BEWARE: User "boysetsfire221" is flooding Pirates Bay with malware. Exercise caution.

8239  2018-05-12 by Sir_Meowstro


he was removed

From the planet?

Outside the environment

It's not in AN environment.

Let's hope

oh me next pls


me too, thanks

me three, tom hanks

What about the torrents that he has uploaded? Also removed?


Yeah have people never used TBP before? This has been going on for several years and it is a daily occurrence.

Easiest way to tell is the number of seeds are usually high and no comments with the same generic message

I only use skull-icon uploaders to avoid this stuff tbh.

It’s difficult when there aren’t any for the thing you want to download

Then there's probably a reason for it. Either it hasn't been cracked or what you're looking for is extremely obscure. If it's the latter - use your common sense.

For example, if you're looking for a game, check the system requirements and see how large the game is. If it's 50GB over the requirements on TBP - don't download it. Same if it's 10MB.

If it's music then you're going to have to put up with a YouTube version / Spotify version.

If it's a film then try and find a streaming site before you download anything. If you can't find any good streaming sites for it or if they're all adware pieces of shit then you know you're probably not going to find the film you want.

If it's porn - just fucking google it.

Sadly since primewire got hacked theres not much out there in terms of great streaming sites. I use two now to cover what primewire had, they have decent updated content but not amazing.

Or books, there's never a lot of torrents for books

Because usually people snatch them from Library Genesis.

Yeah, though on the odd occasion TPB will have something that Libgen doesn't

Is there much risk of catching anything off a video file though? I've been of the understanding that proper video files were "immune" to fuckery. How or what are the risks in a video (or audio for that matter) file such as an avi or mp3?

There used to be a risk due to how .wma and .wmv files handled playback. Simple scripts could be embedded in them that would be executed on playback. This is how the GetCodec trojan was distributed. It would come up with a "your computer can't play this file type. Download the codec to continue." message that would then send you to a site to get infected. If I'm remembering right, though, it was only an issue in wma and wmv files. Possibly old Quicktime Video files, too, since I think you could embed scripts in them, too.

Those should be clean, but won't be the proper video. Fake video and music tor's shouldn't cause any malware issues. Not sure if a pop browser window can come up after clicking the movie file, thus sending you to an infected website.... it's possible though. Think how when you finish installing some software, it may open up a questionnaire.

Music files won't cause virus infection, but some asshole could've uploaded high pitched white noise and try to ruin your speakers/ears. Eminem and his management did this with one of his albums--- 15 seconds of actual music, followed high pitched white noise for the rest of the song time. Each song was the proper file size / time as we'd check that before downloading an album on slow internet back in the days...

I've never seen or heard of a browser window pop up due to playing an avi file, if that's happening i'd suspect the pc is previously infected. Obviously if your "video file" is an executable file of some sort you shouldn't run it as that would be highly suspect. I personally haven't had an intentionally mislabeled music or video file since the days of limewire and the like. Based on the comment I replied to i'm just trying to find out if this is a "thing" now that I just haven't experienced, adware somehow inserted in mp3 or avi...

Fucka malware...... an album full of loud MP3 sine waves can destroy speakers and headphones.

it's not a thing unless your audio/video playback software has already been compromised

I remember those Limewire and Bearshear files that popped up messages with Bill Clinton's voice on it! lol

Anyone know which album?

Em was a true fuck boy for blaming pirates for 'lack of cd sales'.

The Eminem Show was full of white noise. The album was spread throughout all tor trackers by him.

Ah I didn’t know that.

Audio and video used to be more of a risk when we were using weird codecs like realplayer and shit. Nowadays as long as you're paying attention you're probably fine.

If it's 50GB over the requirements on TBP - don't download it. Same if it's 10MB.

You do realize many, many torrents from different teams are going to be different sizes. Reloaded vs TeamAir ones are always quality, and always different file sizes. Doesn't mean they are bad, just that they used different compression techniques or add/removed DRM malware of different file sizes.

Most of the time it’s obscure and/or very old stuff that’s difficult to find anywhere else. There are probably better places to look but I’ve always known TPB to be my go-to site for this stuff.

There are some older obscure video games from Japan I wanted to play and it's nearly impossible to find them anywhere. I've found my way into some invite only game torrent sites, of which only one had one of the games with a single seeder. Been downloading for about 8 months now and I'm 55% done. I feel like I've developed a bond with that seeder, constantly connected to him at <1kbps. The other games? Nowhere to be found or I have to buy from Japan for like 100 USD + shipping.

Maybe pm the seeder if they are listed or try a VPN that is in their country?

The fact that you're still downloading after that long with just one seeder, at those speeds, really gives me faith in the world.

The thought of checking the progress and seeing he disconnected is what keeps me up tonight.

I like to think he's frequently checking to make sure you're still there, and doing everything he can to maximize his upload for you.

This determination .... beautiful.

All to save 10 bucks a month (over 16 months assuming the next 50% takes 8 months as well)

Well those save dollars can go somewhere better since i dont think they would be supporting the dev , because op is prolly purchasing from a reseller.....

Have you tried for finding old obscure movies?

Exactly. Non-issue unless it’s babies first time pirating.

