Just six more months...

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Anyone got the repack? The audio is out of sync at about the 2 hour mark

You called?


no Atmos ? Peasants



The.Avengers.Infinity.War.2018.2160p.BluRay.HEVC.HDR.TrueHD.7.1.Atmos-FraMeSToR for me ;)


What are these IDs useful for? I'm only familiar with torrenting but I see them frequently on here, so I'm curious if I'm missing out on some new methods.

Not really sure what you mean by ID. Is it the last words on the strings?

The whole format with words separated by periods, so yes I think so. I notice it always includes date, resolution, etc. They always seems to have the same order, so is it some ID that I could use to access it, like a tracker or something? I have little knowledge of torrenting besides magnet links, peers, and seeding, so forgive me if I'm misusing terms.

They're called "scene rules"; there's a set of rules for the naming of most kinds of releases (these days, films+TV+games), agreed and adopted by the various major scene groups and followed by almost everybody else. They exist so you can figure out what a release actually entails (the resolution, video codec, presence of HDR, audio codec, audio channels, language, etc.) without having to look at the NFO file.

Here are the rules for Blu-ray releases, for example: https://scenerules.org/n.html?id=2014_BLURAY.nfo

Releases which don't follow the rules get removed from the entry point (FTP topsites in my day, I dunno about now) so people are incentivised to follow the naming template.

Now, the rules don't always get updated often enough, so you end up with intermittent periods of names being a bit messy. Right now there needs to be a revision to mandate proper usage of HEVC/AVC, HDR/SDR, and 8-bit/10-bit to name but a few attributes.


I'm glad you are helping. Cuz it's too long for me too explain.

"The cam is totally watchable guys, 10/10 just a few ads"

I used to have a cam of the first Kingsman: The secret service where about 4 times throughout the movie, once at a very major fight scene, the person in front of the cam stood up and stretched, yawned, and left to go to the bathroom.

It's the fat chick of the rip world. Not the first choice but she's there when you need it.

Who invokes more cancer? People who download cams or people who think Yify is 1080

people who think Yify is 1080

Well they're not wrong. Its just incredibly shitty quality

best version i've found so far has the top of some dudes head bottom left for the first couple minutes, the first time i watched it was with the ads and even full time slots for an ad in the middle of the movie

Im confused, what kind of ads are you refering?

IW literally had ads playing over parts of the movie so people would completely miss scenes.

Thats rediculous :o

And people passing infront of the camera every 5 seconds.

some guy is constantly coughing in the background

shitty joke

audience laughter

"What ? Thor ? Haha"

But that's a positive! It's gonna feel as if you are watching a sitcom!

It's just not the same!

Theres a new one up on piratebay, it is a little out of sync, but it isn't major and it has better quality then the one with ads

Is there actually a version with ads? WTF, can’t even pirate without seeing ads these days.

wait ads like literaly ads? like what type of ads? thats new to me.

since the new camrip was released all sites have switched to the new one but the day 1 camrip literally had ads for some weird sports betting site. like a literal ad and not some pop-up. with music and everything. it was loud as fuck, too. seriously when I saw it I couldn't believe either.

Yup, and the ads cut out the portions of the movie where the ads play, so you don’t even get the entire movie.

yeah I'm butthurt about missing Thor's landing in Wakanda it's not even in there . butt. hurt. I can't even get to a theatre this is mean.

It's literally the best scene in the movie bro. You gotta watch it!

Luckily it's in the new camrip so I just saw it :) analwound almost healed.

There's a new one out that shows a little more of it, but the quality isn't great.

What the fuck man. So they chop the fucking film up and you miss shit just so some fucking ad plays.


Does the person uploading the film get a cut of the ad revenue? If that's how they do cams now, there is even less reason to watch that shit.

True cinematic experience!

It's gonna feel as if you're not alone.

It's gonna feel as if you're watching it in a theater.

But a shitty one

Unless you can buy out a whole screening, they will be. Hell, even if you're alone in the theater, there will be one guy clapping, laughing and making all sorts of noise.

I think whole screening would only be great if youre going to watch a horror movie

I think whole screening would only be great if youre going to watch a horror movie

I think whole screening would only be great if youre going to watch a horror movie

"This movie is pirated in front of a live audience"

Ugh, opening scene applause. Title screen applause. Cap shows up a/applause. Person in the seat next to me finally shows up, with a kid who sat in her lap the whole time. More applause at a one liner. Fuck movie theaters in the city.

I guess the problem is I've never seen big movies in a city. I've always wanted to be a part of the true camaraderie of the cinematic experience.

But no-one claps or cheers here, even in a fullish theater. Some laughs here and there.

SPACE hahahaha


I beg your pardon

one of the force awakens cams had a british lady saying "excuse me we've gotten reports that someone in this row is recording" followed by some shuffling and a hard cut to a new audio track

Who tf reports something like that though

i barely look at the people sitting near me in a theater so i don't know how they even noticed but i guess snitches will be snitches


I do, those screens and LED's are not what I paid 17 dollars to see.

At the Infinity War showing they had someone with a mic straight up say no recording and the police come in to check on things (bullshit). And to report anyone who was recording.

Before every movie in Japan they play a long propaganda piece telling you to report anyone you see recording, and also report anyone who downloads movies or music. They play it before every single movie, and this is after you've paid the equivalent of ~$20 USD for a ticket.

