a government-regulated internet will keep you in the lifestyle to which you've grown accustomed. You like the fact that people who don't use their broadband very often are subsidizing your torrent habit.

I don't even even live in the USA, friend. Those are some far reaching and specific assumptions though sounds like it's a bit personal for you. I hope whatever happens you feel better.

And it has the support of reddit mods. This is a fucking disgrace

Good. If there’s one thing worth botting for visibility manipulation this is it

I like to look at it as a really sarcastic way to get the point across. Reddit is showing us what the internet will look like if A single company gets to decide what’s allowed.

You mean like the FCC?


To be fair, I've upvoted dozens of pro-NN posts that I never actually went into and read. I'm sure I'm not the only one either.

And it has the support of reddit mods. This is a fucking disgrace

less than 1,000 people have even viewed this post.

I'm just scrolling down /r/all upvoting every NN post, pretty sure that's what many are doing. I doubt it's mostly bots.


Yep same here. Just wanted to blanket the front page. Make it impossible to ignore.

Same here. Upvoted every NN post and even signed petition.

thanks for falling for this disinformation campaign and shitting up the entirety of reddit for several days.

kill yourself faggot

LOL get a life punk, and some education. While you're at it, go fuck yourself.

So much edge

All the edge, edge for days.

Stellar comment, keep that originality flowing

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Ah yes, the pinnacle of creativity and originality, in the highest echelons of comments.

I see you are also spreading this cancer around to other subs. Kill yourself also.

Why are you so angry

I'll pass, but thanks.

It's ok. I know he's only paying you 0.02 shekels per post. It's fun to fantasize about having 5 million dollars sometimes, but the sad reality of living with your parents will soon wash those delusions away. In the meantime I'll take solace knowing that net neutrality will be repealed, and you wasted your time and sorosbucks on a lost cause.

Holy crap, you really are delusional. Please get the help that you need.

You really showed me. Begone shill.



Do you need a safe space? Moscow not paying the rent anymore?

Yes I need a safe space even though I clearly have no issue stating my opinion anywhere even in the face of brigading shills such as yourself. What an absolute pathetic and weak attempt of an insult. Drink bleach.

How can you be a pirate while shilling for corporate America?

The cognitive dissonance is real folks.

How can you be a pirate and shill for the government? The ignorance is real folks

Are you aware of what NN is? It means that all traffic has to be treated equally, no throttling, no fastlanes.

If you think that getting rid of it is going to be a positive in any way then I have a bridge to sell you.

That's right citizen, always trust the government. They already sold you a bridge

Don't trust them as far as I can piss, even less so since the last election. That said, the NN rules are legit. Whether you believe it or not.

I don't, thanks.

Are you braindead? You want everyone who has an opposing opinion to kill themselves, and you actually mean it, that shows how much you care about the sanctity of human life. You told me to be gone because you can't handle the truth, literally the definition of a safe space You just described yourself trying to insult me.

pathetic and weak


you're still here?

actually mean it

give me a break, i'm sure you're a lovely lady. please don't actually commit suicide because of me.

Found the bot. /s

And this is allowed to stay up why, then?

Correction most of you care but there are lot of people here are not from usa. And this dosent worry us yet

When there is no more net neutrality in the US, everything that goes through there will be affected. The end of the Internet is at hand, and not "just" for the US.

Everything that goes through there won’t be affected. It is just for the US. Your laws dont follow suit anywhere. Please don’t spread BS next time.

Yet. If the world power known as America can suffer something like this, then it's only a matter of time before other countries follow suit.

The US is the most capitalistic country in the developed world. If it's going to happen anywhere, it's there. I sincerely doubt any other western country's politicians would try a stunt like this.

I'm not from the US but I'll throw in the token support of am upvotes because it's better for us that the US keeps its net neutrality.


TOR is not an answer to any of this?

Have you never used Tor?

Yes, net neutrality is about paying for individual services online instead of everything being freely accessible and ISP controlled internet speed throttle. Tor is for anonymity when connecting to the internet.

You can bypass any ISP filter using Tor.