Depends on what you're torrenting. If you're into foreign films, which is easily 95% of what I torrent, you're dealing with completely different uploaders every time usually.

However, because it's so niche, you don't have to worry about malware because infecting a user every few weeks at best really isn't worth their time.

Until you download a dauphong torrent and you get a mining malware out of it

where do you go to now that piratebay is down?

Is this site to be trusted?

I think if you go on it's basically just a tpb mirror but only verified torrents

Definitely not just a mirror

YIFY or nothing. ;-)

me too does the color matter?

Pink skull means the user is trusted, and has been posting quality malware-free content. Usually takes a few months to become trusted if the user uploads torrents frequently.

Green is VIP, which is like trusted but a higher rank. Usually means the usr has been posting quality malware-free torrents for years.

I always thought VIP were people who paid... Good to know

can we just point out that the "virus free submitter" symbol is a skull and crossbones?

Think about it this way. the Icon for good files is a skull and bones because the flag for arguably one of the best pirates (The jolly roger) was skull and bones. Therefore skull and bones are the mark of a good "Internet pirate"

I wasn't told this but I knew this already from when I was like... 14.

Yeah I definitely get the pirate theme I'm just saying it's also a symbol for death/poison so it's counter intuitive for it to be a 'safe' symbol

it was a symbol for pirates for centuries before it was a symbol for poisons

Always thought that too. TIL.

No, they are more important people than that. 😊

Thanks friendo

Can you still scan it while it’s in a zip?



If the file is a .rar then you cannot scan it until you extract it.

But . Zip?

does windows defender scan iso files before they are mounted, or only after mounted?

Thank you for explaining

how, you mean the torrent file? or do you mean the torrented files upon downloading? wouldnt that not bring much since youve downloaded it already?

Wow, TIL. Thank you.

But as great as it that I know this now having used TPB for ages, it kind of makes me mad that there isn't some kind of clear explination of this on the search results pages, not buried in some tutorial in a forum thread somewhere.

They used to have Suprbay forums. Last thing I remember it was closed. That community was amazing for quite a long while.

I have read this thread before... Deja vu?

The issue is the crack files always show up as a malware so how would we know tbh??

Where can i see the skull?

0/10 I'm still here


the real skull is always in the comments

The way that image loads is awesome! Did not expect that lul.

Snipping tool. My brother.

Was the red arrow not enough to find it?

Could you give me a red arrow pointing at the red arrow you're talking about? Want to make sure we're not talking about different ones.

Yeah and I'll crop snip it so you can only see the arrows and nothing else.

Damn I clicked on all 3

purple means they a "Trusted" and green means they are a "VIP"


I thought it was cute

Don't the Malwarebytes scans and the like delete cracks of downloaded games? Just asking out of ignorance

Depends on the game and the scan. Sometimes they do, but you can set Malwarebytes to ask you before it deletes/quarantines something to avoid false positives like that.

It's still gonna come down to due diligence and a little luck on your part since malware can hide in the cracks. But I think malwarebytes now has its own category for cracks and trainers just in case.

Sometimes they do, yeah.

Malware bytes got a very low detection rate... And got aged approaches don't know why people still recommend it.

Here is the meaning of the skulls you can see in the results list: * Green: VIP * Pink: Trusted * Blue: Helper

That means that those torrents are usually better quality because they come from a good source. Green is better than pink, pink better than blue and blue better than nothing.

I heard that system had been compromised a ways back when certain VIP's were actually Telecom goons.

Haven't seen the blue before. How does one get that?

I'm gonna guess it's given if you help a lot of people with troubleshooting any issues.

There's blue? I've never seen one. TIL

You racist...

nope because Trusted means community and TPB mods know it’s “trusted”, whereas I think VIP is even higher than Trusted i don’t remember why though

I think it's the length of time they've been around

No point making a post about these except for a generic PSA warning against such fakers. If the torrent looks off or smells like BS e.g. ridiculously high amount of seeds for a new user and unrealistic file sizes (315 MB for Driver San Francisco? Woah, that would give Fitgirl a run for her money lol), avoid it like the plague.



Fitgirl refers to herself as a girl on her FAQ section of her website. Whether its true or not....who the fuck cares.

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200+ comments later on a sub that usually nets around 15 comments a post...... yea, I think it's very relevant and good idea to update the community on new user trash.

Well, there's a 2mb KGB archived GTA:SA so...

... how?

Again, "if I recall", after decompressing the .kgb archive, all sound files were separately compressed and needed to be re-encoded and same went for the textures as well. Lengthy process but it was fairly standard for rips of that time (skulptura or something was a popular rip group)

Was the .IMG archive ripped and reconstituted in some way, perhaps?

Is that actually real? That's some Pied Piper shit

It's very real actually. It's an extremely compressed file that still amazes me to this day. And if I recall (I can't find the drive I had it in right now) it wasn't even a rip, it was the typical 4GB iso. I do remember it making my Pentium D go up in flames though.

That's a zip bomb which contains 4.3GB of empty space, it isn't 4.3GB of data compressed.