That's pretty fucked up. Although it makes sense considering I've heard that generally Japanese people have full trust in their government on whatever they say (Drugs wise, and also apparently piracy wise).

The people who work in the cinema receive a substantial financial bonus for reporting this.


Or maybe someone annoyed by the camera, no matter how concealed.

OMG I watched that one too. I almost died laughing lol

Oh look at this guy not needing external cues to know when to laugh.

Camera guy is jacking off or something and the camera is shaking like hell.

I would definitely pirate footage that had avengers + constant masturbation.

Whatever man, I watched The Last Jedi as a camvid and it was cool, it was like I was there in the audience, in Mexico. Got to hear how people reacted to stuff, milk drinking was a hoot!

Does anyone else scoot up in their chair when a person walks by the cam? You know...to let them by

Sometimes theres a korean version of movies in theaters, I believe they watch it on a seperate cam or something, its the real movie but with korean subtitles

true cinema experience

My theory is that studios release shitty camrips themselves to keep the quality low.

literally a 15 second ad right in the middle of the climax of the whole movie

Why do so many people rate things 10/10 just because it works? How does “I can see the whole screen and understand most of the the things being said” equate to a:10 v:10 to so many people? Like really, the 3 hour long movie stuffed into a 700MB .mkv file with 400 kbps combined bitrate gets a literally perfect rating?

or just find leon and ask for his flix

half of the screen ks blocked by the guy in front

Why would a torrent have ads? There is no revenue to be made when they play?

" oh an advert for betting? BETTER GO THERE RIGHT NOW "

that damn ad scared the fuck outta me when i was watching the infinity war cam. didn't help that the ad was significantly louder than the film and features shouting and banging on drums and shit.

lmao same here, headphones an all.

I watched the first transformers and half of the screen was blocked by a seat, nothing can shock me anymore

Did you miss any plot lines because of it

It actually made the movie better

I used to have a cam bootleg on VHS of the first Flintstones movie, where the camera guy held up his pack of twizzlers in front of the camera before opening and eating them loudly.

I recently saw a cam rip of Black Panther and that might be the single worse idea I’ve ever had lol. A movie where most of the actors have dark skin and half of it takes place at night or in a cave or a building. I couldn’t see shit.

TriHard 7

Made by white folk. Not allowed to have white folk characters.

Except as villians

He mentions black actors only because they’re relevant to his point about cam quality, and you go full snowflake about the anti-white agenda. Get a grip.

Bro Martin Freeman saves the day in that film...

And it’s not exactly “made by white folk”.

'People start fucking clapping when a character appears on screen'

Watching a Marvel movie day one is the worst experience ever

Saw it last night and literally children were talking and laughing full volume in the theater. No one said a single thing to them the whole movie.

This kind of shit is why I'm here.

Went to a 10 pm showing on the 26th. Full theater and no dipshits luckily.

Same as. It was almost eerie how well behaved the entire audience was.

Thank you all people of Cineworld MK for not ruining that beautiful film

I went to a 1:35 am showing and noticed there was no clapping. I figured if they are willing to go at that time, they are pretty invested fans that recognise the need to behave. It would still make for extremely shitty recording because there was uproarious laughter every 5 minutes.

Find an Alamo. I won’t see a movie any other way, even if you don’t buy food.

Or when they kiss

U r lucky if its just clapping, here people shout so loudly u cant even listen the fucking dialouge and I mean in the theatre!!



Ah the French spelling.

A luge that seats two.

“Lmfaoooo @ these idiots complaining about free stuuf!1! Its free morans just enjoy it okay?! Hey aXXo ia/v10/10 can you do Logan next?”


Not seen that in a LONG time.


How how how???

It's a joke...

Thought there might be a super super early factory leak... might as well hope.

It really irks me that Disney/Marvel are cramming so many movies so close together that the home release isn't out for me to watch before I have the opportunity to see Infinity War in theatres

Yeah, this definitely pissed me off. Had a kid recently, so couldn't make it to the theaters. Then I took the afternoon off to see BP before IW, and they dropped the two showings I could make. Oh well, didn't really matter when it came to understanding/enjoying IW though. They'll be doing the same for Captain Marvel & A4 though, which sucks.

This exact same thing happened to me. Right down to the recent kid. Still havent seen. Didnt detract from infinity war for me.

If you have a local dollar theater. Their releases are usually weeks behind. Black Panther is still running at my local one.

Well how else do you think they'll juice you for money? Black panther isn't out yet so that kinda forces you to see it in theaters before you see infinity war in theaters. Not that it's not worth the watch in theaters though.

The plot of BP isn't relevant at all for the plot of Infinity War, though.

You probably wouldn't know that without watching both, though.

And that's how they got me to see it in a theater last week instead of waiting for home release. Not really any connection to IW other than Wakanda setting.

still without watching BP u wont feel the aww/wow in IW

so as homecoming

The existence of Wakanda does figure in

Really the only important part is the location Wakanda existing and that they have superior technology. None of the rest of Black Panther really has any bearing on Infinity War.

You don't know who are some characters without seeing Black Panther I guess ?

Not any that you really need to know anything about for the plot though

I don't even remember if he had any lines.

