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Adobe.. Making sure everyone knows how to use their products

I feel like they know it and really don't mind it.

"What? Some highschooler is training himself to be proficient with and only our product?"

And when the kid gets older and he has more money, he'll probably buy into CC because it's more convenient than pirating since he has more money and less time.

This is definitely the case. Plus, the real money comes from companies, not individuals. They don’t care if most people pirate it, but if a large company tried the amtlib.dll trick they’d find themselves in a lawsuit pretty quick.

Plus, the real money comes from companies schools


yea. adobe is also the best at what they do. its great.

people don't stop pirating because it's hard or time consuming, but because law suits are more expensive than the subscription, while Adobe/Microsoft etc would never sue the everyday user for a lot of reasons they will more than happily sue a company

Nah I'd stop pirating because it's easier. When I can afford it I will. In the meantime though...

I stopped pirating because I don't trust that I'm not turning my PC into some cryptominingransombot thing. I honestly can't say my computer has been more stable running the legit Adobe suite, fucking hell that thing crashes a lot.

Stupid question here but how can a file turn a computer into mining device? I mean in the sense of how does that work exactly and how can we prevent this? Is it a PC only thing?

I'd guess that we're talking about applications, and as such, the file in question must be executed to be useful. If it's a cracked version of something, it might be altered to circumvent anti-piracy measures. Someone might of course alter the executable further to do whatever extra, such as set your computer up as a mining node when you run it.

Is there any way to scan for this?

Probably, but by the time you develop the skills necessary to distinguish between a crack for a state of the art anti-piracy measure and a mining node, I doubt you'll even need pirated software.

So, no. Crack comes with computer aids.

I'm going to guess that's just a super placebo (the stability part). But yeah I do agree that a reason why I stopped pirating games back when I was playing on PC was that I couldn't be bothered to look for cracks and workarounds anymore, AND that I was afraid of getting PC aids.

Man come back to pc m8, it’s awesome. r/pcmasterrace would help you out.

People pirate because they can't afford it. People with money can't be bothered with that shit.

They weren't going to buy it either way so no harm no foul.

I watch pirated movies and TV series but never used pirated softwares like Photoshop. I use gimp and inkscape

Lol I'm pretty sure at 17 I wasn't thinking of any lawsuits

Because suing 17 year olds make little sense. But suing companies making millions of dollars monthly with your pirated software does.

I'm talking about teenagers in my example not companies

Holy crap this is exactly what happened with me

Well Im not sure if its more convenient than pirating, it takes very little time to whip out AMT emulator and run it on the latest Adobe version

This entire time I thought i was pirating Adobe... Adobe pirated me..


AutoCAD did it first

I've never understood why Adobe dosen't just make their software free for students. Autodesk does and it seems to work well for them.

Students can get a Creative Cloud license for $20/month (which is relatively pricey if you work minimum wage part-time and have other expenses and you only use Adobe products for your hobby, but not if you're taking freelance photography/video editing/design jobs where Adobe products or their equivalents are essential and you can make that $20 back in a fraction of an hour). Additionally, the university where I am now gives all of its students a license for Adobe Creative Cloud (I only ever use Lightroom and Photoshop, but whatever). My undergrad university also let anybody access Creative Cloud, but only on specific computers (in a building with 24-hour access so long as you were enrolled in the College of Art, Architecture, and Planning).

Are you saying students working freelance design jobs make more than the ones working part-time jobs? ‘Cause I’m doing the wrong thing then

Maybe not in total, but I certainly made more per hour doing photography work than I did at my normal college job as a music librarian. My point is that the benefit provided by having a subscription to Adobe far outweighs the costs in the context where it functions as a necessary tool for the kind of side jobs you can take as an art or design student.

That’s how I learned. In high school I didn’t have $700 to drop on photoshop so I used torrents. Now I pay for the full suite because it’s what I’m used to and have the money to do so. It would be foolish for them to crackdown.

That's precisely what Microsoft did in China.

"Although about 3 million computers get sold every year in China, people don't pay for the software. Someday they will, though," Gates told an audience at the University of Washington. "And as long as they're going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade."

Isn't this exactly what Adobe has done with the CC? They made it even easier thwn ever before to get the software and haven't bothered at all to figure out how to secure it better.

They're actually trying harder to secure it by having CC redownload itself and check up on it. They are just awful at protecting their software or even updating their software in general. Every new feature means something else either breaks or gets slower.

Hey I guess I’m on the right sub to ask this, so how would one go about getting CC without parting with money which I don’t really have to spend?

Search Google for ' adobe zii ' and you'll find links to DL the patch

Thanks fam

Also, see the megathread.

I'd say their main market is companies who buy the whole suite every year. 600k kids who wouldn't have bought it otherwise? Now they are trained for the adobe office workspace if they decide to continue.

Yes really it’s a very good idea, if someone can afford it after all this training they will most probably be compelled to buy it.

This is precisely it. The company I work for has like 20 people, and we spend like 700 a month for Adobe for all of us. It's brutal

Try CATIA v5. 10k a licensed e set I'd use daily then could ramp up to 25k easy if I wanted

That's like Adobe wanting to be a "2nd landlord" to your company - only instead of providing housing or office space, they provide your tools.

i have the adobe products. I plan on going into film and with my knowledge of Premiere, i completely intend on buying it at a later point.

I am currently designing a video game and would actually host the torrent myself for exposure, if I had to.

What about a humble bundle type situation? Free if you need it, pay whatever you can if you like it. Actually, I’m unsure if that is a viable business model...

You're slightly wrong about how Humble Bundle works.

Humble Bundle has a 'Pay What You Want' system. There are bundles, the minimum is a dollar, next tier is usually a BTA (Beat The Average), and the next tier is even more expensive.

Humble Bundle has occasional giveaways too.

