Take that FBI

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gey, stupid, and possibly generic.

u so gey man

no u

Woah, stop right there, this isn't 4chan.

Not with that attitude, faggot.

pure logic amirite?

Sometimes I really enjoy the memes and jokes on this subreddit. They're funny, original, give me a good chuckle. Other times I see things like this.

Absolutely brilliant memes?

I spent the entire time reading it thinking how much I liked this show and want the next season to be out already.

I laughed.

I cried

This is so bad I posted it to /r/CringeAnarchy.

Your comment deserves to be there more than the OP.

I didn’t know they allowed meta posts.

A true hackerman would always hack the camera and doxx the FBI man

cough Felicity cough

thats not how this meme works

That's not how any of this works

Truthfully, I’m uncomfortable by these memes because they mean people are becoming complacent with surveillance.

wait it's real? it thought it was just a joke?

If you're religious, you're probably already okay with surveillance to some degree.

W U T ? ?

Baby jesus watches you masturbate

I'm a Christian but I have to admit one of the religion's main ideas is that we're under constant surveillance by a benevolent authoritarian

Do you think of that while you jerk off?

When I was 14 I did but I jerk off so much I got used to it

Yes I do

Couldn't do it without.

People have been complacent with it for as long as I can remember. The fact that the Edward Snowden info leaked yet there's still a minimal number of privacy-minded people proves it.

The recent school shooting in Florida demonstrates that this isn't as big an issue as people think it is. The FBI were informed about the kid, but couldn't work out who he was. So one of two things are true:

  1. The FBI and other agencies have way less ability to track and monitor people than everyone makes out.
  2. The FBI don't give a shit about school shooters.

One of these must be true.

My understanding was they had his name and detailed information and chose to take no action despite also having information that he had the means to follow through.

So 2, then.

Probably. They seem more interested in piracy, fraud, etc., than school shootings.

I blame Elf on the Shelf.

What does that have to do with surveillance?

The idea behind elf on a shelf is that it's always watching you, you have to be good or it'll report on you to Santa.

Now we have people who think/know they're being watched and reported on. Elf on the shelf taught kids to be comfortable with it.

But thats the idea with Santa in the first place, if they actually placed a video camera inside the doll then it makes sense, but they didn't...

It's not a doll, but a real Elf. And it's watching you right now! 👀

You’re not wrong.

I'm going to use this in an imaginary argument someday.

Oh God I've already forgotten that one

How does it mean complacency?

Joking about it with an attitude of “we can’t do anything about it.” It’s disgusting. Complacency kills.

What gives you the impression that that is the attitude?

Well they are not doing anything to stop it.

Yeah. At some point we've gotten people to acknowledge mass surveillance, but they acknowledge it by normalizing it so nobody does anything.

There's a human tendency to not think about things we can't really individually control, at least not easily and by ourselves. It keeps us from going goddamn batshit insane.

Can confirm. Keep forgetting I should not sorry about things I can't control.

It's hard. A lot of anxious people copy that floppy.

You know how I know nobody is really watching? Because my behavior by and large for the past six years of my life has absolutely screamed "this guy is clinically depressed and on the verge of suicide" to anyone with half a brain that's had more than a passing conversation with me, and nobody cares.

Hell, the NSA can watch me all they goddamn want, just ask me if I'm doing alright every once in a while. Nobody else does.

Hey man, you doing alright?

Hope you find some meaning to hold on to, I hear it gets better but it takes work & a good shoulder to lean on. I care, a lot of folks on here care, not that we're the best ones to reach out to but you can shoot me a PM or the others who have offered. I hope you do.

I don't think the NSA really cares about such things..

Do something you like to keep your mind of depression. If you don't like anything, just watch some silly comedy anime like Great Teacher Onizuka. Laughing now and then will make you feel better than moping.

There needs to be a balance between happy and sad thoughts in life. Right now the sad part is more than the happy part. So do what you have to do to get those happy things back to balance your mind.

Unsolicited advice

Are you ok?

You need a hug my man, everything gets better you just have to try to make it better.

Are you doing alright?

That's a silly question

hi NSA

How are you man?

Hey we totally care about you and don't hurt yourself and call the suicide hot tips.


I'm doing alright. Got a lot of messages from a lot of concerned folks. Truth is I feel alright more often than not, just needed to blow off some steam about it when I said what I said.

It's all good in the hood, jigga.

Try to draw, you know art and stuff. Really helps me relieve stress as I work on some art piece, one stroke at a time.

Not gonna give you advice because it's been fucking useless to me and it will be for you too, just hoping you're doing fine

Hey man. You doing okay? You should call your mom sometime. I bet she would love to hear from you!

Hey man Hey man Hey man

Well I dont really give a shit and neither do they. Do you think anyone cares how you browse reddit, go shopping, go to work? If you're not a serial killer why you'd be paranoid about your precious privacy.

I for one close the door when I take a piss in a public restroom.

Ah, the good old "I ain't got nothin to hide if I done nothing wrong" bullshit

Because little by little we become more complacent then one day some atrocity happens. Like Hitler.

Memes are for Facebook. Reddit is for getting to the point.

Your right memes are for Facebook. Reddit is where memers come to get dem dank memes

Your account is a month old. Seems like you haven't been around.

my account is one month old too


Not sure what your point is but thx for pointing out to me how old this reddit acct is lol. Super helpful.