Did you even watch the movie?

Yeah, the wakanda plot seemed irrelevant overall. Most of the characters there didnt have a whole lot going on.

I'm not sure what more you really wanted from the wakanda line. Without giving too much away in spoilers they had the biggest fight, had the mind stone junk, Thanos showed up, everyone except a few were in wakanda.

A lot happened, but not much character stuff on their end except for some other stuff.

I don't think the story would flow if they randomly added random character growth for the black panther people. It was basically Wakanda right after black panther so you get the characters you know doing things they're known for - Shuri helping with the stone, M'Baku respecting and fighting along side T'Challa, and Okoye fighting as usual.

Yeah for sure. They were awesome.

It's actually a lot of time later. Black panther was right after civil war (funeral of T'Challa father in it) while Infinity War is like a year or two later.

Except for the third of infinity war that takes place in the futuristic African city introduced and explained in that movie...

You don't need to know the plot for that though. Just watch a trailer and you're all set.

Agreed, I crammed in a shitty cam version of Black Panther the night before I saw Infinity War. I think the most important part was being introduced to a few characters, the plot didn't matter so much though.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. You can glean the general premise from the trailer, but you miss out on a lot of character development and background that gives the setting any weight.

You're just setting yourself up to enjoy the movie less when you do things like that.

Yeah, but Black Panther hasn't been available in any theaters near me for weeks

That said, on its own BP was a great movie. Lots of cool stuff.

First world problems.

Exactly! I'm totally willing to pay $30 to watch BP at home before seeing Infinity War, but nope. Can't do that. Guess I'll have to find some other way to watch it.

Black Panther 2 is out May, 8th for Digital and May, 15th for Blu Ray. So you'll be able to watch it and still catch Infinity War in theaters in only a couple of weeks.

Damn, the first Black Panther isn't even out on Blu Ray yet and they're releasing the second one in May?

Wtf? I haven't even watched BP 1 in bluray yet.

Black panther is so average tho

Finally just saw it Friday and, while I get the social impact of it, the plot is pretty derivative - Lion King meets MCU.

What is wrong with a derivative plot though?

Marvel movies aren't meant to be cinematic masterpieces, or thought provoking or soul searching films. They are fun entertainment, like going to a baseball game or the circus, you're meant to enjoy it in the moment and not worry too much about it afterwards.

It's not even like the creators talk it up besides regular marketing fluff. They know they are movies about men and women who wear goofy costumes and have unrealistic abilities. At least they experiment around with genres, tone and cinematography though.

The acting and characters were pretty great though. As well as the city of Wakanda. Killmonger and T’Challa really sold the derivative plot for me. All in all I’d call it a solid AF superhero movie. Kind of how I felt in the first half of Wonder Woman before the plot, villain, and romance sort of tanked it all

What websites have movies like these?

The only women who say this are the ones who only have one thing to offer.

So many women are unemployed or have no real skills, some other dudes kids, are fat, and just aren't very interesting people and wonder why they have trouble dating.

Well, it's the same reason neckbearded or dorky guys don't get girlfriends. No one with options will consider dating them.

Many guys (probably not most) are willing to have casual sex at the drop of a hat with just about anyone, and the only attention these women get is from these guys, because they really don't have much else to offer.

Jesus, someone give this man gold!!

You have to watch it in a theater before, it deserve it

Saw it in IMAX 3D. Completely worth it. Best 3D since Avatar.

Is that you offering to babysit my kids then? Thanks pal!

I did - it was a very good movie but clearly had to be cut in half due to the size and scope of the story.

I'd advise everybody to watch it in the theatre for the Thor scenes alone. :O

Honestly, Thor has to be my favorite hero in the Marvel universe now thanks to Thor: Ragnarok.

He's now my favorite character in MCU. Taika Waititi totally transformed his character. Everyone was cheering during his thunder scene.

Nu Zilland

Thor: Ragnarok spoiler

The scene at the end where he crashes onto the Bifrost Bridge to the sound of the Immigrant Song, is, for me, the best single moment in the MCU so far.

Should have been Thunderstruck

Apparently Taika Waititi did a sizzle reel (a kind of proof of concept) to pitch to Marvel, and he cut lots of action scenes together sync'd with Immigrant Song. There's an interview out there where Kevin Fiege's eyes light up when he recounts the reason why Immigrant Song ended up in the movie; I think Waititi's also told it multiple times.

Honestly, Immigrant Song is totally awesome and I shouldn't be complaining. Kind if like comlaining that my ice cream doesn't have whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Doing the same thing when he showed up in Wakanda would have been goddamn amazing! I get why they didn't, but damn I can't wait for the fanmade cuts that do it.

Nah going with the Avengers theme was the way to go. He is fucking pissed that everything and everyone he loved is now dead and wants payback. BRING ME THANOSSSSSSSSSSSSS

The part where he’s forging his weapons is also great. How it all came together made me think about a legendary weapon in Skyrim.

Yeah, I heard it in my head when he came into the fight in IW



It will kill you!

Only if I die!

Yes. That’s how that works.

Yeah it was long for a marvel movie, but are we really gonna turn the whole story into 4 movies?

There’s a second movie already

I think he meant the scope of the story is so long that he understands why it’s two movies.