What you're thinking of is what sites like Bandcamp and have. A 'Name Your Price' system. It's free and there's no minimum, but you can choose to support the developer with your money if you want.

Here's what the 'Name Your Price' system looks like on and Bandcamp.

I remember there was a game on kickasstorrents who was hosted by the developer himself. (If I rember correctly it was fittingly "pixel piracy") If I had the money at the time I would probably bought it just for that alone.

I remember reading about devs posting modified versions of their games where everything is the same, except they make a certain part in the middle of the game impossible to beat.

Top tier trolling.

Batman Arkham asylum has a thing like this. During the second scarecrow nightmare there’s a part where the grappling hook just stops working. Serious Sam 3 has a giant invincible scorpion man that hounds you relentlessly if it detects a pirated copy.

Although those are a fun way to troll, i dont think it does any good for the devs. Usually you dont know that you're being trolled and just think the game is broken so not spending your money on the game is a good decision. Now if devs make a game so good or be so humble that those who pirate it at some point would feel bad about not supporting devs, that's smart.

Game Dev Tycoon, right? The devs released a "cracked" version where, eventually, you'd go bankrupt from your game being pirated.

Stuff like that is genius. It outs pirates who dont plan to purchase/are just trying to stiff an indie company, and it creates incentive to actually purchase and experience the rest of the game.

And then people took to the forums demanding to know how they could research DRM! 😂

holy shit though, this is like learn to fly, sure you can cheat, but doing so locks the story mode and all the rest of the achievements for the entire account. The only way to unlock it is to do shady shit which could possibly get you VAC banned because you would need to unearn the achievement within steam.

There is virtually no risk of getting VAC banned using an achievement tool, just don't open a VAC enabled game.

How can you say there is no risk then proceed to explain how there is a risk though.

You're right, I shouldn't say no risk. But if you do follow the instructions, don't open a game while using it, you will be completely fine.

yknow, no risk of getting into a car accident if you never get into a car

it was McPixel!

Then move to a FTP model?

Paid cosmetics.

Or ads or Pay to win. Gamers don't like these but they make a development initiative sustainable.

This. They make crazy money off of businesses, they wanted to charge us $80 or something to cancel a software purchased by mistake (wrong one, not oops didn’t mean to) about 8 hours before. We were able to get out of it but I don’t doubt that some secretary at another company would just say ok and pay it. They probably make so much on other things, and on top of it being expensive as fuck I think if it’s a creative cloud software you have to buy the license per computer (I believe acrobat has some kind of bundle available, could be wrong tho). Shit isn’t cheap to begin with and it adds up fast

Well yeah. I learned to use photoshop and premiere pro and indesign because it was fun and cool and whatnot.

Now I use it for work every day and pay out. So you know, it's good business I believe.

It’s just good business.

Yes this is generally how it goes with infrastructure development. Build cars that use gas and now you have a gas station in every city.

It's still hit or Miss though, depending on if your product goes up against one that's already entrenched. Take electric cars for example.

kids who wouldn't have bought it otherwise

If a particular consumer would choose to pay for a gas car then to get a free electric car then they are not included in my estimation.

Electric cars still ain't that big yet because they do the same thing as gas powered cars. A car vs a horse is a bigger difference.

Plus, the model-T changed the game. It was only $4,200.00($300) in today money in 1925.

That's so cheap you couldn't afford not to have it.

I think it's also largely to do with the fact a lot of electric cars don't look great or have bad range. Tesla's are some of the only electric cars I've seen that actually look stylish enough to consider buying.

Model 3 looks good on the outside but I still can't get over that iPad in the middle interior

Besides prices coming down, I think charging stations need to be exposed more.

The Tesla charging stations I’ve seen have been at hotels or whatnot when traveling. Also college campuses.

Considering how prevalent gas stations are and all that I see, take someone who doesn’t travel as often and they’d be scared of not being to recharge their car.

While electric are not prevalent, hybrids are a lot more common now.

and as usual, rural areas will get the charging stations much later because the demand is much lower. but that is kind of self defeating because no one in the rural area will buy a car they can't charge.

Well, kinda. Right now I think rural areas are overrepresented asbfar as EV charging stations go but that's just so Tesla can claim you can go from coast to coast. I mean, the Applebee's in Hays, KS has a damn charging station....

I'm mostly talking from experience. I live out in the country and the nearest charging station I can think of is over 50 miles away.

Thats the beauty of the free market and the “invisible hand”

What job do you use premier pro and photoshop for? I know those things really well and I have a bachelor's degree, now working on my Masters.

Haven't seen a place asking for premier.

Some businesses will use something like photoshop occasionally but just buy licenses for every computer. (I don’t think it’s extremely common but it happens) also, schools. Some schools have photoshop on every computer, or just an entire lab of computers is expensive

Any place that does any type of video work? Most production houses are Adobe now, unless they're very high end. Maybe you'll stumble across an Avid house here and there but they're changing over quickly as well.

I use them for political and 'news' work. Making short video snips for stories on social media. And using photoshop to cut and edit photos for various use and pamphlets.

And if adobe can prove any of those 600k published something without a license, they get a bunch of money from that too

Honestly I don't think Adobe cares about the consumer stealing their products. Huge companies rely on their software and thats where their money is made. And if these companies were to ever pirate the software I'm betting that they would get sued up the ass

Just out of curiosity, how would they ever find out? I've used pirated software at work but I worked at a really small company, basically just making flyers and stuff.

Maybe metadata or some kind of hidden watermark that links the document to the user/account?

That used to be the going murmur in the tech scene way back. Whether it was true is another story entirely.

I still remember the hassle of cracking Dreamweaver. One wrong move and you might have to wipe your computer and start from scratch.

