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Can’t fap to a textbook

Course you can... mmm.. it turns me on just thinking about those advanced organic chemistry equations..


Phonics failed him hard

You would be surprised...

Not with that attatude


Looks like you need a spelling textbook

Cracks open an AI textbook Yeah use that ReLU Activation, Do that Gradient Decent, Yeah Baby

*Cracks open geometry book* Let's see those tan lines, baby

you're going to hell cos of all this sin, then you won't think it was such affine idea!

*Elementary Biology - The Chapter on the Human Reproduction System- The cross-section of the female reproductive system*


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Well I came.

2/10 not enough textbooks

All the NSFW subreddit shows "Wow so empty" for me. Is there any settings or something I need to change?

Yeah, you've got NSFW hidden or something in your apps settings. Dig around.

I just fixed the settings. I wish I hadn't lol


Why not both?

Because leaking photos is creepy and invasive and not morally any better than looking in your neighbors' windows at night.

as opposed to piracy, which is definitely on the up and up

At least textbook publishers did something to deserve the situation and cause problems for people. None of those celebrities did anything to deserve having their photos leaked.

I think a lot of people just don't know that most textbooks are out there if you look.

All text books except the pos self published books from true asshole professors.

I stopped buying textbooks somewhere during sophomore year because chances are, even if it's on the syllabus as a "required" book it ends up being a reference book I never open. Maybe it's a bit easier with stem majors because the vast wealth of info online, not even including pirated books. But usually I was able to find a pdf of the book I needed the first week of each semester.

Yuuuup! A simple Google search provided me what I needed. All I had to do was buy the god damn test codes to take a test. Fuck you colleges. Bunch of ponzy schemes.

And if you're not willing to look you can rent them to save about 90%.

Just came here to say this.

Especially if you're not held to a strict version. If you just want to study there's 100s of books you can download on literally any topic.

They are behind paywalls and infinte redirects.

Not sure why you're getting downvoted, this is always what happens to me.

I've been doing this for SO long, and last semester was the first time I've ever pirated a textbook, and only because it was a 10 year old standard text for every beginning CS major.

omg so much this

For real. I’ve looked like crazy for some textbooks on everything that someone is about to link me and it’s not possible. That being said if I can’t pirate a textbook I just don’t use it whatsoever, got me through so far with a pretty solid gpa. - for books - for scientific papers

I amount of dodgey links I've clicked on looking for a textbook online.

Haven't been able to find a single book on any of the recommended textbook sites on this subreddit. Doesn't always work.

You need to go deep, the deep web awaits you. Don’t search for the tor library, it was taken down.

When I was getting my degree in CS, every single textbook was out there. Was nice saving big money on books.

Starting classes again in the fall, where can I look? Feel free to pm if you’d rather

One word: libgen

Chemist here, Ive also found mostly everything there. The few exceptions have usually been semi-obscure medicinal chemistry textbooks.

What is your field? I have found 100% of the books I need and always wondered if my field (math) was overrepresented or if they really do have everything

I even found a transcript of a medieval norwegian book!

How cool is that?

Anthropology and design stuff is pretty solid on libgen too.

I studied history and i was able to complete my master's thesis without going to the university library because i could find 99% of what i needed on libgen, and the 2 books i couldnt find i bought because they were cheap and i was lazy.

Every class I’ve had in college, I’ve found the proper textbooks online. I’m also a STEM major (CS) but have found books on libgen and other sites for all my general ed courses and stuff too, so I think they really have everything

I found all but two CS textbooks in my first two years, both of which have ebooks. I'm not a part of any private torrent sites though.

I had trouble finding the same edition of my CCNA text book that my course called for. Then again that was years ago and I don't remember if this was the site I used or not.

Yeah as other people have kind of said the harder the science, the more likely it's going to be on libgen. Purely anecdotal but my non-STEM classes are a lot harder to find books for.

Same, as a non-STEM you can find the most popular ones (some Oxford handbooks, best-sellers) but other standard ones aren't available.

Doing physics grad, got everything from libgen

I have some trouble finding theatre books and plays, or academic publications about theatre. Besides thats, lib.gen is excellent

I've had difficulty finding correct versions of nursing textbooks for my wife. But luckily the missing classes didn't need the book much at all so far.

CS lol so close to yours

Thank you kindly

Emule still exists. I have 26k books shared and they are constantly downloaded. Which ones are you needing?

how do you digitize books? is it easy and just need camera? or is it pretty tricky?

Not all heroes wear a cape

You're a god


Sorry OCD in english, TOC in spanish

Christ, eMule?! Is there a headless Linux client? Which version is best? I wonder if WinMX is still around.