That’s not the only thing cut in half ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

No Shit. This was the First time they got Thor right. I liked him in Thor 3 but He wasnt really the God He truely is. 9/10 for the whole movie

No movie deserves my suffering.

I love how this movie is so good, /r/piracy is talking about how you should see it in theaters.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Well, /r/piracy has neverbeen against going to the theaters or paying for a service.

There's a mistake - replace FGT with FraMeSToR 😎

There is a reason why FGT releases are banned on some trackers.


I found Avengers Infinity War 2018 Early 720p HDCAM ENG x264, surely it's very good!

downloads torrent, has 10 watermarks and hardcoded arabic subtitles

Reminds me of that one movie I found!!

HD Video but with the worst audio quality ever also partially in English and partially in another language

“Someone should combine this video with the audio from another upload... someone not lazy”

The copy of Thor Ragnarok I watched started off in Spanish with hardcoded subs in... Hell I dunno, Farsi? I honestly thought it was some kind of weird gag and that the demon he was fighting was supposed to be Latino, I mean I wouldn't put it past Waititi, but once it cut to English mid sentence I realized it probably wasn't.

When I watched The Dark World to gear up for Infinity War, the bad guys spoke Ancient Bad Guy for most of the movie and I thought it was just something they were kinda doing for effect and to get the gist of it from context, and not really important information but then it just kept going on and on for a quarter of the movie and I realized this version probably crops right above the subtitles.

But eventually the bad guy spoke English and it was fine.


... did we find the same one?


Did we just become bestfriends?


Do you mind me resting my hand in your lap?


In the late 70s they were a lot bolder.

Can I kiss your teeth?

Can I eat two of your fingers?

Username checks out

uhh ok


Must be hard for you, having a rich and powerful father

Upvote for the Vice City Reference.

There's a really good one now that was uploaded on 4/29 that ends with CPG

Why do they rename using the same source as "new" "proper" "finalv2" "bestfuckingHDCAM". Imean isnt it the same shit?


Yeah( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How do I call in sick when I'm already at work!?!!

Just watch it at work like I am, kicking names and taking ass

IT is very strong here

i paid my $20 to see it at the theater, and i'll buy it on bluray when i can. but, i also have this copy in the interim. image is really good, except for some dude's head partially covering the bottom of the image on the right for the first half hour or so. and hearing the people laughing at the jokes makes it sound like a fucking laugh track, which sucks. but, otherwise, a decent copy

Let’s try it then!

Lemme know how it goes please. I didn't download the others because they were obvious spambots

Pretty good imo, surprisingly clear audio and goes all the way through the end credits

I think I'll download it and rewatch it after i see it in theaters. Everyone I've talked to says it deserves a watch in theatres. Thanks o/

Yeah, def worth seeing on big screen first.

It's magnitudes better

magnitudes better

cam rip

Pick one

Nah for real, this is actually one of the best cams for any movie I've seen.

3.6GB is tiny

In the grand scheme of things yes, but when we're talking about 108pp and below for any movie it's a bit bigger than others.

if you think 3.6 is on the large-ish end for 1080p rips then you've been raised on YIFY dogshit

I do go for more compressed files, not everyone watches blu ray.

Because people take the one at the top and don't bother

Which are always the smaller ish ones, which proves my point

You dont have to watch 30gb rips. Even 6-14 gb ones are so much better

What? Most movie files I download are 9-11gb at 1080p

Hey 3.6Gs is 3.6Gs


A cam on 1337 was decent, audio was trash but at least you can see whats going on.

Dude stop

That website was like:

clicks play, gets ad clicks text, gets ad doesn't click, gets ad

Username checks out

Fuck -FGT...

What's wrong with FGT?

FGT is just a group retagging releases from other groups. They have been caught and are banned on several trackers.

Nothing man, what you do on your own is your choice. I ain’t got a problem with them folk.

Isn’t it more like 2-3 months? Black Panther isn’t that far out, and it came out late February.

Black Panther has set a release date in the UK for 11th June on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD, which is almost a clear month behind the US.

And studios complain about piracy...what justification is there to release it a full month after the US release??

Their way to combat piracy is with early digital release, which is usually within days of the physical version leaking. I wonder what the UK digital date is.

And they sometimes release the movie a week earlier in Europe.. logic

For some reason most movies come out earlier in europe but the dvd releases are later.

There was a lot of old standard rules about when you are allowed to release for home watching after it has been in theaters.

there was a particular funny situation where Intouchables was released straight to DVD and had to be pulled off the shelves because theaters decided to run it, after it got massively succesful.

Are they still moving forward with an American version of the movie? I remember hearing about it a couple years ago but nothing more.

Oh it's coming with Nicolle Kidman...

No idea, dont want one, if there is one thing hollywood is good at, is ruining every european movie they redid.

How good is this movie really? Movie theatre must see, or just another generic avengers movie with some comedy/action but really nothng special?

If you have seen all the other Marvel movies it's a must see in theaters. I've already seen memes/ whatnot slipping into Reddit so assume you will be spoiled of you try to wait 6 months.

If you just causally like them, maybe you like iron man a lot or the guardians then eh maybe not see it in theaters, but still a must watch eventually

I love my superhero movies, but compared to the other Avenger films this is way ahead. My favourites till now were probably Winter Soldier and Ragnarock but this is way better. I didn't think they could pull it off but it's a really tight film, all thriller no filler.