Your ISP can't see what you're doing when you use a VPN, so they can't throttle based on what websites you visit. However, they can throttle everything going through a VPN.

Your ISP can only see you're connecting to Tor nodes.

I’m pretty sure invoking the right for piracy won’t help this cause.

That is correct, but this post still makes Subcribes aware of the importance of being neutrality. The people need to mobilize

I’m sorry you’re correct, but I’m just trying to spread the word and help protect our freedom of the internet and just find it real bullshit how they just want our money. Sure pirating won’t help the cause but atleast I can spread the word out.

Pirates steal something, they're hunted down. Monopolies steal something, that's the glory of the free market. Fuck 'em, let it all drop.

If you want to help the cause, I'd probably delete this. /r/piracy supporting an internet act just makes it look bad. All we need is some stupid person to come along and say "See? An internet community dedicated to piracy is supporting this, which obviously means it helps criminals and is bad."

It's like when neo-Nazis and the KKK publicly announce their support for a political candidate. Their support actually makes the candidate look worse.

The stupidity of man is such a nuisance

Maybe "politically motivated to spread false information" was a more accurate term.

Stupid is as stupid does.

If the powers that be want it they will have it. If not today, tomorrow.

With that mentality, sure.

My mentality doesn't matter, in case you haven't been paying attention this last 5000 years, the opinion or needs of the majority only matter when they enrich or empower the few.

So what do we do? Throw our arms in the air and just do nothing?

How many times in the past few years has this exact precipice loomed up before us? If it fails this time, they'll reintroduce it again in six months, over and over, until it passes. If anyone in a position of power gave a shit, the law would have been amended already to prevent this from happening. Net neutrality is such an astonishingly basic component of the free exchange of information that I can't imagine who would be against it other than the ISPs, but inexplicably, here we are all the same.

I can't make myself pretend that I care anymore, or that anything I can do would be effective if I did. Let me know when the shooty part starts; until then, all any of us can do, IMO, is try to avoid getting cornholed any more than necessary by a system that is quite plainly broken beyond repair.

Well, there's my melodrama for the night...

No, of course not. The only method that the rich will ever listen to the poor is extreme violence.

We're going to be stuck in a constant loop of begging the rich to be nice to us until we make it clear to them that their lives are more important to them than their pockets.

It's truly a shame they would see that conclusion as edgy; It's how to deal with a bully 101.

I agree with you but I chose to fight so I can at least say I tried instead of saying I did nothing.

It won't matter. The current government doesn't give a crap and doesn't listen to any public outcry

Neither did the last one, or did everyone forget how they were pushing TPP

I know, so sad that Trumps government won't have control over the flow of information

Sad but true.


Took about 2 seconds to find but here is Ajit Pai information if you want to contact him he is the first one

aShit Pay

I don't think that's him, Ajit Pai's middle name starts with a V (Varadaraj) and he's 44 years old, not 38.


Aj it pai is a shit guy.

Anyone find it interesting that hundreds of subs are getting identical posts with tens of thousands of upvotes, all to fight for government control over your internet traffic? Seems like someone is spending a whole fuckton of money trying to guarantee that the government can control the flow of information.

You aren't the only one thinking that

You are totally wrong. Net neutrality was there ever since the internet became a public thing.

If anything not having net neutrality means that the government and companies can control what you see.

You should look up the "unlawful content" provision in net neutrality.

Except that one can challenge the government in court over anything banned, we don't get the same luxury with companies. Free speech laws are only valid against the government

You are lying

Net neutrality is government control over internet traffic, regulation of how ISPs send what information. It is the directly opens the door to censorship.

Even if your interpretation is true, would you rather have a corporation you have no control over be able to regulate your internet instead of a government which you can hold accountable?

a government which you can hold accountable?

Are you talking about the American government? lol

The American government accountable? Yea ok lol.

I don't think that the argument for supporting piracy is the best one to make in the mainstream.

Most people ethically agree that stealing shit that isn't yours is wrong.

I understand why people do it and how it does serve a purpose at times.

I even applaud you for wanting to craft a message specific to your sub.