Is this the only sub you're subbed to? "lol"

The implication is you that haven't been on Reddit long enough to realize it's a cesspool of memes. I iz helpful?

This guy gets it.

seriously thought this was /r/comedycemetary

No I’m several others that are serious. I honestly am probably going to unsub from this one because of this corny meme. It has affected me deeply.

That's actually how it works.

Every laptop I own has a tiny bandaid over the camera.

I see microphones as a bigger threat.

If they hear me sing they'll become deaf.

fun fact: they can use your speakers as a microphone

the fact that we still have so much crime with that amount of spying is beyond me

I don't talk much, all they would hear is music or nothing.

I wonder if you could keyloggers by sound though. With enough sound input you probably could figure out which key press corresponds to which key. A lot of effort, but possible.

I don't think this software has heard BOX Navies yet.

Your move, FBI.

I like how you begin with "I wonder" and conclude with "possible". I don't think so lol

Er, I guess what I mean is is it made already.

Reminds me of a story where the KGB had the US embassy in Moscow so bugged that noboady could talk. They used little wax drawing pads for kids to communicate.

Yeah i was about to say. I just out post it notes over my camera

M I C R O P H O N E S oh and phone cameras as well.

or just be offline everytime?

Intel processors have built in 3g, truly offline is harder than you think.

guess than you have to use old hardware. im running an intel i5 mobile here from 2009 i think. it still runs great for its age.

I work for a hard tech related company, so we get a lot of useful swag. One of the more useful items was a little flap that you attach to your laptop webcam and then you can just slide it back and forth. Decent for free, though if I had to pay for it, I would have just stuck with post-it notes

I've started doing the same ever since I saw that one Black Mirror episode.

Which one?

Shut up and dance

Shut up and dance. Used to lock my room just like the guy when I was younger. Afraid of my parents finding out I was gay. I was so silly at the time... That episode really got me.

Hah yup, that’s the one. One of my favorite BM episodes by far, probably because of how strangely relatable parts of it were.

Just disable it in the BIOS/UEFI.

If someone has access to the Intel Management Engine in your laptop then turning it back on remotely is easy. Unless you use an AMD processor.

Much better to block it out physically. They can't hack light rays.

If it's super important just dissasemble the laptop and unplug + remove the webcam.

You can always just hack the nsa and turn off their computers. If it's super important. No reason to take your laptop apart.

They have those little clip-on things which you can place on your laptop webcam, it looks good (you can select different colors to match your bezel too)

I just slide it off when I need to videochat and slide it back into position when I'm done

Same, but I'm a paranoid mess of a person so

You’ve got to use gorilla tape. Extra Protection!

I thought it was silly until I learned the head of the NSA does it. Now I do it too.

Do you have a bandaid on your phone.

I have wifi disabled. That bitch just makes calls.

I don’t have Android.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but while the article is specifically about Android, the whole cell network thing applies to any phone. Also iPhones and Windows phones are even worse since you don't have the option to install a FOSS ROM.

Guess so. Are you able to quote the relevant section as that’s a huge article without a specific reference.

"If you truly wish to secure your mobile device from remote compromise, it is necessary to carefully select your hardware. First and foremost, it is absolutely essential that the carrier's baseband firmware is completely isolated from the rest of the platform. Because your cell phone baseband does not authenticate the network (in part to allow roaming), any random hacker with their own cell network can exploit these backdoors and use them to install malware on your device."

Thank you. Appreciated.

I can see how this might be bad (doesn't seem very likely to happen with your average Joe, though) but I'm not sure how this is worse than disabling wifi.

Just tape, over the front camera. The back usually isn't pointed at anything interesting unless I'm using it.

My cock might be little interesting.

You got the little part right.


wow, still i dont give a fuck about my privacy

Mark Zuckerberg has his mic tapped too.

(((Mark Zuckerberg)))

Mark succerberg

The NSA is a potential target. Nobody cares about my boring life.

A script can monitor a million boring lifes. What you like, who you are likely to vote on, what are your interests, who are your friends. That's billions worth of data

The people who do this, including zuckerberg and the director of the FBI, also have some of the best internet security systems on the planet.

And yet they still do this very simple preventative measure.

If you don't, you're a fool.

I think, by now, that that they have stopped watching me just because they have lost too many agents. Watching the same day, every day, apparently dives people mad.

One day I hope to be important enough to have this problem

I don't think the government would want to see anyone fapping

I did it. I was a 17 year old girl at the time. You never know who's watching.

I also couldn't like you, because you were stupid enough to download my virus



People like watching people fap.

Creepy mf

Clinton maybe. J Edgar Hoover definitely


Well, I busted out laughing when I saw this... I like it

Not funny. Points that there are still dumbasses who fetch and consume on the same device...

It's a M E M E

Anything I own with a camera like that gets a piece of black tape over it.

Is this supposed to be one of those "so bad it's funny" memes? If so, it's pretty good.




Yeah, I've seen this hoody-wearing douchenozzle on this meme multiple times. Where'd he come from?

... are you retarded?

definitely would try that

Tell me how that goes :)

You cracked it MF.

take that! my computer doesnt even have a webcam!

It's hidden behind the screen.

so i just tape the entire screen?

Anyone has source for that Elliot picture?

My meme got pirate and posted on /r/piracy. I suppose thats kind of fitting really.


I'm going to use this in an imaginary argument someday.