The really amazing things come from the demoscene such as this 96KB FPS

Aaaaand thats why they named Kreiger. Huh TIL

Lmao! Ha hahhahahahhaah (I forgot to laugh) hahahahaha! That is crazy! PB?


Can you tell me where to find the archive? I find that very hard to believe and want to see it for myself, but I can only see links to shitty blogs that have the same 64k archive.

Got eeeeeeem..

How are some users in here chiming away like they are some sort of masters of the craft?

These fuckers definitely don't understand the level of compression some of the pirate teams can attain to get us the files quicker.

I've tiny files decompress into 5-10 gigs easily.

I'm surprised people even still use Pirate Bay.

Anything better out?

Private is only way to go

I've heard this a lot and have been on the look-out for a specific private tracker to go to, but admissions are rarely open and it's really hard to get in as well since the communities usually don't want new people.

Getting in to private trackers, especially good ones, is all about jumping through hoops i.e. joining private trackers that you probably don't want to join trackers that you actually want.

Start with MAM ( and oppaitime

Oh i DEFINITELY don't want to join oppaitime s/ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ill try though. It seem application might be closed for them.

It seem application might be closed for them.

Really? Where are you seeing this?

oh my bad. My brain was thinking of animebytes for some reason. I'll try those two out ty :D

Can always try to buy your way in. I'm sure someone would take 20 bucks for it etc.

Admissions are basically never open anymore cuz of so many crackdowns. I'm sure there's a Reddit or some other message board tho. Your gonna have to look and ask, sorry I can't be more specific. That's how it was when I used to do this stuff. I'm an old man now I just got what I want in prime and ignore everything else.

I've checked a few subreddits that specialize in these, but honestly have little luck. Ty though.

Private trackers are not that difficult to get into. Most people google "private trackers" and try to get on the top tier networks. You are not going to have any luck with that, especially if you have no private tracker experience.

That said, there are plenty of trackers that have open registration or are pretty generous with invites. Sure they're not going to be as good as others, but with a good user base they can grow. Grab a seedbox, cross seed, upload where you can, grow in the ranks, you'll find yourself on more and more elite trackers within a year.

How does one "level up" or rank up in tracker ranks though? Do private trackers somehow check a profile of your seeding activities? Also, whats seedbox and cross seed?

Private trackers monitor your activity and have "ranks". A rank is based on the stats of your account: account age, ratio, if you've uploaded content yourself, forum/IRC activity, etc. Each site is different.

Higher your rank > more account privileges > invites to a different (better) site. Also, some sites will do "interviews" for new users. If you can tell them you belong to site X, they might be able to check and see what rank you are and that raises the likelihood of passing the interview.

Seedbox is a server that you can rent that isn't connected to your home computer. It allows you to have high upload/download speeds and can be an extra level of protection. Cross seeding is when you seed the same file across multiple trackers. So if you grab a file on site A, you don't have to download it on site B, C, or D. In fact, if site B/C/or D doesn't have that file, you can upload it there...making you a better ranked user.

I highly advise against paying for an invite or using an invite trading forum. Trackers monitor those sites and it's a quick way to lose money and be permanently banned. Believe it or not, it's a small community and tracker operators have been known to share your info with other trackers as well. Take your chances if you want. Some sites will accept donations for an invite. This is not the same as paying a user for an invite. These site aren't the most reputable/safest trackers, but they are a good place to start.

Wow sounds like a lot of commitment. I didn't know private trackers are this closely monitored. Ty

How do privates work?

Usually invite only and you have to seed and maintain a ratio. Users get guest passes based on how long they stay.

They are usually better as they normally don't have anyone and everyone seeing what your downloading.

If u don't use private u got to at least use a VPN for tpb or you can get hit with complaints from companies and isps. Lots of companies out their own shit on tpb and out malware or trackers in it

I'd offer more info but I've been out the game a minute. There's probably a sub that can help or ask around. Usually invites are traded and stuff

Instead of private tracker, why not use something like FitGirl repacks? (Sorry if it's obvious, still new to this)

There are a lot of games Fitgirl doesn't cover

yes everything

I always search on 1337x.

Can anyone explain the colors of the uploaders? Im guessing blue is most trusted followed by yellow and red is like download at your own risk?

For movies and games? RARBG is the best way to go.

Third part on the page has some recommendations.

Depends on what you're look for. I mostly use two private trackers for music, TV shows, and movies.

piratebay is still better than most of the other alternatives...

What is the good alternative these days

Private trackers

I also found a user named Anonymous with an unbelievable amount of seeds. But i gotta wonder how do they do this? ELI5.

Bot nets could do it easily also could set up computers already affected by the malware to act as seeds

You can literally do all this from one pc, lying about how many peers there are.

There are... measures.. to not include these false seeders/numbers. But TPB doesn't seem to use that making it easily susceptible.

But yes, all those numbers can be done from one modern pc with even just ADSL, in like 3 minutes.

Share your information so more pressure is put on PirateBay to fix that obvious flaw in the system.

Users can hide their username and have it show anonymous. But still, if it’s a crazy amount of seeds for something not so popular it’s probably malware.

I always run my movies sandboxed. YOu guys should too.

What is that?