I just don't think you're helping the cause as much as you may think to highlight THAT.

You might do more by removing this and trying again.

I think people realize this, this post is for /piracy subscribers.

Yeah, I came here from /r/all.

That's why I even chimed in here.

Fuck outta here.

You gotta think like the people you are trying to convince of buying into what you want.

You can't just try to force shit down their throats and disregard their concerns while highlighting the benefits you will get.

If you try to do that it's going to be a much harder battle to win. That's reality.

You need to speak to their concerns and fill them in on the benefits they gain too.

So, how about you take a moment to think on that.



Fuck that. You want the government to have more control of the internet? Everyone who up voted this has no business subscribing to a piracy subreddit.

Bunch of boot lickers.

Are you stupid or just trolling?

You're right. We should let Comcast and AT&T control what we can access! /s

I'm not sure you can read.

How the fuck is /r/privacy supporting NN when its the same government spying on us lol

What do you mean? If net neutrality goes away it makes it easier for them to spy on us. If privacy tools like tor and VPN get blocked, and other sites such as private email and other services, this makes it all the more easy for govt spying as we would be forced to use whatever services are allowed.

How does an ISP "block" Tor/VPN?

you do release its FCC is just another head of the hydra right? you do realize this?

I'm sure everyone in the subreddit would love to pay extra money for them to spy on us as opposed to the current amount they're spending!

Educate yourself about what net neutrality is. The inconsistent position would be for a pirate not to support it.

Arrrrgggg they always be after me net neutrality!

Wow that is an army of a thread.

What to do, actually? Cancel Netflix subscription today?

E-mail FCC leadership. Blow up their Twitter accounts too. The five commissioners are the ones who will vote tomorrow. Contact information here.

Twitter accounts: @AjitPaiFCC / @MikeOFCC / @BrendanCarrFCC

@MClyburnFCC / @JRosenworcel The women are in favor of Net Neutrality and are strongly opposed to this Thanksgiving week vote.

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What "battle"? You idiots voted for Trump, it doesn't matter what you do now. You gave the keys to the henhouse to the fox.

You are aware that Trump is not the one voting on this, correct? You know that the FCC decides whats happening? This is not a matter of left or right wing policies. Forget about that for 2 minutes and focus on the problem at hand and what you can do to help fix it.

Oh my god. You can't be this stupid, can you ? Trump is the president, Trump specifically APPOINTED the person who is spearheading this elimination of net neutrality, primarily to do just that. Trump is DIRECTLY responsible for this. This is the essence of "right wing" politics, end run the population, baffle them with lies, and take everything and give it to an ever shrinking fewer and fewer richer and richer people.

First they came for our vhs...

Meanwhile people from other countries are laughing because they dealt with it already while the US can't.

Anything I can do if I'm not american?

Donate to the bot people. It’s bottlenecking our progress. Every dollar counts.

No interaction without a transaction

This has been the goal of business since the Raw Telnet Era.

Imagine their frustration: Using yourself as indicator, think of all the time you spend every day link clicking, information consuming, sharing, idea exchanging, and frankly, chit-chat.

Subtract the time you spend clicking "PLACE ORDER."

Multiply that by 7.99 billion.

That's how much profit is being lost every day, by even the largest and most powerful MegaCompanies - and the regimes they partner with.

Despite unprecedentedly challenging technological obstacles, with that much money at stake, is it any wonder that they persevere?

This is their latest and greatest "solution," but it won't be their last.

Unless they make this one work. Then they won't need a next one.

So if net neutrality protects everyone's free access to the internet and that is solely why it is so vital then why was Stormfront taken down?

Ironically, and like always. It will affect piracy the least.

Would you rather a multitude of competing private entities have the ability to play favorites with internet traffic, but a massive financial incentive NOT to do so, or would you rather the federal government, with no competition, to have that same ability, but with a massive financial and political incentive TO do so?

