Megaupload founder wins battle in ongoing fight against U.S. extradition

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U.S. authorities say Dotcom and three co-accused Megaupload executives cost film studios and record companies more than $500 million.. Really?

Totally earnest self-reported damage.

I'd believe it. Megaupload and Mega (before MegaDownloader stopped working) were the most popular free file hosters for a lonnnnng time.

And how is that related to "out of my ass numbers of lost sales"?

Not true- lots of underground rappers used it to share their terrible mixtapes.

They always used fantasy numbers, and they'll never stop, because often they are successful with it in the US, where such fantasy numbers are common practice.

They write the rules, they determine who the criminals are.

Everyone over there already lives in their own special fantasy land already. Makes sense in that environment fantasy numbers being presented in a court of law.

Lol what? The only thing anyone knew Megaupload for was porn, and even then there were torrents aplenty. Still are.

In the same vein - I wonder how much money film-studios have wasted of Dotcoms money, alone.

And why is he responsible for that? That's like charging a club owner for murder because someone sold bad drugs in their club

They expected him to invade all users privacy and delete anything deemed ""illegal", you know, like airport level body searches with fingers up buttholes if necessary.

CLOUD act v2.0

That does happen, though, doesn't it?

Having read a fair bit about film studios and record companies amounting practices, where nothing ever actually makes a profit but somehow the people at the top keep getting wealthier while the artists get stuck, and while Hollywood movies are still breaking records, i have little to no sympathy.

Well when according to copyright math a single ipod can be worth $8 billion...

One thing I find particularly ironic about these discussions is that movie pirates on average actually spend MORE money on BluRays and theatre tickets than other groups, their greater consumption of media simply feeds an appetite.

Wait, really? Any sources for that? I'm intrigued.

Great, thanks. I've came across those claims before, I just wanted some "hard evidence" that I can present in arguments about piracy...

oh, my ipod is only costing them 390 million. I haven't loaded it up completely.

this is absolutely true to me. I actually own 100+ blurays and I still download movies ALL THE TIME. it's the ultimate try before you buy.

If I don't download a movie or game, I typically don't wouldn't have bought those anyway.

I won't didn't neither

That’s the case for most people, iirc there was a euro study on it but I don’t have the link on toilet

I'm not even pro privacy, I think if we get enjoyment out of something we should be willing to buy it.

But anti privacy people's arguments are always so silly.

I think you mean piracy. Unless you really like the idea of people spying on your every move.

There isn't anything wrong with voyeurism.

But yeah that's what I meant. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

na we already waste enough money on corporate garbage and with oil prices and other shit that's draining pockets and having same corporations outsource jobs to H1B and overseas, I'll stick to saving where I can. Thanks for not being able to make decisions for me

By downloading you steal money from them. By not watching the movie you are stealing from them. Heck, just hand over your money please, we want it - Hollywood

That game/movie is so shitty, I'm not even going to waste my bandwidth on it!

nor my time

Let alone storage space.

god bless repacks that halve the size

265 codec is a blessing

265 codec is a blessing

only if porn was encoded

So porn is not encoded? Just downloaded from premium sites then simply uploaded in OG format without quality loss?

Check out piemonster on 1337x

I'm encoding to 1080p x265...he encodes 720p

thats how I feel

Well there you go, case closed. Not sure why they had to go through all these court proceedings. Got the answer in one minute on Reddit.

Have to sue for big bucks first and using as excuse "the damages" to their industry.

Yha, like how else am I guna watch my obscure art movies, it’s not like every best buy has Enter the void on the display shelfs


Which is a great way to move into talking about how to REALLY fight piracy.

Wanna fight piracy? Let me buy the shit easily and quickly. I'm not paying 18 bucks to see it in a crowded theater. I'm not gonna spend $30 on a blu-ray.

That's why services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, etc are doing so great right now. They offer something that's EASIER than stealing. It's cheap, it's quick, it's efficient. It's the future, man. THAT is how you fight piracy. Evolve with the times.