Theater must 100% I don't go to the theater too often. I usually wait for DVD or on demand release but I knew I had to go for this one just to avoid the spoilers that would be everywhere. I am so glad I did. It was absolutely 100% worth it. In fact I'll probably see it again in the theaters at least one more time, maybe two.

Must see, undoubtedly

Is it that much better than the first avenger movie or are you saying it as a fan?

It was better than the first avenger movie. I don't like marvel movies that much but it was funny from time to time. Not Guardian of the galaxy 2 funny but Thor 3 funny. Thor was great in it. Ending was somewhat shocking but no much if you know about Marvel's future plan or just use common sense.

I still have a free movie ticket so i'll go see it then. Thanks!

Ending was somewhat shocking but no much if you know about Marvel's future plan or just use common sense.

One thing I didn't expect is the way they made that part sequential instead of parallel, but what an amazing storytelling choice that was. Every time the scene switched, everyone was on the edge of their seat every single time to see which way it would go, and even knowing how it will change in the sequel, there were a lot of shocked "WHOAAAA"s and a couple of "NO!!"s.

It’s a movie that took ten years and countless movies before hand to be made.

It’s on the long side, but it literally ties up countless loose threads that have been setup for this.

Trust me, the last 30 mins alone are amazing

First 15 and last 30. The whole thing was amazing.

Infinity war crushes the other 2 in both story depth and how it looks. It's just a good time brah!

I thought the first avengers was a pretty decent summer popcorn flick and the second hit almost no buttons for me. This one I'm going to see in the theater a second time, later this week. It's not the godfather, but within this genre, it's by far the most intense experience I've had. I found it amazing.

If you're going to see it again when you had those feelings about the first two (which resembles mine) then that's definitely a reason for me to go see it. Thanks!

In terms of how many really gripping action segments there are, it reminds me of Fury Road (which I almost saw twice as well; I can't remember any other time I've even thought about seeing a movie in theater twice). Like if you had Fury Road's action taking place on a global scale in the story, and you already knew the characters from previous films.

In terms of how effectively it interweaves humor, it's very similar to Ragnarok.

In terms of how well the villain is characterized (I'd say antagonist, but so much of of the story is around him that a lot of people online say he's actually the protagonist)... maybe a combination of Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandius, and Mr. Glass (but instead of glass bones they're giant carbon fiber bones) in one twistedly-compassionate, yet evil, powerful, brilliant, manifest-destiny-motivated villain?

Winter Soldier and Infinity War right now either best MCU movie. Can't decide need to watch Avengers again.

I'm honestly more of a DC fan but I think Infinity War is in a league of its own.

Just for Thanos. From the trailers it seemed that Josh Brolin got the role exactly right 100%

Him and the Black Order were the best part of the movie for me.

it is a well paced good mix of humor and action without overdoing either ... it has it's moments with things like character interaction and meeting for the first time feeling somewhat rushed but with the amount of people in this movie you had to somewhat expect that some things would need to be a little rushed

all in all a fantastic movie with a fitting all the build up and at least on par if not better than the first avengers movie and well worth the time and effort to see it on the big screen

if i had to really really try and pick it apart the let down for me was the ending, although we all knew it would be left on a cliff hanger and was not expecting the story to be wrapped up neatly i was expecting to be left on the edge of my seat screaming " YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT THERE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT " when in reality what i got just felt flat/incomplete ... it was not a bad ending just did not give me that 'holy fuck did you just see that shit' feeling i was hoping for


! It could have been cool to just leave it on the finger clicking. "You should have gone for the head" click -black screen, credits roll-

But also, I could see that being annoying, plus if there's other marvel films before the next infinity war, they'd give away what happens anyway. !<

Would you have got that feeling of "what happens next" if it had ended when he snapped his fingers?

See being a fan a fan of the comics not only did I expect it to happen I would have been disappointed if it didn't.

Maybe it just felt so flat because there was no surprise there for me

I had the same feeling of it feeling flat at the end. I never thought there was any chance of those who went away weren't coming back in the next film, so I wasn't shocked. I think if it had went to the credits after the finger snap (or maybe cut everything between the snap and Thanos sitting down on the countryside) it would have been more shocking to me because then I would've been like what did he just change since his whole plan was to basically wipe out half the universe and would have left me wondering until the next movie.

Well paced... It started to drag around the middle.

If you like marvel superhero movies than you'll really like it if you don't you really won't.

Lots of people still don't seem to understand this.

Lol its a popcor superhero movie. Nothing special.

Generic avengers movie. Don't listen to the fan boi hype but if generic super hero movies are your thing go for it.

Thanks for the honest reply. I think i'll watch it since i have a free movie ticket but i wont get my hopes up. Lately everything produced is pretty much garbage from hollywood.

Yeah not a big fan of movies nowadays.

I was entertained and enjoyed it, but nothing mind blowing or profound like people are acting lol.

I saw it in a theatre last Saturday - it has to be seen in a cinema. The last time I felt this way about a movie was Jurassic Park in 1993. I was 7 and went to see it twice...now I'm an old man, and felt the same about Infinity War.