I said it earlier today but unfortunately you lost... Pay up or don't use Internet. We own the cables so it's our property. Nobody forces you to use it... Bloody sheep revolt. You really think you can touch us? You peasants got pitchforks we have drones. Really? Majority of you as long as you have processed microwaved food on your table and shitty TV you're super happy. Live your miserable lives, pay taxes, buy shit you don't need and die before reaching retirement age. That's your bloody job!

Remember, ISPs spend millions to fight net neutrality. Many shills spread misinformation, like claiming Comcast and more ISPs support net neutrality. Don't believe their lies. This is our fight.

Even if İ dont live in the US its important to stop this change. İf the US follows through then many other cointries will do the same. But what can İ do who does not live in the US?

Why are always politics like...


In the end, the book of laws will be to full for anyone to read, and it will basically DESTROY OUR BIGGEST DESIRE!! Freedom

No one has yet to answer my question in any sub but...

What if our reps are already against the repeal?

All these spam posts should be highlighting states who’s reps are for the repeal. Shame people by location. Blanket movements don’t really do anything unless people can attach or relate to it.

Question: I remember everyone coming out for net neutrality this summer and leaving the FCC comments and stuff. I thought that was the end of it. Why have the EFF & friends been sounding alarms continuously ever since, and what's the reason for the extra big panic again this time? (also, do I need to file another comment? if so, what's the FCC code?)

what's the reason for the extra big panic again this time?

Yesterday, the current chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, announced his plans to repeal net neutrality. A formal vote will be held on December 14, where it is expected to be repealed in a 3-2 vote.

I meant: what was the difference between this panic as opposed to the July panic & net neutrality day?

Im from New Zealand is there anyway I can vote against this or do i have to be a US citizen?

I respect that thank you, just help spread the word as much as you canand sign this petition

Awsome thankyou

I'd like to use this comment to shit on r/anime for not helping out. What do they think happens if a isp decides to screw over crunchyroll?

Well that's just sad

Pirates will find a way even without net neutrality. That comes with the whole 'evading copyright law' thing.

Arrrgh... I want to sail the seas freely.

Why do the non technical people make ill informed decisions that will have grave consequences. Do they not know the say "if it aint broke, dont fix it". I am all for change if it benefits everyone, but this net neutrality will be negative for everyone except for the fat cats and share holders of the isp's.

They don’t care, that’s literally exactly what they want. Thing is for them it is considered “broke” because they can make even MORE money.

If you look at You'll see that the comments there repeat endlessly, and all come back to similar wording. There are many insults on Ajit Pai, by bots, or people with too much time on their hands. Someone is removing the comments that provide evidence to the contrary of what Net Neutrality really is. I've been banned from a different forum, being told in a PM to "spread my hate elsewhere" my informative comment was deleted, I was called a troll when I pointed out that the OP was breaking 4 out of 5 rules in and they were also misinforming people. I did so politely.

I only wish to help everyone. Please, I'm not asking you to change your idealogy. Only that you look into what this man has posted. Do you not wonder what began the Net Neutrality movement? The history, and motivations behind it? The actual ramnifications? I share this knowledge with you. Even if you hate Donald Trump, I ask that you set that aside for a few minutes, and read through this very informative post.

There are people telling the public to support Net Neutrality to support freedom, fair service, not having to pay premiums, but Net Neutrality really accomplishes the opposite.

In a nutshell, the big backers of Net Neutrality are the huge corporations that want to drive startup ISPs out of business, and take out the competition by adding very arbitrary regulations forcing the ISPs to turn to the state for approval to do business, which they won't receive unless they agree to censor the internet. Politicians are in the pockets of these huge corporations, and they will control the flow of information if Net Neutrality gets passed. There's a lot more to it, so click the link to the reddit thread I provide, and check out the OP's image file over there. Net Neutrality was repealed recently, thank goodness.


Stop calling it NN morons. That is not at all it. You are googles fucking useful idiots.

You are totally wrong. Net neutrality was there ever since the internet became a public thing.

If anything not having net neutrality means that the government and companies can control what you see.

You aren't the only one thinking that

you're still here?

actually mean it

give me a break, i'm sure you're a lovely lady. please don't actually commit suicide because of me.