Also Enter The Void was an amazing film and the entire reason I was willing to try DMT and consequently change my life for the better.

I downloaded the whole run of Star Trek: TNG, but I'm currently watching it on Netflix because it keeps track of my place for me, I can easily watch it on multiple devices, and I want to increase the show's viewing statistics so that Netflix knows that there is a market for sci-fi.

I'm sure that there are some people out there that pirate for the sake of getting things for free, but I for one would gladly pay a reasonable price for media if it means that it increases the chances of more media that caters to my tastes gets made in the future.

They offer something that’s EASIER than stealing. It’s cheap, it’s quick, it’s efficient

Plus straight in to the movie. No adverts, no warnings, no previews.

Yeah man. It's kind of amazing. Other services like PlutoTV are offering great alternatives to things like cable too.

Plus we have crowdsourced IPTV services popping up left and right.

I've downloaded and tried PlutoTV , I haven't watched cable TV in years, but I was strongly annoyed by the amount of ads on it.

Yeah, it's a little rough. But much better than paying for cable and still watching even more ads.

A step in the right direction for sure.

Oh yha nice job you went on their website, because they definitely have their entire online inventory in store

You can also rent/purchase digitally.

If you're gonna pirate, atleast admit its because you're cheap and greedy. Legal media is widely available and now as easy (if not easier) to access and stream as pirated sources.

Usually. Not always.

Have you heard of region locking? There's a fuckload of content that I can't stream legally, so to watch it I'd need to hope they release a DVD here then buy a DVD player. Or I could just pirate...

Oh totally, it couldn't possibly be because half the content I try to consume legally isn't available in my country.

Well,I did say that it isn't on display!

Ha! He’s not wrong tbf

That movie was a hell of an expedience on acid, hell even without acid.

They know that, they just don't want to give us the option and instead force you to buy it.

I consider it a "test drive" to play a game before actually buying it.

You know those test drives used to have a name. They were once called demos and lasted longer than 5 minutes and didnt always require purchase beforehand.

Fuck the industry. They force me back to piracy because of their enforced geoblocking policy.

Wasn't there a study done for the EU that found out that piracy doesn't really hurt business?

Yes there was

That's probably right....

injury to feelings

tots and pears to then then

How many tendies were they deprived of though?

The real crime is the amount of nuggets that their kids can't have.

all of them

At this rate he'll be dead to heart disease before anyone comes to any decisions.

They want him to lose so they can boot him from NZ and then he'll be imprisoned for life.

He has too many Twitter followers to ever go to prison.

Oh shit twitter followers


Yeah, he’s a husky boy.

Lol, not sure why you're getting downvoted. This case has been dragged out forever. And clearly kim is on the plus size, meaning not too healthy. I guess some people don't have a sense of humor.

Probably just triggered fatties. For some reason fat people really hate it when you describe them as fat, even though it's accurate.

Hoes feel the same way when you call them hoes.

I’m a normal sized looking dude who works out and it even makes me feel uncomfortable seeing people get bullied. Like you could be really ugly and know it, I’m not going to call you ugly and wonder why you don’t like being called ugly when clearly you know that you’re ugly. I didn’t mind OP’s comment, I thought it was funny, but you’re just trying to be a douche.

People being ugly hasn't lowered life expectancy in the western world.

Being ugly isn't increasing the rate of preventable death. It doesn't destroy your joints or prevent you from playing at the park with your kids.

The fact is, being fat is objectively bad for an individuals health. Like smoking, or drinking too much, or being a herion addict. The people in the latter groups at least admit it's bad.

Your comment has nothing to do with mine. Yeah, being fat is bad for physical health, I never said otherwise. I’m just advocating for not being a jerk to people for no reason based on things like their weight, particularly the guy I initially responded to.

I think he might be trying to say that it's acceptable to call out far people for being fat because being fat is bad for your health and you might shame them into losing weight and becoming healthier.

Fat person here. While there are exceptions, generally speaking, fat people are acutely aware that they're fat and they don't want to be fat. We don't need assholes rubbing it in our faces.