It's a must-watch if you're a fan of the films, but you need to have watched Thor: Ragnarok, Dr. Strange, Captain America: Civil War, Spiderman: Homecoming and Black Panther for everything to make sense.

You don't really need to watch Black Panther. I mean sure it takes place in Wakanda but there is nothing in that movie that correlates directly into this one unlike Ragnarok's last scene.

I didnt see half those and i was fine.... Thor 3 and Captain America 3 are really the only important ones. But even then there wasnt anything overly pertinent so long as you had some background knowledge of most of the characters.

Don't feel like watching Black Panther Looks Boring to me.

I didn't see Spiderman Homecoming or the other one before it but I felt like it wasn't really needed to see it.

Sounds dope. I might try to catch an early morning showing on a Wednesday or something.

I did see all the marvel movies. I enjoyed the first avenger even though the end boss (aliens) were weak.

Dr Strange was a let down. The others were alright but more as a popcorn flick.

So i wonder: Is infinity war mindblowing, great special effects and just definitely cinema must see material?
Because imho, the others definitely weren't.
I wonder how much better it is than the other marvel movies, but i'll go see it. Thanks.

Definitely definitely definitely cinema worthy. A huge improvement on both previous Avengers movies. The shots throughout are amazing. There is so much variety, so much action and so much plot. The main villain is actually very terrifying throughout the movie. He's a very real threat. I won't say any more as to spoil the movie. Do yourself a favour and go watch it - in IMAX if possible.

But is it basically 99% cgi? Are there any practical effects?

It's the best cgi I've ever seen

The CGI is really impressive about 99% of the time. Honestly other CGI films (Last Jedi) should be embarrassed.

It ties up about 10 years' worth of plot threads, so it's worth it if you're a fan of the MCU.

I can honestly tell you, it's a masterpiece.

It's a really good movie. It's amazing how dense it is so a decent copy would be great for rewatching once you've seen it in the theater.

It the best comic book movie to be made yet in my opinion because there's not a minute of character building outside what is absolutely necessary to the plot.

I think we're all sick of being told why these characters exist and why they're 'the most important people in the world' so everything revolves around them always. Over-characterising their humanity just so they can pad content and play us for feels.

It only took a decade of work, twenty plus films, multiple TV series and billions of dollars to give us something that is comparable to the original medium.

It made 2 hours and 40 minutes feel like an hour and a half. It just kept coming and coming.

And I still wanted more

Cinema for sure, 10/10 glorious. Worth the 10 year wait.

Absolutely worth it to see this in theaters. The reaction from the crowd at the end of the movie made my night.

The reaction? Did you watch it with a special needs class? Oh noes! Those people who are signed up to do 20 more fucking movies "died". Like, Jesus fucking christ. That right there is the biggest flaw with the Marvel Cinematic Abortion. No emotional impact. It's bad enough that the dialogue is awful, the characters exist just to sell toys at Walmart and the plots of every movie are so interchangeable you could probably rewrite most of the movies for a different character and nobody would notice. Now you have fucking idiots getting wound up about these stupid, fake out, cop out "deaths", that aren't even actually deaths because they'll be right fucking back by the end of the next movie.

The reaction? Did you watch it with a special needs class? Oh noes!

I don't remember seeing it with you, but having never met you in person, anything's possible. Glad you enjoyed the movie tho

Guys run, its the fun police!

You must be fun at parties.

There's always one...

One what? One person who wishes for better quality movies to get made instead of this stream of nonstop diarrhea going right from Mickey Mouse's red, irritated anus straight into the eyes of all the dumb fucks who enable this? They are bad movies with bad story lines and some of the laziest writing around.

I've seen break downs of this garbage. Like when all the heroes are fighting each other, wow such a life and death struggle! Except no. They constantly shoot off stupid fucking jokes and quips and brain dead one-liners. It was nice of them to take a "time out" so everyone could have a chance to say their stupid fucking quippy comment. So realistic that they stop punching and listen to the person they're trying to beat. I hope some brain dead kid gets the ever living fuck beaten out of him for trying this in real life.

There’s always one person that can’t accept that a superhero movie is going to be a fun action movie for the whole family. An avengers movie is not going to be the same as Logan or the Dark Knight because it’s a team up movie that EVERYONE, not just die hard serious comic book fans, have looked forward to. It’s a movie that we will have to accept will come with flaws for the sake of what it needs to be. The jokes weren’t in your face as much as previous movies, the villain had a motive that many people would actually argue for, the characters may come back because that’s what happens, but the effects of the tragedy will still be there. If you honestly saw Spider-Man’s death and didn’t appreciate the amazing acting, then I can’t really help you.

I do want to ask you tho. What exactly would you want happen in Infinity War?

Where I watched it, the reaction to what happens in the first 10-15 was much more intense than the last 30. Though the was over guy who yelled, "What the fuck?!" as soon as the screen went black and they rolled the credits. I got a good laugh out of that one

If you were in Central Florida, that was me

lol, you guys want avengers infinity, I still cant find black panther in hd

Bluray Releases on may 15 1080p BDrip will appear this week brace urself

BDrips show up before release? dope.

Check the other scene releases all are released before the actual bluray release even if scene doesn't release on time there are Chinese trackers like hdchina,mteam etc release p2p encodes before Bluray release

RemindMe! 16 days "Black Panther"

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Good Bot

I'm speechless



Me too. I had to see IW first😭

2 weeks till release.