Really? I remember cracking dreamweaver as a 12 year old without knowing that.... Fuck

They just look for companies that should have licenses of their software based on what they do and how many employees they have but have zero or very few licenses. They go to a judge and ask for help investigating and they send the cops with a warrant to search for evidence. That's what happened to a Vancouver VFX company a few years ago.

What if the companies just use free alternatives though?

it's going to result in a huge loss of productivity (what's the competition to in-design for example) and people would straight up quit or pay for it themselves.

That's pretty good reasoning as to why Adobe is so easy to crack. Other "industry standard" pieces of software use much better methods to prevent this prevalence of piracy but their applications are more niche and there remains competition between them.

It's been a long time since I pirated software for Windows but at least back in the day it was AutoCad, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cubase, and Pro Tools that had better resistance to piracy - but these never became as ubiquitous as the Adobe Suite.

I work for a rather large company that has over 900 locations in the US and every single one has access to the entire Suite. I would imagine this contract is pretty big and Adobe would like to 'check-in' to make sure we are doing things legitimately.

Assuming there are many companies in a similar position it seems like a smart idea for Adobe to draw a line in the sand between profiting in large numbers from their software and using their software illegally for personal / small time use.

This is also how Ableton Live became industry standard when it comes to music production among the younger generation. They made it so easy to crack it hits the warez (still a thing?) just a few hours after release. Now everyone I know has their license.

There are places that advertise rewards if you turn your company in for pirated software use. I know at least a few people who had already planned to do just that if their company ended up shafting them with employment issues or pay.

Outright piracy is uncommon in most businesses, but misuse of existing licenses is pretty common, especially if it the vendor makes it easy to do so.

For instance, Oracle is infamous for making certain premium features extremely easy to enable that cost thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars if licensed properly.

Their model is to make it easy to enable, get people using it, and then swoop in with an audit every so often and hoover in the extra money when they nab the company.

I worked for a company once that was running 5 copies of Oracle RAC and they'd only paid for something like two. They were also using a lot of other features. That company ended up settling and paying Oracle a million dollars to cover all of that. And this was not a big company. That million dollars is likely a big contributor to the company eventually being sold off.

There's services out there in Canada and the US at least that allow employees to anonymously report their employer. I've seen it advertised in Canada so I assume US based ones exist

I think you can figure it out through the metadata of the finished product which can be a liability if you want to publish something of importance.

It just takes an email from a pissed off ex-employee

That’s how winrar makes their money, just catch big companies not paying and call the lawyer squad.

Yeah, Adobe doesn't really care. They know that literally everyone starting out digital art pirates software, because it's impossible to learn all you need to learn without that. They know that some of these people will become professionals and then they will pay.

You can go on CGPeers and see accounts of some of the best people in the business, still pirating content.

Its a ton of money if a company is caught using unlicensed copies. Being a standard, because of it's ease of access, for various fields is a pretty big factor leaving no one wanting to learn alternatives.

Off topic, but I dislike your username greatly.

That's likely the point though, so congrats I guess.

Edge lords gonna edge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some think things are funny until it happens close to them..then the humour quickly fades.

I've never degloved anything, but I watched a guy partially deglove his ring finger trying to descend a ladder in a rush on a ship. I can look at gory stuff in pictures all day, but man, seeing it happen for real is a whole other thing.

Which explains why Microsoft is...

  • Collecting vast amounts of telemetry data with Windows 10
  • Pushing Microsoft accounts
  • Suggested apps, aka ads in the start menu and on the login screen
  • Windows store in general (x% of every purchase made)
  • Allowing Windows 10 to be used for extended periods of time, even unlicensed

They are still getting money for every install through their OEMs, collecting money on new Windows 10 license purchases, and now incorporating more of a ad-based revenue to tap into the pirate/unlicensed user base.

Tl;dr use GIMP.

I feel the same way about Hollywood. One day all be able to afford to not pirate everything. By then I’ll be addicted to watching their bullshit.

This is the main reason software switched to a information brokerage business model. It's way easier to monetize than put an arbitrary $ number on the software and selling it to people.

People are more likely to "buy" your product if they can't see what they have to pay due to it being invisible to them.

People are more likely to "buy" your product if they can't see what they have to pay due to it being invisible to them.

That's interesting, I'm not refuting that point but I just want to point out that there are those of us who only buy software outright or use open-source or free programs.

I guess it's old fashioned but I never use programs that are "free" but force you to view ads, I'll always "donate" to remove ads altogether or I'll just find a program or app that does the same thing even if I have to buy it outright.

There's something in my brain that is disgusted by that kind of revenue. I have no problem with others using those kinds of programs or apps but count me out.

china declares war.

all copies of their pirated os's have been backdoored

u.s. uses an anti-information campaign to destabilize country from the inside.

China now engaged in a civil war AND world war.

More like...

America declares war.

all hardware has been backdoored

China uses an anti-information campaign to destabilize country from the inside.

America now engaged in a civil war AND world war.

Change to Russia and you're in the current timeline.

Why not both?

Porque no los dos?

I have a present for you: ¿.

Actually, here's a bunch so you have enough for a few days:



Never did learn how to use ? or ¿ in Spanish.

In spanish, whenever you're making a question you just add ¿ at the beginning of the question, for example: is North Korea the Best Korea because south korea is the worst korea? or is south korea the worst korea because North Korea the Best Korea?

Translated to spanish that would be:

¿Es Corea (yes, in spanish Korea is written with a C) del Norte la mejor Corea por que Corea del sur es la peor Corea? o ¿es Corea del sur la peor Corea por que Corea del norte es la mejor corea?

comedy where the intelligence agencies of each country band together to undo the fuckery they did when they realize they both did the same shit

Starring Dwayne Johnson and

Jackie Chan

This summer, in:

AMD, Assured Mutual Destruction ;)

I thought this had already been seen to a certain extent? Backdoors built into the firmware of routers manufactured in China. In a race to backdoor each other, the one at the lowest level of the OSI wins.