You're not wrong, you're just an asshole. A very huge gaping asshole.

wtf I never said I thought that I was just explaining what I thought his logic was

Yeah you're just going out of your way to be a raging cunt.

No I'm not you cock. I didn't say I thought that

Yeah I wanna know how belittling and insulting people is actually gonna motivate someone instead destroying their self esteem and making them depressed. That shit merely sounds like an excuse for being a cunt.

Yeah its not really sound logic

Some people believe the cost of being kind is far too high and so don't even bother to try.

Bingo. This infatuation with political correctness is hardly anything more than a veiled attempt at advancing hate and bigotry.

If the people who routinely complain about PC culture weren't routinely the most incompetent and degenerate pieces of shit, I would be far more inclined to agree with them. But on one hand they vastly exaggerate it's significance and on the other use it to substantiate it the most virulent and toxic lines of argumentation.

And most fat people admit that being fat is unhealthy. Also you have no idea how many people with serious alcohol or drug problems will completely ignore how severe their addiction is, doesn't mean they don't have a problem.

None of this is an excuse for being insulting anyway, it's just an opportunity for people like you to be a condescending asshole. Being rude and disrespectful doesn't motivate fat people into losing weight, it just destroys their self-esteem and makes them depressed. If you're so concerned about the obesity epidemic, maybe actually try to do something substantial instead of using it as an excuse to feel superior to others.


Am I douche if I describe a tall person as "tall"?

Is calling a person "tall," an insult?

No, and neither is calling someone "fat". Fat people just get triggered because they like to pretend they're something they're not.

Here are two examples:

  • The tall man walked into the room.

  • The fat man walked into the room.

How is the second an insult? In both cases I am describing the unknown person by their most obvious physical trait.

Fuck you, pussy

The legion of congenital idiots are so precious - they're all victims of verbal 'bullying'. Never mind, whip out your book of Isms and preach how life is so unfair.


being fat is being fat. it's not an insult, that's your body type. if i said fat fuck that's an insult

Being ugly is being ugly, it’s not an insult, that’s your face type. If I said ugly fuck that’s an insult

that is also true

You make yourself fat. You're born ugly

That’s not always the case. Severe drug use can make an attractive person ugly. Genetic diseases can make people fat. You never know, to be on the safe side I prefer not to comment on things like that when it has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

I'm curious, what genetic fat disease? Isn't it more likely to have it the other way around with a non-genetic disease, e.g. ulcerative colitis or Crohn's making it harder for your body to properly absorb food?

Lipedema, Steatopygia, Prader-Willi syndrome, hypothyroidism and Cushings syndrome to name a few.

While technically a couple of these aren't actual obesity, they make the person affected appear obese which is really all that people see.

Okay. Generally speaking, you make yourself fat and you're born ugly

Being ugly is not a certifiable medical condition

Go back to voat, you ugly fuck.

to what?

I mean, when it expands to using the word "fatties", that's when it gets insulting. You can understand that, right?

they're fat, what do you expect?

The proper term is "BMI challenged".

The medical term is Huge Lardass.

i just call them fat

Nah. People have mental breakdowns over something as stupid as "hey your hair looks weird". Like, what happened to humanity. We've turned into babies that cry over nothing and take everything out of context.

Nah, it's just pathetic. Most people who are in shape have better things to do than shit on other people.

Who's shitting on who? Fat people are fat - that's not an's a fact.

I bet you're very insecure about how you look, aren't you? Yeah he's a fat fuck. Who cares? He's clearly more than that. People who talk like you do on the internet are always pathetic in real life.

Is it okay to describe a tall person as "tall"?

How the fuck do you get upvotes with this blatantly dumb comparison?

It's a simple question. Feel free to answer it if you like, or you can just keep complaining about meaningless internet points.

It’s not even a question, you’re just making a dumbass statement disguising it as a question you already know the answer to

Why do you continue to avoid a simple yes/no question?

Why are you playing dumb? Of course it’s not. You know the answer. Don’t be a chickenshit and just make your statement instead of hiding it behind a question, so I could have skipped all this and told you how retarded it is to compare calling someone tall to calling them fat

Of course it’s not.