It's the practice of isolating your programs so that they only have access to the resources they need, when they need it. It can also mean that they have access to all the resources that other programs do, but any changes they make to files aren't saved to the drive, but to a virtual drive that gets reset whenever you close the sandbox. This prevents malware from being able to be installed on your main drive, so if you accidentally download and install malware, all it takes to fix it is a quick reset of the sandbox.

Isolating movies is retarded though, unless you're the type of fool to download movies with an executable extension and fire away. Even then, trusted SCENEs you don't need to sandbox because they're trusted for a reason.

A decent virus scanner will protect someone, but nothing can truly protect the retards who disable it and all just to run a movie-filename.exe

VLC had an ACE last year, along with Kodi and Popcorn time.

Phew it's a good thing I only go with the VIP uploaders.

What could a .MP4 do?

Nothing by itself in a vacuum, but maliciously crafted video files can exploit bugs in video players. Bugs allowing code to run is exceedingly rare but not totally unheard of, here's a example of crafted subtitles allowing remote code execution in Popcorn Time and Kodi (this particular bug also affected VLC and

Fuck I use VLC for all my pirated TV shows, is the bug fixed?

Yup, this one was patched May 13, 2017. Point being that bugs can appear spontaneously, not necessarily that any given .MP4 poses a threat.

Yeah true, is it same for all or just VLC?

From this article:

However, the article is about a year old, and I assume the 'fixed version' for PopcornTime has been merged into the main releases by now. So yeah, all patched out.

Thanks for all the info!

Lots of things lol, file type has no effect on whether it has payload. Comments like you remind me how naive the majority of people are, that's honestly no offense. But it does no matter what file type it is gents.

I do scan all files from pirate sites I was just wondering

Scan won't nessesarily always work especially if an exploit was custom written. Check out sand boxing

Is that like running it through a VM? Sorry I'm like 10 years out of the game, trying to catch up.

A VM is a sandbox but a sandbox is not necessarily a VM.

There's a whole lot of different ways to implement a sandbox. For example, there's a sandbox facility called seccomp built into the linux kernel: a progran run under it can only make 4 basic system calls, if it tries to make any other system call the kernel immediately nukes the program from orbit. So the program is sandboxed - isolated from the regular operating environment, but it's not done with virtualisation at all.

What is sandbox and how does it work?

When a program is run in a sandbox it is isolated from the rest of the operating system - it can't modify storage, can't access the network, can't do jack shit, basically. Anti-virus researchers execute viruses in sandboxes to study them without the risk of infecting the computer or the rest of the network.

There's lots of different ways to implement them. One way is in a VM (virtual machine), which essentially creates a fake computer within the operating system of a real computer, so whatever damage it does is only to the virtual machine which can just be wiped and reset with the click of a button. There are other simpler methods as well but their fundamental purpose is always to isolate the program so it can't fuck shit up.

Basically a condom for programs

Oh wow that sounds really convenient! Does it require less resources then compared to a VM? Thank you for the information

Yeah it's a lot more efficient. It probably isn't applicable in this situation though, it's just an example of a different way to do it. Virtualisation itself isn't too terrible on resources, it's just a middleman between the program and the system and if written well it doesn't add to much overhead. Programs like sandboxie or whatever usually aren't VMs simply because a VM is overkill for the purpose.

Awesome well thank you very much for all the info, I really appreciate it. I'll have to go do some extra reading this weekend!

like a compact vm, look it up, more information than i am able to give

What do you use to sandbox them?

Sandboxie is free.

This was my answer.

you play mp4 files in a sandbox?

And behind 6 proxies too

You are aware mp4 can carry a payload like every other file type right?

your video player would have to be compromised in order to execute any scripts found in a video file, it's really not something to be concerned about.


Plex on an Ubuntu system. You can even automate the whole process. Press button. Show gets downloaded automagically, also when new eps get added

really? crap.. I always cast them via videostream. Is that safer?

Videostream seems safe but ace player was riddled with garbage, what do you use?

I use sodaplayer, is it safe?

I think he's joking. You're not going to get a virus from opening any videos unless it's a WMV and you're on Windows XP.

Really? Phew.

Im not on machine right now but exploits can happen in any file type or medium please don't take the above as gospel.

Lmao this is not true.

It is. Look up soundhax for 3ds. Uses a special payload m4a file to get homebrew and cfw on any 9.0 - 11.x 3ds

Yes it is, it was a relatively common security hole with Windows Media Player back in the day:

Basically you'd download a movie off of Kazaa or Limewire, and it'd have a WMV extension, so you'd think "okay, it's not an EXE, that means I'm safe". But it abused a feature of WMP to "download the necessary codec". It would say "Whoops, looks like you don't have the codec, here we can go grab it for you", and that is when it downloads and installs the virus, all without ever leaving Windows Media Player or ever showing you an EXE.

I'm not denying that at all, but malware is not ONLY contained in .wmv files....

Oh. Yeah it is.


I'll give you that you are usually gonna go after the player itself, but its not that difficult to make a suffix look different and still run.

I wouldn't have counted Flash or subtitles as a video file. And the third one is talking about WMVs, and one I forgot about, Real Media, but that doesn't really exist anymore, so I think it's safe to say you're not going to get a virus from downloading an RMV. I'm also just referring to what's actually out there in the wild, not what's technically possible.