Thats not accurate. China has backdoor basically all routers.

  • so its more like...

  • US declares war

  • China turns off the internet

  • US riots, kills millions

Hey bruh I'm with the CIA do you want a job?

This comment gave me flashbacks of Burn Notice for some reason.

My name is Michael Weston, I used to be a spy, until...


LOVED that show.

If you're really with the CIA, where's Waldo?

Waldo is just Woodrow Wilson after he faked his death

Can you stop looking at me 'batin? k thanks.

Perhaps he's wondering who would shoot a man, before throwing him out of a plane.

you're a big guy.

For you.


What's this?

Well, congratulations, you noticed my bulge. Now what's the next step of your master plan?

Declare North Korea Best Korea

Dude, that's nothing.

The CIA should partner with PornHub. Use IP tracking to build lists of who likes to watch what, and then you work to tie IPs to specific people. Eventually you'll get a match on a foreign government official, then you blackmail them with their porn history.

Also you'll catch future world leaders with this too. Some 25-year-old law student watching a Putin-lookalike gangbang today will wind up being President of Russia in 15 years, and as long as you've kept the data, you can blackmail them too.

So like Russia circa 2016


Except they didn't backdoor computers, they backdoored Americans.

Many of em are still drones as we speak


Tbf, pretty sure that applies to basically any electronic device.

China makes all your hardware so you'd lose that war lol

9 out of 12 intel manufacturing plants are located in the USA.

And all the chips, ports, cards, peripheral devices etc?

they just fab them, we design them all here. and the fab managers are all ours too. they're just getting old.

I'm sure there are several countries that would love to take that market from China, there are a lot of countries with low wages besides them.

The other two non-China ones are in Israel and Ireland. Only one Intel manufacturing site is in China, interestingly enough…

I guess it's too high tech and too high profit margin to outsource to China.

Isn't this exactly what Adobe has done with the CC? They made it even easier thwn ever before to get the software and haven't bothered at all to figure out how to secure it better.

I mean I would buy it if the price was fair enough or if you would have to pay one payment and then you simply have the software. I mean imagine if you would have to pay a subscription for windows os. Even more people would choose pirated version or other os because one off payment is the key to loyal client. Also, having to choose from buying either entire app collection or just ps/ps+lightroom is more than stupidly restricting. £50/month (£600/year) is ridiculous especially when you don't know how much you will need to one of other app that month or even that year.

It's like free trials and free advertising and hooking the customers in. I don't understand why the UFC keeps taking down fight highlights. Other companies would pay boatloads of money to have that kind of free advertising and circulation and attention. UFC fans are voluntarily doing it for them for free.

Or, Microsoft makes such a shitty os that no one wants to pirate anymore and moves to Linux. Looking right at you, Windows 10.

no one

That's kind of a gross overstatement, even if it's intentional. Windows 10 is still far and beyond the most installed computer OS.

7 for life. ^(For now anyways)

Honestly, Adobe is doing it right.

One day I will purchase all their products, no doubt about. Maybe it’s intended and maybe it isn’t, but this method of giving everyday people a chance to learn and grow from these powerful software options is beyond generous. To the hackers and to the developers, thank you. In the end, everyone wins.

90% of the software made in china is distibuted for free for that reason, but it comes with annoying popup ads to monetise

and india, i now have about 8 copies of win 10, totally original.

then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.

possibly dumb question, but what's the aftermath? Was he able to collect money from them? Or is pirated Windows and Office still a big thing in China?

When people buy laptops, all-in-one computers or pre-built PCs, they generally come with Windows installed. The computer manufacturers pay Microsoft to have their product shipping with Windows. With that, the Chinese people already being used to the Microsoft platform, when time comes to buy a new computer, they are more likely to buy one with Mac OS or Chrome and Microsoft ends up making more that way.

Don't you mean less likely to buy one?

You are right, I made a mistake and corrected it

People who pirated Microsoft Windows now get used to it and refuse to use other OS.

Now they want their next computer to have it installed, because how else would they use their new shiny machine.

OEM manufacturers have no choice but to put Windows on their machine.

Now Microsoft step in and collect money from manufacturers, which is way easier and brand image friendly than cracking down on individual users.

OEM manufacturers get threatened if they put anything other than Windows. Look it up, MS said they would charge extra for OEMs that support both Linux and Windows.

Crazy how that works. I pirated Vista and 7 some years ago, but I also bought two laptops since then, both windows 8. So Microsoft still got what they wanted.

plus it doesnt have the near inevitable downside that theyd get if they cracked down, which would be software developers switching all their shit around to work on whatever people move to. Why make a program for a system nobody uses?

and microsoft then makes money off them for licensing out proprietary interfaces n all that shit.

People are addicted to MS

if they have notebook 1 with another OS for $1000

and notebook 2 with Windows for $1100 they are gonna go for notebook 1

Psh I'd go with a $1000 Linux laptop.

Is Linux able to run Steam games?

Not all of them.

Very few unfortunately.

Far more than you'd expect, but no Blizzard games

More than I expected, less than I hoped.

Rocket league and Dota2, also Civ. So that's good enough for me. I haven't bought a game not supported on Linux in years.

A large amount of them.

It depends on whether or not the game has Linux binaries. PM me your steam User account and I can look it up for you.

yeah but you are not addicted to MS

But you can just install windows to it

Remind me of This

I've heard rumors online that Adobe do this to gain market share in the future.

Right now it's the teenagers and broke college students pirating Adobe Cloud. But even if only 5% of the pirates turn out to rely on their service in a professional environment, Adobe will make a profit.