Wait, you seriously think it's not okay to describe a tall person as "tall"? Wow...

This is why nobody loves you

The first post literally talked about how he's gonna die, it didn't just call him fat. Talking about when someone's gonna die is rude and insensitive as fuck. Your little comparison got nothing to do with the first comment

And yet everyone downvoted and abused me anyway. I guess my "triggered fatties" hypothesis was pretty accurate after all.

Ah you poor thing. Insulting people actually causes backlash for once. People have no obligation to tolerate your bullshit

  • The tall man walked into the room.

  • The fat man walked into the room.

How is "fat" an insult?

Are you deliberately being obtuse? No one is even saying that using "fat" in this particular context is insulting. Funny how you're not arguing that condescendingly calling people "triggered fatties" (like you just did) or talking about how someone's gonna die soon is insulting, which is everyone's entire fucking problem.

You don't walk up to a cancer patient or an old person and tell them "lol you're gonna die soon". That shit's rude as fuck no matter whether it's true or not. Yet you defend a joke about how this fat man is gonna die soon.

You're not recognizing that "triggered fatties" is an insult?

No one is even saying that using "fat" in this particular context is insulting.

If you agree with me, why are you getting so triggered?

I don't agree with you and stop using the word triggered, you sound like an idiot

You just said "fat" is not insulting. You agreed with me.

And you ignored my entire post, so no

No one is even saying that using "fat" in this particular context is insulting.

Your quote.

You're still ignoring basically everything I said. You're just trolling now

No one is even saying that using "fat" in this particular context is insulting.

Your quote.

See, if you had bothered to learn some social skills maybe you'd have made friends and wouldn't be like this now :)

The irony is that only you have resorted to attacking my character. I've been very civil throughout this discussion but the people who have been preaching about "bullying" and "insults" are the first to verbally abuse me.

You don't understand irony. I haven't preached anything, just letting you know that your way of thinking is genuinely pathetic. You seem to agree.

I don't know. He's got a point.

Of course it's fundamentally descriptive but the first comment literally jokes about how he's gonna die soon, how is that "fundamentally descriptive"? Also you don't like it being used as a slur, yet you're defending the guy calling fat people "fatties".

Insurance companies care when they raise rates to compensate for a large amount of people needing treatment for obesity related diseases.

Nurses care when they injure their backs moving obese patients.

Employers care when they take more sick leave and are generally less productive than their healthy peers.

Being fat isn't only a matter of appearance, it negatively affects your entire life. It's negatively affecting society and costs bloody billions in lost production, medical expenses, etc annually

In this case, he's a millionaire. How is it relevant? At all?

That's such a sad excuse to hate and belittle people. If you're morbidly obese, the cause most often is mental illness and not just laziness. Are you hating on mentally ill people for needing health insurance?

Dude everyone is so PC nowadays.

And after internet happened, PC folks made it their job to correct everything they think is wrong.

The joke here, as you put it, is "lol fat people die early from heart disease." Personally I would say you two just have a shitty sense of humor, but to each his own.

Lighten up, the world will upset you less. It's one thing to not laugh, humor is subjective after all, but it's another to feel required to inform internet strangers of that fact in a sanctimonious reddit post.

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That part's a known fact of life, the joke was that the legal proceedings will outlast the dude, poking fun at how long this stuff drags out

Ricky Gervais had a good bit about this in his Netflix special, about Bruce/Caitlin Jenner.

The subject of the joke was that he was transgender, the TARGET of his joke was that he killed someone with his car.

ayyy my nigga

this the guy that was playin fortnite with ninja and drake and travis scott

he was #1 in the world at COD and a bunch of shit

So that was who MEGARACER was back in MW3.

Wait is this the same guy that found out the FBI was tracking him because his internet was lagging in CoD?

Can someone explain why he was being tracked?

Google Megaupload

The DOJ has a hard on for him for copyright infringement and showing off.