And soiling the name of such a good band... shame.

I came here for someone knowing that band. Listened to them a ton when I was a teenager, haven't thought about them for like a decade.

Same. After The Eulogy was the shit. Their 2015 album was pretty decent.

Yeah I totally forgot about them. The nostalgia is real.

307mb for Wolfenstein II. Okay lol

The terraria one could have tricked a few people though.

Terraria and Cuphead, both of which I installed last week, are only a few hundred megabytes each, so the smaller indie games could easily be disguised.

I thought they were game updates or patches but not the whole thing! and of course they are all one file executables.

Crazy large for one. Crazy small for two.

The large one appears to be from a different uploader. extremezone not boysetsfire221.

Still small for Wolfenstein, large for Wolfenstein 3d

Actually saw that exact file while looking for TNC. It was sat right next to the real download which was like 50 gigs.

How is boysetsfire getting these crazy high S/L numbers on trackers like this? And why isn't TPB nuking them?

By probs using bots to download it or just a server and a bunch of linux vm's

I believe you can fake these numbers with bots.

This is obviously aimed at little kids that don't know safe Piracy practices.

Little kids? You have far too much faith.

Forgot to add "90% of the user base"

No kidding. People wouldn't upload these if they didn't work.

Nigerian prince here. I need to do a transaction of 1 miilion dollar to your country. pm me if you're interested.

I'm pretty sure anyone using Pirate Bay doesn't know safe piracy practices.

You mean malware or illegal wise?

Yeah this shits been a thing since limewire. And movie-you-want.... .exe.

Surprised this post has so many upvotes to be honest, like, people are shocked/seeing value at all. Even PirateBay has had the trust skull system since day1

The skull system been compromised boy... where you been all this time?

This is a great post because A- it alerts those who may not know, B- for those that do know, tpb user name implies this is government/telecom black hat'ing.

Honestly? Rarbg since the last major TPB server death.

Honestly? Rarbg since the last major TPB server death. My experience speaks from years ago :\

It's my go to spot after 15 years of use. For the most part, the system is still intact in terms of older torrents still alive and popping. But I've read reports where it became pay to play and bad guys got into the system. It's interesting to me.

Demonoid used to be my main, still kinda is but since they started to allow their website to use our computers to mine bitcoin, I try to stay away. They said they ended bitcoin mining, but who really knows.

I honestly thought this would only get like 50 upvotes at most. Somehow it got to 5k. I didn't post it out of shock or surprise at seeing this happen, because well, it happens like twice a day, but there are many people who don't know the saying "too good to be true" and would download it out of excitement. So its a warning to those people and those who are new to torrenting.

I'm actually kinda getting tired of seeing these trash elitists in the comments saying "who the fuck falls for this shit?" or "who the hell uses TPB ?" like they haven't been there and done that before. Looking through the 54 replies in my inbox has led me to conclude that this thread is pretty much /r/iamverysmart - piracy edition.

Why pirate at all? just walk into walmart and take it off the shelf and then leave with it, download speed is much faster that way.

And if you get caught there is usually a much lower loading time before you can play the game

Prison architect?

  • simulator ( early acces, alpha, wip )


only on steam 70% bundle sale, so you can have maximum fun with your prison friends

Could be possible as back in early 2k's groups were releasing ultra compressed games, minus the extra cut scenes and sounds.

Used to download them all the time through through the old p2m (peer2mail) app.

Yeah but those weren't the same games. They didn't make 60gb and they weren't nearly as complex. You could strip a lot more from the game.

What are some of these practices? Don't pirate too often

Mind sharing your knowledge with a newbie like myself?

- uBlock origin, preferably in advanced mode with script blocking


- COMMON SENSE (200mb games, 4k releases when it premiered yesterday etc)

Maybe they need to learn then. Better pirates are forged in the crucible of malware.

We all learned the hard way

Aye, same here. So many viruses and pop-ups were installed to get to the point where you cant be tricked by bullshit anymore

I unknowingly plugged up a hd with a rootkit on it before. man the constant bsods after, the sheer refusal of the rootkit to be removed by kis(constantly scanned/cleaned/rebooted, still wasnt gone), the slow creep to your computer failing on you because you were careless? you live and learn.

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

what doesn't kill the system makes you reinstall windows

What doesn't kill the systemd makes me glad I don't need to install Windows

Good one.

doesnt always work

It is only then the young pirate will learn that Blu-ray movies are usually over 100mbs in size.

truer words were never spoken.

I did my learning back in the days of dial-up Internet. When it takes you weeks to download a full game, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Ain’t that the truth. All I know now came from 20 years of questionable files and their consequences.

Sounds about right.

Oh boy, here I go downloading and mounting again

The only way to learn sometimes is touching the flame.

The file size MIGHT be right or terribly wrong. And I already know file size compressions can be different from torrent to torrent. Fuck it, here goes nothing.

300 mb rips of pc games that are usually gbs is on the terribly wrong side of things.