Plus more users/pirates probably means more users providing feedback

It's kind of two sides of a donut. On the one hand you get to own the professional market because a sizeable volume of the workforce only knows how to use Adobe. On the other hand Adobe really does have superiority in some areas. Text deformation is something I wish were included in Gimp. It's been a year away from getting added for the past 5 years. x_x

I'll also mention I decided to do my last project in Inkscape as I wanted really anyone with initiative to be able to update and use the work that I did. However I regret that decision because Inkscape crashes A LOT. It also has issues with copy-pasting around elements with gradients and transparencies. Then when I need to hand my work over to someone who only knows how to use Illustrator it's not that elegant of a conversion. The best way is to save as a PDF and import that PDF into Illustrator, but then you loose all your grouping; which the person who only knows how to use Illustrator is going to have a hard time coping with.

All that said, Premier is a garbage video editing suite and nobody should use it for anything. =P Windows Movie Maker is better.

As someone who doesn't edit, why is Premier so bad? Just curious.

its not

Granted I haven't used Premier in many years so some of my grievances may no longer be valid, but you can't use your timeline in Premier as "negative space". So say you're making 5 different clips that are all related that's 5 different projects in Premiere. Whereas in Vegas or anything else that I've used you can just make those 5 different videos all on the same timeline, then split them off into regions and render the 5 different videos all at the same time.

It also has an effect that Premier really wants your video to start at 0:00 time where as I would advise nobody actually start their editing at 0:00 time because you may want to drop something even earlier than what you think your video was going to start at; so adding something before the "start" of your video isn't as easy as what I think it should be.

Premier also has/had a nasty habit of making peripherals active when they're listed as being inactive and vice versa. So you can waste a lot of time trying to figure out why your component isn't working when it just needs to be turned off in Premier in order to be turned on.

Everything you've listed has either been fixed or is easily done with a slightly different workflow. Vegas has no place in a professional space.

I can't believe Vegas is still mentioned in this day and age.

I remember mentioning Vegas to my editing teacher and he chuckled

Well its becoming the de-facto standard for most corporate and marketing agencies, along with both indie and some big budget film productions. True AVID still has a pretty large share of the truly professional market, but no way would i suggest using anything but PP if you were aiming to be a professional editor in an NLE. Its ability to be integrated with AE and being able to link projects and edit in both programs in real time is a massive asset for effects editors. But most of all its a pretty slick NLE with a lot of customizable windows, many many plugins and a whole suite of professional tools. Its the de-facto standard for this reason.

The issues you've listed ive never really encountered. You can always drop in new footage to the beginning of a sequence, and you can turn off 'snapping' and pull a clip forward if you want to create black space, or just create a black video by rendering it.

In terms of making more than one video in one timeline, ive never done that because of the way most professional workflows go, handing off edits to be finished, with sound and mixing and grading etc, lends itself for each video that will be rendered to be a seperate thing on a seperate sequence, but you can have many sequences in one project so its usually not an issue and you can queue them to be rendered.

TL;DR: Premiere is industry standard, and a great NLE to learn.

Premiere is good and bad.

It's good at working with multiple video formats in the same project, as well as quickly setting up and organizing projects. It thrives in short format environments (sub 15 minute videos).

That being said, you pay for this ease with some pretty awful glitches that Adobe doesn't seem to be working on fixing. For instance when working on big projects with multiple users and different project files, you'll be guarunteed to run into some trouble involving duplicate media.

"Text deformation" meaning applying filters/etc to a text layer without rasterizing first?

Yeah. On a lot of my project files I have a "help" layer which outlines all the different filters I've applied onto my texts so that when they need to be updated a year from now I can type out the new word/phrase and make it look exactly the same as I did last year.

Would be nice if I could just edit the existing text, but isn't currently possible in Gimp.

I always assumed there was a way to do that and that I was just too lazy to figure it out. Sucks to hear there actually isn't a way.

I cant afford creative cloud or even just one app and if it wasnt for having the ability to pirate Premiere I wouldnt have started going back to school and I wouldnt have learned what I finally want to do in life.

Exactly. I used to pirate Photoshop, now years later I can afford it so i pay for the Photography bundle (Ps and Lr). Still pirate premier pro but now I know how to use it far better than other video editing software

Also, it gives them sort of a monopoly. More people know how to use their products and hence, companies will buy licenses of Adobe stuff.

I feel bad for buying affinity photo for $40 and then using the free trial trick for photoshop

Nah. Affinity is really good. They don't have a monthly subscription model. Their is a live preview for literally everything and a lot of smaller stuff that Photoshop lacks.

I would 100% recommend Affinity. I just stick to Photoshop because I have a lot of experience with it and everyone seems to use Photoshop. So what can be done?

I feel like affinity can do everything photoshop can, but al the hot keys and tools are a little bit different so it might take some time to get used to it.

The MEME market depends on pirated photoshop copies.

Just imagine how many MEMES would never see the light of the day, if there wasn’t pirated version.

So, why they don’t make it free only for non commercial use? They would still reach their goal

laughs in winrar

I'd hazard a guess it's because making it free for non-commercial requires a lot of paperwork and explaining to shareholders. Whereas just leaving a really easy exploit has a similar result with zero hassle.

Or at least make it free for students who have a registered .edu email address.

I used a legit educational trial as a student which required a ton of personal info to activate. When Adobe's massive data breach happened in 2013 my full name, email, hashed password, postal address, phone number, some educational details and fuck knows what else were (and probably still are) all googleable in plain text.

When Adobe say something's free they're lying, the real cost is your security. I didn't even get a fucking email to say sorry. Students should just crack the full version and save themselves not only the hilarious price of Adobe products but also the stress of identity theft.

there are actually quite a lot of universities that offer free adobe, microsoft and other software to their students

also universities outside the us dont have edu email addresses

Nahhh.. Alot of university out of US got it. Practically every public university(Malaysia) got it. They just didn't mention it, I don't know why. Also, my university(poland) require us to communicate with edu email or else, they(administration) would just ignore you.