Bloody legend

In AWE at the size of this lad.

He's a big guy.






He was megauploading cheeseburgers BEFORE it was cool

he's a scumbag who ratted out his friends to the authorities. this not a legend he's an asshole.

I hadn't heard that? Link?

Gotta fuck'em all

His case is still going on?

How is he still so fat on remand?

good, fuck the US.

Fuck the Netherlands and every other county that extradites their own citizens for piracy and related non-violent crimes.
Fuck jullie allemaal!

Fuck any country that extradites anyone to the US for crimes that are not fucking crimes in their own country.

Fuck you too. The US is more than just our government. So, yes, fuck you too.

As long as we don’t talk about his political views. shudders

I love this guy.

I hate this guy.....

but he is being unfairly attacked by the US governement

Why do you hate him?

I guess I don't hate him. He just seems like an asshole.

I don't think he does. Sure, he brags a lot, but wouldn't you? This guy is an overweight nerd who happens to be really smart. With his ideas he managed to acquire wealth and fame on an international level. Of course he is compensating for his insecurieties - everyone would. Besides he is just living live, having some fun, I don't see the problem.

I hate him because of the Seth rich bullshit, among other things.

A true hero never loses

The Human Rights Review Tribunal awarded Dotcom damages of NZ$30,000 ($21,816) for the “loss of a benefit” and NZ$60,000 for “loss of dignity and injury to feelings”.


Actually he does need the money as most of his wealth is confiscated.

And the fat fuck was married so of course his unicorn walked out stealing his shit legally

You realize this isn't MGTOW, right?

all life is mgtow love just like how all life is about not walking out in front of buses

'gee so many guys having their lives ruined in marriage, good thing i am magically immune unlike those poor souls"

I'm sorry your life is so miserable.

Projecting love, you have no evidence that my life is anything other than happy. So you pretend to know that mine is bad in order for you to feel superior about me. All because you disagree with my accurate risk assessment

More you only disagree with my accurate risk assessment because you have had a life time of being indoctrinated to support marriage.

Pathetic really.

Dude just stop .. you're embarrassing.

"no evidence" 🙄

I don't like marriage, or even monoamory for that matter, you're just a fucking idiot and will probably spend several years if not the rest of your life worrying about Le Feminazis coming to get you.

lol and here was i thinking that men chase women, catch and marry them and then have a 50% chance of divorce in 5 years which results in significant financial loss and loss of access to children.

You know that the divorce rate is steadily falling, right? High divorce rates were associated with the older generations being able to get out of bad marriages without stigma.

Besides that, getting married after being a couple longer results in lower divorce rates. Millenials are getting married later in life, so their divorce rates are much lower than boomers'.

Marriage is steadily falling.... Divorce rate is still at over 40% after 5 years and likely hits 90% by 50 years.

You do realize that you are posting your pro marriage stance on a thread about a guy who was recently destroyed by marriage?

I'm saying you posting a statistic without context is idiotic. Great, your marriage didn't end well. That doesn't mean marriage is a bad idea. All it means is your marriage was a bad idea. Your personal life doesn't matter to me.

If you see a single person jumping in front of a bus and losing out hard would you still promote bus jumping?

The question is why are you defending marriage? What possible advantages are there for men and what possible statement can you say that erases all the inherent risks?

I have listed the advantages I took a minute thinking of, maybe read that comment. There are more advantages than those, obviously. I'll just underline the fact that I took literally one minute listing those.

I noticed that you spent less than a minute thinking about that list given that it was so retarded. trusts? Can trust without marriage and trusts are expensive. Tax breaks? no tax break is greater a saving than by not marrying. etc

Trust as in the concept. Not trust as in the fiduciary relationship. Reread with that in mind and get back to me.

As for tax breaks, what are you talking about? Are you arguing that cohabitation is more expensive than separate housing? Or that sharing food is more expensive than separate? Essentially, are you arguing that on a per person basis it costs more to live as a group than as an individual?

Logic: Your wife can leave you at any time for any reason. Which results in massive loss of resources and child access.