How many times must this be mentioned:

GTA: San Andreas KGB torrent is 2mb's. Expands to over 4 gigs.

as often as needed apparently, seeing as its really an exception and NOT the rule.

Adobe tor's used to be a few gigs zipped, unzipped to 15 gigs.

You must be new to this.

few gbs and a few MBS are two very clearly different things. so take the ass hat shit you're on elsewhere.

Are you retarded?

It's the same type of comparison from me menting a fuckn 2meg file expanding to over 4 gigs. Do you understand how small a 2meg file is? It's half of an 3 minute mp3 file---- it's basically nothing.

you can't call people retarded and make grammatical errors you fucking dunce. i know full well how compression works, im not entirely certain you do. People compress shit greatly all the time, but there is a limit to that compression. I've personally used portable copies of photoshop, anywhere from 300mb or smaller, thats possible by removing a whole lot of shit you most likely wont use. There's a whole lot of redundant shit in san andreas too im sure, but there's no way you're compressing the entire game to 2mb and expanding it to 4gb. The download is legit but its missing music and voice files.

So the issue here is your retarded ass seems to believe the ENTIRE game is being compressed to 2mb, which is ridiculous. Fuck all the way off with the dickhead attitude please.

after looking around i guess your dick sucking punk ass is right. Never knew how old this news was. You win. Bitch.

Ha! fuck you, you twitter finger diddling ass muthafucka..... but thanks, I think.

I'll take back the smart remark, you ain't know nothing lol

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so what your saying is when your father ass reamed you, ya didn't like it.... gotcha

Nah their just going to say "shitty laptop im never buying [brand] again Apple is much better"

Nah they're just going to say "Shitty laptop, I'm never buying [brand] again, Apple is much better"

So sad, but so true. Oh well, the world of piracy is better without those types anyway.

When an apple product fails, most people give the fault to something else than Apple. Even themselves. But any other thing "fucking cheap shit" even though its full of porn and viruses.

The file size is so small

And the seeders so high.

That's what she said

I thought it was shut down ! And now when i google it i get fake websites, can someone link this one for me ?

You thought TPB was shut down? Whaaat?

Waw it’s blocked in my country lol, And I thought it was shut down because back when the guys who made it got arrested the links from TPB didn’t work so I assumed it was long gone


Try changing your DNS settings to use Googles public DNS. Link below. In my country also it is blocked but this gets me around it if the ISP is lazy (Such as TPG or IINET in Aus)

Thank you, I really appreciate it

Happy Cake Day. You can also use a browser extension to spoof your location, similar to a VPN, or a "VPN" extension should do it.

(Inverted commas because is not a true VPN)

Thanks , yeah I usually use vpn to go around those but it slows my already slow internet which is a bit annoying but I’ve gotten used to it

Thanks again man

use a free VPN

Uhhh yeah, don't do this.

free vpns are perfectly fine for getting around region blocking. just don't expect to be any safer than you were without the vpn.

Who are you quoting there?

Alternativ to Google you could use Cloudflares DNS:

I just confirmed TBP is working

Now I'm just simply curious, how does one online obtain that that's gotta be bought and sold like UK number plates on cars, unlike where in the states it seems you just pay a small (same as anyone else) fee for custom plate PER state. Whereas in UK I'm under the impression fancy or popular number plates can be sold or auctioned across all 4 countries in the UK, kinda like domain squatting for .com's.

Here is the story behind the adress, better than I could tell it:

Here I felt google had spent a ton of money on, i wonder what would've cost.

Or quad9

Or OpenDns:

Or Pi Hole


OpenDNS will return the ip adress of their www ad pages for any domain name, instead of NXDOMAIN (address not found). This breaks the internet, please do not use them.

They don't display ads for addresses not found anymore

The one time I was affected by malware, it rewrote my hosts file to point mininova, suprnova and tpb to I want to say the file came from some site with h33t in the url. For the longest time, I thought my ISP might have blocked access to those sites. Luckily, I pretty much only used private trackers then anyway.

I have no idea if this is related to your issue, but I don’t have a blog and wanted to share my story :p

Not shut down, just a shadow of what i used to be.

how is it different now?


A person that believes everything (except Terraria) is just ~300mb deserves to get infected. Same goes for ones downloading .exe movies.

I like demonoid.

Shut the fuck up, Less than 300 MB for Rise of the Tomb Raider?.....

I definitely downloaded the wrong copy.

godamn those seeds

Possibly fake they all have similar amounts

Now I'm scared of downloading any torrents because I keep my defender off all the time.

If you think that 300mb is a reasonable file size for a modern PC game, then you are probably already beyond help as far as malware is concerned.

If anyone is using TPB and not exercising caution, they are foolish.

well some indie games are that small

These are lengthy games by major studios though. But I do see your point. I think prison architect was somewhere in that range, if I'm remembering correctly.

Terraria also, 300mb game.

If you want a real answer you download from the trusted/VIP uploaders. Any other talk is irrelevant.

I prefer GoodOldDownloads for games like this.

Also take into account the amount of seeders vs the current popularity of what you're downloading.

S01 E01 of a 4 year old show just uploaded today with 2000 seeders? Probably not legitimate.