I'm a student in Europe, I've never had a .edu email address.

No they don't. I have done degrees in three different European countries. We get none of that

I've gotten edu emails from 2 countries outside the US. Neither are in Europe though.

Right now, I have (where jo is the extension for Jordan)

Works for the free software.

Bet you get a lot of JO buds with that email

Which country? And are you sure? Cause I know my uni never really promote it until last week when they told us thwy only reply to edu email.

I have a in the UK which is accepted as equivalent to edu

they can get .edu.xx

Xx being their country's TLD

Welcome to Germany. []( is the website a manufacturer for school furniture

Wrong. I have an edu email and not from the US.

The university I go to does give edu email addresses to students. Not in the US.

Don't have to have an edu email to get free products. My school has a .org domain and I have nearly every Microsoft product for free. Just have to get the school to set it up for you.

I know. It was more directed toward the poster above the one I replied to.

Am I the only teen that buys the Adobe CC for $5 a month thing.

I am in this situation right now. In highschool I just pirated what I needed now I need the whole suite for college and they make a profit


This is me. Stole software when I was younger, got older, had money, now I buy all the things I use to steal.

I haven't pirated a PC game in 7 years. There's no need anymore unless its something impossiblw to find like the copy of Zoo Tycoon that my wife really wanted to play.

I pirated my first program when I was 11. It was Flash CS2. Now I pay for an annual subscription for the suite because its growing into a career.


Autodesk does this, they just gives away the software to students so they'll use it in their worklife. Companies is going to use their software because students already know it.

I'm struggling to find a decent not Trojan cc download...


What version Is that one?

Do I have to worry about steps 1 through 7 if I already have my software installed from a legit license that expired?

I'm not sure, I started from scratch (deleting all adobe files from previous/failed attempts). Then I followed that guide and it's worked well ever since.

Can you walk me through it? I'm so confused about the host files and what to do with them

Most of the cracks come with a readme.txt file, just follow the instructions, if it doesn't work delete and try again you probably just fucked up a step..

I can't figure out the host files. They don't execute, they can't be pasted.. idk what to do with them. Directions just say to place them in a directory

Yeah that it, just copy and past them in, it'll just work like magic after that


It says windows only, are there different steps for Mac?

You, sir or madam, have made my day 10 times better.

Just use CCMaker. It's in the wiki

Exactly. Best installer ever

this legit? holy shit that was super easy. is someone gonna steal my bitcoin now?

Download Adobe <product> from CC yourself then use PainteR's AMT emulator. V 0.9.2 atm. Free as well. Easy to use.

PainteR's AMT emulator. V 0.9.2

Where do you download the emulator?

Thank you, so far so good!


Download the official copy, and check the wiki here for instructions to crack it yourself.

I used the CC 2017 crack on the 2018 version with much success.

When you don't read the sidebar

There's this downloader which is awesome and you can get all the updates from it! Use it all the time and it autopatches it for you as well


I feel bad for the people that don't know about ccmaker

You can patch it just fine with legit versions.



Good bot

I pay for it these days, it's just easier for my type of work and production level I do these days across multiple PCs etc. That being said I partook in pirating my whole life through till I was a young professional.

I still believe piracy makes good product last. CC app is subjective, I think it's nice in what it tries to accomplish but is a piece of shit.

However piracy for me always lead to purchases if I deemed it quality.

Part of be wholeheartedly believes companies intentionally let people pirate so they get revenue from usage.

I heard that you can get in some deep trouble if your work is done in pirated adobe products as you can find the code(?) or something in the files telling you if its licensed or not.

Some guy on reddit a few years ago lost his job i think from it.

No one is going to search meta data and XML, and you can mask that shit. Let alone I don't think it changes licensing, and if it does you can adjust it.

Not to mention if he's using pirated software for a job he had bigger issues. Why isn't his company supplying him with his own work CC account and such?

Isn't a concern for me as I pay either way

Pirated many many Adobe products over the years, currently I'm back on school so for 20$ a month I have access to every Adobe product. My employer pays for the classes. I'll take one class a semester just to keep the student discount lol!

Good pirates buy it if they can afford it and believe it's worth their money

If only more pirates were good their rumor wouldn't be so bad and quality software would thrive. I was a pirate when I was a kid, spent my money on /r/PCMR hardware so I couldn't afford software (piracy was easy).

Since then I've grown up and realized I have no right to benefit from someone's hard work, this ain't communism. If I want it I pay the price they set or look elsewhere, so low I don't spend my money on fancy hardware but legit software. After all, if I don't buy their software I don't even have Wright to protest if someone pirated my hard work.

This is why communism never works. You support the capitalists instead of supporting the authors directly. Cut the middleman, use FLOSS.

What's floss?

Free/libre open source software



(Free, Libre and Open Source Software)

FLOSS stands for Free Libre Open source software.

This is why communism never works. You support the capitalists instead of supporting the authors directly. Cut the middleman, use FLOSS.

I use floss and mouthwash too!

truth. I remember this explicitly with Quake 4 and DOOM3. Pirated them, liked them, got them on steam.

Hey man if you liked it you liked it!

I’ve never cracked adobe software, can someone explain?

Once you've downloaded a trial of adobe software, if you download that file and place it in the directory where said adobe program is installed you get the trial forever, basically meaning you own the software

Thanks for explaining!

Sorry if this is a stupid question but does this work on windows10? I heard a while ago that pirating isn't so easy on the new software. I'm still on 7 with cs6.

And where allegedly would one find said file? Lol

I think it's kinda interesting that the security for the entire Adobe line of products comes down to a single .dll file. Most software manufacturers wouldn't design their software with a single weak point like that unless they wanted to make it easy (but not too easy) to break.