On top of that the courts and police are extremely biased against men

Finally divorces happen at extreme rates.

= logically, you are stupid as a male to marry

Wow, no advantages, really? Automatic power of attorney to someone you trust, combined assets with someone you trust, healthcare to or from someone you trust through work, tax breaks, easier access to visas depending on who you're married to, simpler school registration, the list goes on. It's idiotic to marry someone you don't trust, obviously. But for couples that were together for several years before marriage, odds of divorce are low. Couples together for three or more years are 39% less likely to divorce according to researchers at Emory University.

If you're so concerned about divorce just get a prenup. If you're this concerned about it though probably you should stay single.

Prenups are not necessarily legally binding and are often over ruled.

40-50% divorce rate at 5 years is low?

You realize that virtually 100% of marriages begin between trusting loving in it till the end commitments right?

And most marriages that end in divorce end up that way because the couple rushed into things. How long were you with your ex before marriage?

I dodged a bus and never married. Therefor jumping in front of buses is ok by your logic?

Divorces are down because marriages are way down yet still you have a 50% chance of divorce which is potentially catastrophic.Just like it was for kimdotcom

So you're not bitter about marriage because of a bad divorce. Alright, that was a bad call on my part. Why are you so bitter then?

I don't think you understand how divorce rate stats work. It's not saying X% of anyone anywhere will get divorced, it's saying that X% of couples who get married will get divorced. I'll go ahead and prove that changing the number of people who get married does not change the divorce rate:

Let M be the number of couples who get married and P be the percentage of them who get divorced. If D is the number of couples who get divorced, P=D/M. Therefore P=(nD)/(nM) for any nonzero number n. Thus the raw number of those who get married has no effect on the percentage of them who get divorced provided that the number of divorced couples changes proportionally to the number of married couples. ☐

I will not enter into a discussion with you on whether one gender is advantaged in divorce proceedings. You're moving the goalposts to try to avoid admitting that you have no idea how statistics works.

"A bad divorce"

What part of millions of divorces all of which are bad grants you the right to dismiss as "A" bad divorce

The beauty is that your day will come...

Did you miss the rest of the comment?

Ok buddy

cheers love.

Lol jellyboy spotted.

you wait love, keep it up and it will be you losing your wealth and your kids.

Are you okay my dude?

oh how sweet of you to ask love!

I mean...I kinda want you to be okay, idk you sounded weird.

oh love, i am very much weird from your perspective. Alien thoughts that one day hopefully for your sake, that we will share

Okay love

“loss of dignity and injury to feelings”.

are you serious, where do i sign up for this shit? I can become a millionaire overnight


Now let's see if he can sue for unjustified damages, illegal seizure and other goodies.

Rich people never go to jail

I only use MEGA to download and share game files(mods, MMORPG, etc). I don't think I've ever downloaded a movie or tv show from mega in my life, I only use torrents because it's way faster than downloading something through Chrome. >~>

except mega has nothing to do with kim dotcom

You missed the golden age of piracy streaming online.

Back then, you would load up a movie and it would have like maybe 3 links and 2 of them were MEGA. The MEGA links always worked and everything streamed was normally great quality.

Quality wise, it was mostly shit.

Honestly I didn't mind downloading it, as I had a HDD dedicated to movies. However I wish I could have given some of those links to my dad instead of burning him disks! Lol

I just tossed out about 1,800 movies on DVD's I burned and rarely watch stuff I have downloaded anymore.

I mostly just use the stuff I've downloaded to put on a SD card in my phone so I don't have to worry about using data.

With no data cap at home, it's just easier to find something via flipping through an addon that's current with everything and I really enjoy the "play a random episode" for when I get bored.

I really wish someone would have a mega pack of the great commercials from the 80's and 90's so I could weirdly add those between episodes.

I never knew I needed old school ads again, until now.

I'm still trying to track down old JC Penny catalogs from when NES came out to probably the late 1990's.

I wanted to keep them on my coffee table and cycle them one year per month.