The digital release is in a few days. Just grab that one.

Can’t wait.

Also, no marvel related, but the Blu-ray release of Avatar The Last Airbender TV show drops tomorrow. I'm super pumped since all my files for it are only the old DVD rips.

Kinda late to the thread, but there are rumours that the fan made upscaled will be of higher quality still, be aware of that.

Nice, 👍👍 always good when you upgrade ur dvdrips. 😀😀

Is there a website or something that tells you a schedule of when movies that came out in theature should be downloadable?

stupid question: the movie "Winchester" release is today, but I downloaded a very good 720p version of that movie ~2 weeks ago. How is that possible?

Generally speaking HD releases tend to leak ~2 weeks before their Blu-ray release. I guess in some regions it’s possible to find them and they get uploaded, but I don’t know how.

Black Panther release on the 15th May, we should see a release this week or early next week.

Interesting, thank you

Just a quick question, where do you guys get your movies? I've been away from the game a long time and piratebay seems to not be updated so often and other torrents sites I used to use have been taken down.

read the wiki

TONS of stuff gets released early. It's rare to actually have to wait for the Blu Ray release to watch it in HD.

How ironic

Radarr has a calendar like Sonarr, and ETA's in it's wanted list. It does have posters and stuff in the other sections.

NZB360 shows you this too.

There's also Squawkr.io, https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/59ap7c/squawkrio_notifies_you_when_a_movie_has_been/

The best sources are official sources. Plus, RottenTomatoes' "upcoming" DVD/Blu-ray list.

Just google "MovieName DVD release date"

Black Panther blurip just leaked I can give mega for 720p or magnet for 1080p

I watched it in the theatres but I'm still waiting for this!

Marvel films are cancer.

Hi James Cameron

so true


They are all the same.

You sure you aren't watching a single movie again and again?

I am, but for some reason they keep re-releasing it under a different name.

There's always one dickhead.

Quite a few dickheads Marvel fanbois in this thread, actually.

You still haven't answered, so trolling is assumed

Answered what?

Lol u wont even debat me bro. I win. Marvel is best.


on yts is mainly 3 months after premiere


At the end


A credit scene

There was this one guy in the comment section of a youtube video (No I ain't saying it was you xD), and he was litterally spoiling the entire movie for everyone, what a d!ck

Haha. No way

And what would “that” be ?


At the end


A credit scene

Dumb sl00t.

Anyone here who used to use Alluc to find streams?

Well, it's gone now and I have no replacement site. Please help?

in kind of nutted when I read that

2160p remux - YIFY 2gb filesize

A: 10 V: 10 Thanks YIFY!


DTS-HD MA TrueHD didn't exist, lol. Especially not combines with Atmos. Double lossless with Atmos, lol. Atmos is lossless by default.

FGT make remuxes with dual lossless audio all the time. For some reason they insist on having DTS-HD in every remux with trueHD by doing a lossless conversion of the trueHD track into DTS-HD and including both lossless streams. It’a just the way they roll. If you don’t like download a remux from another group.

Ah, separate auto tracks. That makes sense.

Still waiting on Black Panther

True lol

Truest thing I've seen all day.

How can anyone be excited for another superhero movie?

Their shriveled twitching amygdala and pituitary glands are being played by disney like a fiddle, causing these nu-males to screech in fanboy excitement.

Why so long?

HD crap is still crap.

Says the guy that hasn't seen the movie everyone is raving about...

Why would you make a baseless claim like that?

We're on the piracy sub and you expect a person to have not seen a movie in the theater right now?

Would you like to ask me anything about the movie? Would that satisfy you, or would you simply move the goalposts after that?

We're on the piracy sub and you expect a person to have not seen a movie in the theater right now?

You act like that's unusual.... I haven't seen it. I'm not going to watch some scrub Cam copy of it.

Everyone is raving about? How often do people eat shit and smile about it every day?

Many people I know have seen it. Nobody forced them to "eat shit" and then immediately get online and rave about how great it is.

How much do you think the marketing shills on reddit, and the fanbois to boot, would allow dissenting opinion float to the top when there is money to be made?

I bet you're tons of fun at parties. I'm not even talking about fanbois (I know more about Marvel than any of my friends), and I'm not even talking about any rando on reddit.

So, you haven't seen it yourself

Geeks love them some validation and a chance to talk about what they like with normal people. Also, you don't understand that idiom.

There's the out-group ostracization.

Then you know that this Hollywood horseshit will never be this and will always be horseshit.

Geeks love them some validation and a chance to talk about what they like with normal people.

None of them are geeks. If anything, I'm the geek, so you've failed to identify their motivation. If you need a hint, I've already mentioned it: their motivation is that the movie is awesome.

Also, you don't understand that idiom.

What idiom? The preceeding sentence was not an idiom.

There's the out-group ostracization.

Who is ostracizing whom? I haven't seen anyone be ostracized. Tossing around your loquacious r/iamverysmart diction isn't helping your argument.

Geek, hardly. A geek wouldn't trust the vacuous emoting of those who would throw their money away on Hollywood trash without verifying for their claims for themselves.