LOL DAE GIGABYTE PC GAMING 😂😂😂😂😂😱🤢☢️✅✅✅👏👏👏💯🐵🐵🙅‍♂😏🔫😡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

papers please is just

But obviously it's just a compressed file folder!

GTA:SA KGB 2mb file laughs at your reply..

Ark Survival Evolved 317MiB

Lol, that game is like 50GiB on my HDD.


Hes a boy that sets Pirate Bay on fire (im sorry)

Who the hell types CPY Conspir4cy.

Is that what it abbreviated to. I thought it was just a cool way to say copy.

They are called Conspir4cy but all in their releases its CPY.

Username checks out?

Need for speed under know it's fake. Most modern games I would expect 15-40+GB

Yeah. Need for Speed MW 2005 was 1.4GB already

What’s the point of this? What does he gain?

possible evidence for criminal cases against pirating?


Possible personal information (private stuff, bank records), miner malware, or botnet if victims antivirus is not up to date.


I'm not sure what do you mean by how, but opening file containing all sort of virus without good antivirus protection will easily spread the virus into your OS system.

No fucking shit.

you must be new

I never DL from someone without a skull beside their name in most situations anyways

blows my mind people still use pirate bay like it isn't the most infested torrent site on the planet. it's like sticking your dick in toxic waste.

What should we use

Would like to know as well.

if it comes to video, Terrarium TV on Android covers you for streaming about almost anything. My phone is, has and I don't see it changing to not iOS as daily driver for my phone. But I have a Fire tablet (for weekends with daughter) I put google play store services on and a Chrome OS convertible that runs Android apps also. For TV and Movies, fuck torrenting unless you need the files locally. With music so many have streaming, or there's YT. I rarely even torrent anymore.

Yea I usually only ever torrent software and indie game titles.

Lol I use it all the time. Never had a virus. Then again, I use a Mac for my torrenting, and first quarantine the files in a VM before moving them to my main system.

If you aren’t running executable code, the chances of getting infected approach zero rather quickly. If you’re running random ass executable code on your computer with full permissions, well, ...

No skully no clicky

Unless it passes the common sense test, yeah

Yeah nut if everyone played by those rules no-one would be a skully

Right. Welcome to 2011 torrent safety


I greatly appreciate this post it can help us to get malware spreaders out of the picture. Thank you so much!

What kind of malware are we talking

And before that it was 'fitgirl' with the cryptominer unpackers you should let run for hours because the archives where so "efficiently packed".

Just don't do it.

Damn that must be some dank compression if all of the games are ~300 MB /s

what a fag blocks fake torrents.. which this is...

Only download from users with a green or pink skull

How does it work? Like, how does it know what to block?

did you read the the reddit url i posted?? ' For a refresher of why I made this script / extension in the first place, I'll repost a part of original post which explains this in detail:

One of the things I've noticed after having to use Pirate Bay for a while, is the significant amount of fake torrents. For example if you browse the HD Movies section and sort by seeds, (depending on when their bot ran) you'll see a ton of untrusted torrents with an unrealistic amount of seeds.

The script has a couple options to get rid of these. The default behaviour is to hide untrusted torrents (torrents without the little pink or green skulls) if they have more than 1000 seeds.




that was my first thought. I was so dissapointed lol

I haven't seen pirate bay in many years. Netflix and Steam made me a good boy.

: /

Welcome to your first day as a pirate.

You mean the 300mb didn't give it away?

who tf still uses piratebay for torrents? its not 2010...

It's kinda a giveaway when the file size is around 300mb

Might as well ask here. Anyone knows of a user called Dauphong is actually legit? He release a ton of stuff regularly but isn't skulled.

I've downloaded tonnes of his stuff, haven't noticed anything bad. I use malwarebytes and VIPRE.

I had no idea that tpb was still a thing lol.

What's he get out of doing this shit?

Remote access to your computer

If you fall for it then you kinda deserve it. It seems pretty obvious.

Who the fuck would fall for this shit? Does it not just occur to OP That people who are smart enough to torrent know to LOOK at the file size?

Don't download from unknown sources. Got it.

I got infected thanks to him

Dont let his actions ruin the reputation of an amazing band.

If you're looking for movies trying rargb. Definitely no malware there. Torrentz2 is also another great source, but obviously be smart. If you have to use TPB only download from pink skulls.

AOE 2 llo

Maybe don't be a dipshit and download a 400 mb file that is claiming to be a 10-20gb game

So many seeds! Or is that part faked?

This is actually James Hetfield from Metallica just still salty as fuck about that whole file sharing thing.

FYI this happens every day on TPB. It's most likely a bot some losers made. Just stick to downloading from verified users (pink or green skulls) and ignore these bullshit torrents.

Ahhh Techno-Darwinism, my favorite form of evolution

He has awful taste.

Link pls

I love downloading 20GB+ Games for only 320 mb

I know people keep saying only trust skulls, but I noticed that since pirate bay got shut down and moved to thepiratebay3. org, I don’t see skulls anymore, even on trusted users that I’ve seen in the past. Is there a better proxy to use?

this sort of shit happens nearly ever day They flood the top torrents with seeder bots Who would even fall for this? There's no way any of these games are 200 megs.