The problem is no one really saved them and I'm not spending $20 for a beat up catalog to have sit on my coffee table.

Was such a great catalog when you could go from guns to games to lingerie.

And now a shit ton of those mods will never be seen again.

back then we used to, though. entire tv shows, and entire discographies, at once. it was so nice, fast, and reliable. it was perfect for the time and the place the internet was at. rip all the blogs that had links embedded and subsequently died when it changed urls and databases.

Man i miss megaupload :(

Back then u just used TPB or isohunt if I got desperate. Was I missing an entire subculture of pirating???

You really were.

Back then I was into torrenting, so i'd normally just get my content that way.

But the great thing about Megaupload was you could watch the movie while downloading it thanks to an amazing website called icefilms(.info).

It was the early days of streaming websites - No looking for mirrors, they were all up and available in full aXXo quality!

Yes you were. should help you get caught back up to date.

Yeah megaupload was amazing. Direct download whatever you wanted in a time where people I knew were getting letters from our internet company for Pirate Bay and the other big ones

(Insertblogname).blogspot you had to download multiple files, rar them then and only then would it work

That's the way I would get torrents so compress their size a ton. For some reason the game that stands out to me is Battle for Middle Earth 2. Parts 1-20(maybe?) and then extract. It'd download it via torrent though, but I can see the appeal of downloading it that way if you don't want to torrent something.

every torrent i touched back then gave me the sickest malware and freshest trojans. by using blogs it was word by mouth, and you had comments to go on - i know that TPB does that too now, but like i said, i always kept getting fucked so torrents were out of the question. i don't think i ever used google to get something back then. also the "quirky" indie music garbage from a country unknown i thought was cool back then because i was an idiot kid - it was never properly seeded, and my DSL speed wasn't helping either. with a blog post including a megaupload link, you'd have the on-demand control we are now used to.

Hey man your not an idiot for liking something retarded from unknown countries, fuck it it was cool to you for some reason. But yes exactly, I downloaded many viruses on my mom's work computer because I wanted x and y. I tried to download a music video from frostwire at school, went to play it... porn suddenly I was that kid watching porn in class. Good times

There were THOUSANDS of blogspot pages that had links to music on megaupload. I remember that was the way I used to download music after limewire died. Man that's almost a different era of the internet now, makes me feel old.

Right me too. That's how I found out about amazing death core bands, I feel like my favorite blog is still running

They're still there in vast numbers, I just used one to find some metal albums. It's incredible how they resist entropy, they just shift links from Rapid (RIP) etc. to Megaupload and other, sometimes completely obscure services...

I downloaded 300 wii games on mega back in the day. That doesn't mean i would've paid for all those games, and 90% I never even played lol. 98% of them I haven't even put in an hour to play.

Mega used to be my goto for movies ad shows back in the day. It always had what I wanted to watch even if it was unavailable everywhere else, even by legal means. The site never buffered and was pretty easy to navigate. I remember how lame it was when they started going after dotcom and the site stopped being useful for media like that. It was like a better version of solar movie and all those sites.

I have a idea! Want us to spend our money on your movies? Lower your prices!! For God's sake almost 40 bucks for a family of three to go to the movies and that's not counting snacks!. If not l don't mind being a pirate and I say thank you sir for all the uploading sites that you put up.

Kim Dotcom ?


I sure hope NZ does not cave to the FBI. American courts are unusually vindictive and harsh. Were Dotcom to be tried and convicted in NZ, Aus or Canada for his 'crimes' he would at most get a few months in gaol but the US would throw way the key. 30 years or more.

Nah I don't think NZ will cave. I mean he's already run for government.

John key the co conspirator is also gone

Is that how you spell "jail" in NZ? I see that word and always think "gay-owl".

that's how you spell "jail" in the English speaking Commonwealth. (Canada, Australia, NZ, Great Britain)

And "Australia" is how they spell jail in England.

Convicts get nicer weather that we do. Totally unfair.

At least you can go for a walk and not have to worry about dying from exposure/animal attack/shark attack/insect bite/snake bite/killer fucking trees/the sky. The whole continent is like a gas station in a Resident Evil movie.