It means they've got a monopoly on their market forever and prevents other companies from being able to get a foothold. They know people pirate their stuff using this, they just don't care.

I have a feeling they gave up, all versions of photoshop got cracked real fast even before amtlib. Even if crazy DRM solutions like denuvo were implemented adobe software is widespread enough that someone would spend the time to crack it. Then there's a question of how the advanced DRM would affect setup, usability and performance. Chances are that they're pretty much forced into their current position.

Do you still get updates? And for lightroom, can you use LR mobile?

So many adobe programs they might as well call it the Program Table because it looks like a god damn periodic table.

Yeah, that's the point. They even have a line of dumbed-down versions of their most popular programs that ship for free with some hardware like Wacom tablets called "Elements". Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, etc.

So true. Extremely underrated comment btw. Somebody give this guy more upvotes

Filthy casual here. Hi. So alls I need to do is have that dll in the appropriate directory and I can use the modern software versions? I 'have' the last pre-creative cloud version, not that I know what to do with it, mind.

I believe so, yes.

Save yourself and use CCMaker

Is there anything alike for Mac users?

No - you need to download the applications as trial from the Adobe Creative Cloud application and patch with Adobe Zii


I'd pay if I could build my own plan. I don't want to pay for multiple plans, and I don't want to pay $20 per app.

I want Premiere and Photoshop in a plan and I'll pay.

The entire suite is $20/mo if you're a student. Building your own isn't going to get any cheaper than that.

If you're not a student then it's free or close to free to enroll in your local community college and not take any classes.

I started paying for mine because of Trojans.

quick question for anyone in here, I just did the painter crack and my programs are 2018 edition but the program only goes cc, 2015, 2017... will this still work

Yep, just hit "try to patch another product with the amtlib file (32-Bit/64-Bit)" at the bottom.

Cant get it to work for illustrator tho...

Omg hahaha ❤️

Honestly, Adobe is doing it right.

One day I will purchase all their products, no doubt about. Maybe it’s intended and maybe it isn’t, but this method of giving everyday people a chance to learn and grow from these powerful software options is beyond generous. To the hackers and to the developers, thank you. In the end, everyone wins.

After a life of using pirated Adobe products, now I’m paying monthly for their Lightroom and Photoshop susbscription. It’s working for them.

What is so funny and what is dll?

The file "amtlib.dll" is an application extension that handles licensing for the Adobe creative suite. Replacing it with a "cracked" version of the file grants you unlimited access to the software for free. The crack is relatively easy and it is somewhat ironic that simply replacing a single file can defeat the security of highly advanced professional software.

To be honest I would buy their software if it wasn't a subscription.

I liked fruity loops studio and I'm going to buy it soon even if price is really high for my standards. If I'm going to use something for next few years buying up front full unlimited license will be cheaper.

That's my mans !!!

Can someone help me, I can never get it to work. It always stops working after 30 days. Even after following the readme file it never works.

The second one.

I use Paint. net for my Photoshop needs (to download it, don't go to, just Google it and you'll find it) it's superior to Photoshop in every way

Are you trolling?

What? No. Have you used paint. net before? I have had years of experience with Photoshop and from the first day I used paint. net, I never looked back

I have used before and got photoshop for the sole reason of replacing it because it has so many more features, particularly selection wise is very limited.

I still use for cropping and hue adjustments and whatnot because it boots up like 6x faster than photoshop but besides that photoshop is so much better.

ELI5: What does this actually refer too?

It references the most popular way to crack the Adobe suite, which involves replacing the .dll file, amtlib by another custom file sending the software info to a local virtual server instead of the Adobe ones.

There were keygens and cracks for each software up until the CC (X-force, etc.) but when the Creative Suite rolled around, the DRM callback was normalized between all the softs and was made way easier.

Yeah I don't get it

can someone please tell me how the fuck you do this

I love whoever made this


what year is this, 2011?

yeah, that's a blast from the past!

There are many ways to deal with this pain...

Can someone explain this to me? I'm a graphic designer so I'm curious.

It references the most popular way to crack the Adobe suite, which involves replacing the .dll file, amtlib by another custom file sending the software info to a local virtual server instead of the Adobe ones.

Still no idea what that means.

So, once you've already purchased the adobe suite, you can hack into it so that you don't have to keep paying?

You can get a 7 day free trial of any of these programs. Once you have the trial installed you run a cracking program that replaces the amtlib.dll file so the software stops checking for when the trial ends. You now have the full software for free.

I see. It is safe to do?

Yes, provided you make sure to use a crack tool that isn't a virus.

Sounds a bit out of my league.

Don't make us graphic designers sound dumb. If you can't figure that out God help you on anything JS related, databases or front end UI.

I don't have any programming skills. I'm a student graphic designer.

As a student if you don't know any web design that's bad.

How so?

It's graphic design, not web design. That said, I have made websites before, I just never learned to code.

Because they are not mutally exclusive and print design is dying. If your instructors are telling you otherwise they're morons.learn web design. Proper web design and UI play heavily into graphic design.

There's safe crack tools in the sidebar of this subreddit. You just download and follow the instructions.

Is it safe to do though? Do people get caught or are there things I should be concerned about?

As long as you make sure that you're not installing a virus you're fine. I can't find any articles of somebody actually getting arrested for piracy, unless they have a massive pirated library that they are sharing with other people.

Alright thanks.

Generally I don’t like piracy, I want to pay for the stuff I use, but Adobe has made sure that they remain the exception.

In the US. Adobe photographer plan, $10 a month for photoshop and lightroom.

In Iceland. Only option to buy the full suite, for $1,700 a year.

Yeah fuck off Adobe.

I'm from Eastern Europe and I signed up for the $10 lightroom and photoshop plan using a VPN. If you have one you can give it a try.