Maybe boysetsfire221 has been hired by game developers so people might be inclined to buy the games instead of pirating them. Just a thought

Uh, this has been the standard practice for TPB for like 2 years now. The top is always filled with dozens of submissions from the same guy, all within the past 12 hours, all with supposedly thousands of seeds, and they always get deleted within a day.

It's nothing new.

And a user named Dauphong too, has a green skull so beware!

In my busy family life i barely have to watch few TV episodes or occasional movies. Kinda hard to get malware from mkv. As for pc software and games . I find more than sufficient selection between free software, open sauce, friend and colleagues in IT. Life is too short to reinstall windows often. Games? I just wait for steam sales. Got the whole Witcher 3 for $20

Go ahead and downvote me. I don't care.

So why are you here?

Why is anybody here? Why is the question. Free content of course

Do you have a hybrid-analysis link for any of the downloads?

Unfortunately not, because the user and his torrents were wiped off the site moments after I posted this.

I did on a similar user once. Typical PUP installer like what you can find on survey scams and other such nonsense. I bet this is done as part of some affiliate scheme where the perp gets kickback for each successful installation.

Hold up, PB is still a thing? I've been using whatever crap site ever since the shitstorm last year thinking it was officially dead.

The Pirates Bay never dies.

But the s in the name must die...

Am I allowed to ask what the current url is?

You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.

Haha thanks

Quite honestly, if someone actually thinks they are getting rise of the tomb raider for 300mb, they deserve malware

Shit gotta buy a new pc now

What is this website guys?

It's literally in the title with a little typo

if it aint got the green skull it aint being downloaded anyways!!

I usually use fitgirl repacks website for games tbh

Gotta love TPB's BS fake seed and leech count.

Oh man look at all those seeders and leechers. Looks totally legit.

If a torrent says it's battlefield and is only 300MB should me enough of a red flag.

So I guess I'll call this one yet another reason to use Linux. Although you'd have to be a pretty fucking stupid Windows user to trust a single one of these in the first place.


i pirate so i dont get drm malware

gets much more destructive malware instead

fucking karma is a bitch

You mean Rise or the Tomb Raider isn't 295MB? Lmao

Check the file size, extremely obvious that those are fake.

This is been going on for several years, why do people keep posting here about this?

Because god forbid we look out for those who don't know any better.

These happen all the time, and they usually get removed, anyway. This site would get completely flooded if all of these were posted; it’s like making a thread for every reposter on reddit. If you want to help people, just tell them to only download from trusted (green skull) or VIP (purple skull) uploaders, or, if they’re a bit more experienced, to use to filter out all the obvious ones.

you should know they're fake from looking at the sizes, they're all wrong

Awww one of my favorite bands being used by some fighter speaking malware.

Shame on him.

It's common sense really, but thank you for warning the people who are not aware.

the malware is Chinese be aware, first there is hijacking yur cpu and gpu for crptomining and personal info gathering.

Yeah, this is like every-day normal. Always newly created accounts flooding the site with fake torrents.

Also once a while back, I was desperate for a program that was hard to find, but one of those skull-less accounts uploaded it. So I decided I would download it and be careful with it. Unfortunately, the caution should have happened right when seeing an account without a skull.

When I tried to install the program, it didn't have that adware built into the installer, they tried to make it seem legit. But then I started noticing the progress bar stopped, and then my firefox icon changed to a low-res one. As soon as I saw that, I quickly terminated the program and tried to figure out what it was doing in the background.

It changed my computer's DNS to their own server, replaced firefox.exe with their own modified version, tried to install a browser plugin, and then added like 3 programs somewhere that were impossible to disable. One was called Auten and the other Hitoshi, and a 3rd I forgot the name. As soon as you try to end one of the programs, it relaunches itself instantly. Taking ownership of the file and trying to delete it didn't work. If I did manage to delete one of the programs, the other 2 would jump in and recreate it. Also every second, they would try to phone home by trying to make a connection to multiple remote servers. Luckily malwarebytes prevented the connections, but still filled up my screen with "connection blocked" notifications that I couldn't disable from mwb.

I think I finally managed to get rid of them by doing scans in safe-mode. Moral of the story: Never download from anyone without a skull.

FIFA 14 and WWE 2k17 ~300MB Damn I wish lol

Thats not how you spread viruses, far to obvious, I would work at releasing torrents from private sites, then when im trusted, sneak a virus or two in big releases.

What you dont do is spam a website with shitware, though its probably some 12 year old whos using scripts and so calls them selfs a hacker.

She's probably a fat man in an overcoat.

Aren't we all just fat men in overcoats?

And probably licks girls asses.

Yeah and I'll crop snip it so you can only see the arrows and nothing else.

how is it different now?

Nah they're just going to say "Shitty laptop, I'm never buying [brand] again, Apple is much better"

So sad, but so true. Oh well, the world of piracy is better without those types anyway.

It is only then the young pirate will learn that Blu-ray movies are usually over 100mbs in size.

Shit gotta buy a new pc now

doesnt always work

What doesn't kill the systemd makes me glad I don't need to install Windows

Here is the story behind the adress, better than I could tell it:

Good one.