Or die of old age waiting for the NBN to load.

I heard they were also fed Lobster until someone decided lobster wasn't a sea bug but instead sea steak.

It's a really archaic way of spelling jail

Nobody spells it like that here. He’s probably from the North Pole or something.

Good for him, the damages they made up had no substance whatsoever.

Fuck yeah

Someone please educate me if I am wrong.

In case a user uploads content that is in violation of copyright or maybe upload some unreleased movie, in that case what should be done? Shouldn’t the authorities seek information about the user who uploaded the content on the website and file takedown & DMCA notice? What is the point the authorities should go reprimand the owner of this site on which it was uploaded?

They did sent DMCA requests to Megaupload, but usually such sites deny taking the content down.

IIRC and forgive if I'm wrong this was years ago but, there were internal emails showing that they said they removed the links but never actually did.

I do not know about that, but there were emails revealed that the movie studios were trying to go into business with Megaupload before the US government went all in.

I'm positively surprised about the comments in this thread, usually many people comes out of nowhere to bash on Kim, personally I think there is nothing even close to mega as cloud services go.

Hope he at least manages to stay free, although I think the main focus is to bankrupt him with legal charges, common practice on corporate US.

not a big fan of megaupload coz due to their piece of shit TOS my files would always get removed, losing out on profits. Though, is dope as fuck, deletion rate is very very low. Dotcom is a pretty cool dude, though I will never understand why you'd change your last name to "dotcom". His wife is hot too

And loses battle against diabetes.

defend our large son against the RIAA

The usa government conspired to allow dotcom to enter new zealand in spite of our laws just because they have a extradition treaty with us.

Usa then had the nz police launch a massive raid on dotcoms property in violation if nz police behavior and seized dotcom and his property.

All at the behest of usa mega corporations.

Corrupt as fuck

Remember the good old days in the 80s when New Zealand was not afraid to tell the Americans to get fucked. sigh

Go Kim!!!

Oh shit I forgot about this dude. He really did die for our sins

whats megaupload?

"The Cloud", basically. or so it was re-branded by US elites.

Fuck the USA

Shhh, they're listening!

When aren’t they.



Same to me, it's pretty much ruled by greedy corporations.

So have you heard about TTP?

It is so fucking weird. Americans are so terrified of their government that they would rather be "ruled" by corporations that do not give a fuck about them.

How is this pic not a meme yet 👀🤔

Thank goodness for the captions, or I’d have been completely lost as to what was happening in this image:

German tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom sits in a chair during a court hearing in Auckland, New Zealand

To be honest, I don't really care what he is supposed to have done, I just don't want him in my country anymore

Yes! My man! I mean we all like Mega rn instead of the classic Megaupload.

Art should be free.Movies and everything online is our modern education , more than all the failing school systems worldwide. Where is all the spread the love spirit?! Piracy forever !

Just wait until the next time Mickey Mouse or Superman or Batman are about to enter the public domain, and the US extends "copyright yet again.

And after internet happened, PC folks made it their job to correct everything they think is wrong.

I'm curious, what genetic fat disease? Isn't it more likely to have it the other way around with a non-genetic disease, e.g. ulcerative colitis or Crohn's making it harder for your body to properly absorb food?

In this case, he's a millionaire. How is it relevant? At all?

Okay. Generally speaking, you make yourself fat and you're born ugly

That's such a sad excuse to hate and belittle people. If you're morbidly obese, the cause most often is mental illness and not just laziness. Are you hating on mentally ill people for needing health insurance?

No I'm not you cock. I didn't say I thought that

Is that how you spell "jail" in NZ? I see that word and always think "gay-owl".

Nah I don't think NZ will cave. I mean he's already run for government.

Or die of old age waiting for the NBN to load.

I dodged a bus and never married. Therefor jumping in front of buses is ok by your logic?

Divorces are down because marriages are way down yet still you have a 50% chance of divorce which is potentially catastrophic.Just like it was for kimdotcom