Nah I’m not supporting this kind of business model.

I feel the same way. I never use Adobe, but if I do, I make sure it's pirated. I paid so much for CC in the 3-4 years I subbed to it. It's a disgusting business model. I currently don't have a single Adobe product installed.

Well you won't pay $1700 for the suite, but you bet your ass your company will. That's Adobe's plan and it's working, get you hooked on the software and have your company pay for it.

$1700! that's outrageous!

Use a VPN then.

No. If companies are going to charge by the region, then I’d rather not support that business model by giving them money. I bought Final Cut Pro because it was easy and same price globally.

So I guess yo ushoyls go ahead cancel your PSN, Steam, Xbox, Netflix, NFL Game pass and Hulu accounts

What’s your point ?

Out of all of these services I use Steam and Netflix, both services cost the same as in the states, of course Netflix has less content but that’s due to copyright.

I’m pretty sure PSN and Xbox live offers virtually the same content worldwide, but there might be small differences in price because of currency.

what is that?

Ccmaker is the best and easiest installer

Anybody know if that still works?

Asking for a friend.


Ah. Classic dll/dylib patches. One file boi never disappoints.

ELI5 please?

You can basically crack all the Adobe products by copying a single file into a folder.

Holy mother of God.

I'm not saying I want a guide, but...

The torrents come with one. Mind you, it's not quite that simple. You have to kill your internet connection (temporarily), do the installs, copy the crack for both x86 and 64bit, and then block the connection in your firewall, but still...

You don't need to turn off internet. Just edit your hosts file.

I've never had to block the connection or kill my connection.

can anyone link me the 2018 Adobe Products Cracker?? Been linking forever and can’t find a good one

Literally any torrent site

like what? i’m new to this shit and i all i want is photoshop and illustrator for free without viruses could u link me or something

Why can't software companies make them unable to pirate?

Well Adobe could take greater steps here to increase the security of their apps, but this way they're getting plenty of people used to their products who, if they go into any field that requires it professionally or any company, they'll practically have to buy a program for that work or the company will. At that point people will go with what's mostly used by everyone or ingrained in them, Adobe products

The original meme is a couple of geary bois

[Adobe staff lurking; pleased with the good publicity and public attitude towards their company]

Can someone here send me a macOS version of this dll?

For some reason, it doesn't work for CC 18.

Oh god, where i can find this amtlib file ?

Where can I find the amtlib files? It took me hours to find the one to photoshop

They're all the same

Wow thanks

So where can I find that file for Mac?. Could please someone help?. I just need the file for Ps and Lr. Both CC 2018.

Someone give this man some gold

depends, really. is it a software battle, or a legal one?

I don't get this meme. Could someone please explain it to me?

Moving a cracked .dll into the install directory of any Adobe CC product is all you need to crack it fully

Not really on topic, but I've been learning to use GIMP for the past week, should I switch to Photoshop? If so, why?

Gimp is awful, yes you should. Integration with the rest of adobe's stuff is great, the interface is better on Photoshop because it doesn't use GTK+, and has much more options for 3D rendering than gimp

Hmmm, where do I actually get it, pirating obviously, I can't seem to find a collection from the recent year, like one of the only complete collections from even just 2016 only has like 5 seeds.

If you're on RED, you can find the latest there. Other than that, just get individual Adobe CC programs from pirate bay

Don't know what RED is, would it matter if the programs are different year editions?

They should work if they're different years

Okay, thanks!

Doesn't use GTK+

So GIMP is bad because the interface uses the GIMP Toolkit?

Yeah. GTK blows. My eyes hurt just thinking of that interface/UX.

Tbh version 2.10 has greatly improved the UI/UX and the multi window thing hadn't been a problem since 2.8 with the single window mode.

What is in that dll file? Sorry if it's a stupid question , But I want to know .

It’s a sort of Virus that can execute things on your laptop

Sorry for the request but can someone share an autoCad link?

Good for us that any Adobe program is easy to crack.

Please tell me, where can I get this lil boy

Don't you also have to modify the host file?

Well you cant do that you need to crack it

Not anymore

Anyone got a link to a guide where I can get good torrent software like this


Isn't this exactly what Adobe has done with the CC? They made it even easier thwn ever before to get the software and haven't bothered at all to figure out how to secure it better.

Download the official copy, and check the wiki here for instructions to crack it yourself.

I used the CC 2017 crack on the 2018 version with much success.

china declares war.

all copies of their pirated os's have been backdoored

u.s. uses an anti-information campaign to destabilize country from the inside.

China now engaged in a civil war AND world war.

For you.

Well, kinda. Right now I think rural areas are overrepresented asbfar as EV charging stations go but that's just so Tesla can claim you can go from coast to coast. I mean, the Applebee's in Hays, KS has a damn charging station....

this legit? holy shit that was super easy. is someone gonna steal my bitcoin now?

Exactly. Best installer ever

Really? I remember cracking dreamweaver as a 12 year old without knowing that.... Fuck

People are more likely to "buy" your product if they can't see what they have to pay due to it being invisible to them.

That's interesting, I'm not refuting that point but I just want to point out that there are those of us who only buy software outright or use open-source or free programs.

I guess it's old fashioned but I never use programs that are "free" but force you to view ads, I'll always "donate" to remove ads altogether or I'll just find a program or app that does the same thing even if I have to buy it outright.

There's something in my brain that is disgusted by that kind of revenue. I have no problem with others using those kinds of programs or apps but count me out.

They're all the same

Welcome to Germany. []( is the website a manufacturer for school furniture

Is there any way to scan for this?

I have a present for you: ¿.

Actually, here's a bunch so you have enough for a few days:



Yeah that it, just copy and past them in, it'll just work like magic after that

I don't have any programming skills. I'm a student graphic designer.