The movie is awesome if you are happy to get any Hollywood treatment for your favorite characters regardless of shitty treatment, hence the idiom of eating shit. People don't do it cuz they want to, they do it cuz they have no other choice, and so they smile about it.

"I bet you're tons of fun at parties" That is the outgroup ostracization.

I didn't say I was a geek, I qualified it with "if anything".

People don't do it cuz they want to, they do it cuz they have no other choice, and so they smile about it.

My bad, I didn't realize so many people were forced out of their comfy beds to go watch a midnight showing on Thursday. What a totalitarian state we live in, amirite?!

That is the outgroup ostracization.

Again, I bet you're a real laugh riot.

Disingenuous to the end.

Hoookay buddy.

FGT? No, tahnks.

This is a post I can get behind.

Buy a fucking ticket you cheapskates

Hey did you know you're posting on a website populated by autists who have anxiety about leaving the house and may or may not live anywhere near a 1st-run theatre? Who do you think you are?

Someone called me an atmos-fgt once

God this sub has become cancerous and fucking idiotic


gasp Oh my...

Still waiting for Black Panther

Eh. I'd say early September

Does this have the extra height like the IMAX one?

If not, which is the IMAX version?

The IMAX one has no home theatre release. AFAIK only IMAX theatres have access to the IMAX version.

I'd also argue the film is shot with a normal aspect ratio in mind, even though it was shot with IMAX characters. Marvel aren't going to cripple the Infinity War screenings of the 99% of people who won't/can't see it in IMAX.

The last 15 minutes was completely silent. Was great.

Just go pay to watch it you broke fucks

So, I've been trying to find something that plays this type of rip natively to install on my Shield TV. Anyone got any suggestions?

Just go to the theater?

Bluray release is on 8/18


Nah fam, give me that 40GB filesize

Does each one of those abbreviations and words in that string mean something? I know 2160p and bluray, but what about REMUX? HEVC? DTS-HD? MA? Atmos? FGT?

Remux is a rip of a bluray disc to another container format just stripping the disc of menus and bonus material while keeping the contents of its audio and video streams intact. HEVC is the new successor to H.264, or high efficiency video codec. DTS-HD is a form of lossless audio used in surround sound. Atmos is the name of a new type of surround sound technology from Dolby. FGT is a release group.

The faggot release group. Releasing things with a bit of pride

FGT is a release group.


MA also means Master Audio.

Idea: Watch Infinity War, the day before Infinity War 2 comes out.

But is it H.265?

Is “-FGT” the name of the uploader?

it's literally 5 dollars to view 4k, 3D glasses included at a cinema.

damn pirates are cheap nowadays.

I wish all movie theaters had universally great prices like this. I'm genuinely curious where your from?

i don't know where that guy is from but for me its 9 euro in 3d

For me its 17 USD, that's if I go see an early show.

I saw it in the theater on Saturday...and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

(You could say the stakes were high because so many died. But with so many movies in the pipeline, does anyone really believe that they're dead dead? Seems like kind of a cheat.)(/spoiler)

Everyone's here complaining about quality of the Infinity Wars cams and TSs, I'm still sitting here waiting on a good copy of Black Panther.

I'm still sitting here waiting on a good copy of Black Panther.

Why wait, good copies are everywhere.

I guess i'll look again though to be honest I'm complacent waiting for a bluray rip.

That's what I meant.

Black Panther 2018 1080p BluRay x264-SPARKS

Thanks! !redditsilver

This troll in r/cringeanarchy comments already completely spoiled the whole movie for me so...

Wont be that long. More like three.

How do you know it's going to be 6 months?

And I'm here, searching where to watch a good cam vid lmao

Where do you guys get the 2016p blueray remux movies?

Yes, can't wait

tbh this movie is worth watching in the theatre

This and the switch cfw will keep me away from all human contact. Be warned. This path is one of solidarity.

I downloaded Movie.2017.HD-TS x264 -CPG with my crappy net all day only to find out it's one of those password.txt fuckers that needs surveys.

So I tried to brute force the password... rolled everything up to 6 digits and still nothing, might as well download another torrent.

The ones which ask you to do surveys are never legit, in my experience - they just end up getting you to complete as many surveys as they can before you realise it's a scam.


You forgot IMAX

Do people still watch these shitty superhero movies?

In a sea of rancid shit, they are at least entertaining.

No, they are the sea of rancid shit.

There's infinite amounts of good movies coming out all the time. It just seems you don't know about it.

this is what I'm waiting for, I didn't get a chance to watch it on the big screen lol

“6 more months”

Done, it's up guys

Is there no pirate friendly cinema owner who can just pass around the original anonymously?

It's been on YTS for around two months now.

Damn, the first Black Panther isn't even out on Blu Ray yet and they're releasing the second one in May?

Wtf? I haven't even watched BP 1 in bluray yet.

Is there a website or something that tells you a schedule of when movies that came out in theature should be downloadable?

The digital release is in a few days. Just grab that one.

A lot happened, but not much character stuff on their end except for some other stuff.

Ah, separate auto tracks. That makes sense.

BDrips show up before release? dope.

RemindMe! 16 days "Black Panther"

Is there actually a version with ads? WTF, can’t even pirate without seeing ads these days.

FGT is a release group.


Thought there might be a super super early factory leak... might as well hope.

The faggot release group. Releasing things with a bit of pride