You are awesome, thank you for sharing! If I can't find a textbook from my usual sources I always make sure to upload it to those places once I'm finally able to obtain/convert it. So much energy every semester is spent getting my textbooks in a format that's accessible to me...I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who contributes to these resources and like to do what I can to give back. People like you make life so much easier :D

Thanks. I do it for me, I grew up with little resources and it was a nightmare for a nerd not to get "mind food". Someone has to be in that situation right now, can't fix my past but glad to hear it help you

Yeah, aside from my ideals I have to admit I have somewhat selfish motivations as well. I can read hundreds of pages a day under ideal circumstances, but with some of the formats that are forced on me I can't make it past a paragraph. It's frustrating, but part of my disabilities requires me to have certain formats and structures or everything breaks down. Even the "accessible" textbooks available through my university have these restrictions :/

I'm always grateful when someone has already made this part of my life easier, but if I have to go through all that work myself you can be damn sure I'm sharing it for the next person!

Enviro geology edition 10, isbn 9780073524115

Trees: their natural history, edition 2, isbn: 9780521133586

I have 9th ed, and Trees. You can emule them or I may upload them to some hosting. Let me know if 9th is useful.

In case you care have lots of text books. The hosting is not expensive and you have to download fast, usually in a few days they dissapear because of legal complaints.

I have a lot about ecology and biosciences, take a look at the dir if you want!nZMURCrA!HSjA29RvZk3LRgIqmwF8fuTi-Fer5meMzExFtG3Qh6E

Oh man I read trees as trees haha

“Alright class, I’m here to teach you dudes about trees”


Google. I'm not even kidding, I'm graduating this semester and throughout the last 4 years there were only 2 or 3 books I couldn't find by just searching the name with pdf at the end. - for books - for scientific papers


Thank you!!

At least most unis provide sizable database of the latter on their own. Wish they would go the same way with textbooks.

why not just for them all

libgen or random google the book title with pdf behind, after a few google searches you can spot fake webpages from the link, because there is a pttern for link-name. sometimes you are lucky and find something, which libgen doesnt have, if that is the case, add it to libgen, other people will be happy about it.

First place to look is library genesis,

If else fails, try scribd.

Thanks a bunch!


Google the name with .pdf at the end and try with download or some shit like that. Look around and you'll find it.

I did this and found 80%+ of the books I was looking for, idk why people don't just try this first instead of asking "Where do I find x?"

Where do I find porn?


Google is a great place to start

Not really. Hell, Bing is better. I find Google filters are pretty shitty at prioritizing potentially pirated pdfs.

Anyway, word of mouth is a helluva lot better than playing Russian roulette randomly downloading dangerous documents.

Yea no shit. Thanks for the insight



Depends on if they are tailored to online courses that are for a grade. Also, depends on the college you go to. Small colleges normally use outdated textbooks that are easy as fuck to find online. Major universities could have their own printed or insert updated sections that they put on exams to fuck the students that pirated/bought the previous book.

Also, some online sections were pay to play.

I fucking hate Pearson and their stupid MyLab for making me pay a couple hundred more dollars for the privilege of doing homework.

Here in Brasil we just xerox the hell out of everything. It's low tech but it works.

same here in India. It was extremely common for photocopy vendor on campus to have scans of all the course materials. You don't even need to go in search of originals.

My professors used to give our xeroxed copies of the chapters that we needed.

All though we had to pay around 15K INR ( 100 Eur approx) to the university for useless textbooks which we usually got at the end of the year.

Indeed it does, and I'm jealous

I think the reasoning for custom books(the books you mention that are printed for a specific college) is not to fuck over pirates but to screw with the secondary market. Custom books usually have no resale value and are often bundled with access codes. the "perk" for the students is that the custom books tend to cost less money. The differences between the custom book and the original edition are usually that the custom book has rearranged or a limited number of chapters, but could also possibly have additional information from the professor. Sometimes it is the same thing, but just with a different cover. Custom books also tend to be paperback or looseleaf(another fuck you to the secondary market) and of a lower print quality.

Honestly I can't blame publishers from trying to prevent secondary market sales. They don't make any money off of it. But what you have to keep in mind is that the ONLY reason that they offer custom books at a lower price is BECAUSE there is a secondary market.

Had a us history one class. The only difference between the 13th and 14th editions were the placement of the chapters.

Please tell me how flipping chapters without adding content justifies the publication and subsequent shit resale value of the different editions.

Oh it doesn't! I'm not arguing that it does.

God damn, it took you 6 years for an Associates?


Smart fella.

Fart smeller.

Maybe that’s why you took 6 years

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Me neither! Then again I went to uni in the UK, we had plenty of copies in the library.

use a f***ing adblocker and all additional fake download pictures are gone.

For later

How do i do the Remind me thing for this?

its !remindme 1 day

RemindMe! August 21 "I think. This is just from the top of my head."

I've refrenced this post for about a year and a half now. Saved me $800ish so far.

So just the one book?

For me I just go to the library, most of the time the teachers have a few copies on hold for like 2 hour segments.

Can confirm that lot's of textbooks actually aren't

Source: past couple semesters I've looked night and day and couldn't find the ones I needed.

I guess at the end of the day it does depend on your school, but I've found every math, cs, and econ book I've ever needed, helped some friends find chem/phys/bio books, and even a couple of social science books. I started pirating books my sophomore year (and using my school's library and the public library), and aside from one of two professors that made us get online codes, I didn't spend a dime on textbooks the rest of my time there.

Idea: buy book, pirate book, return book?

I can't remember if there was a window for 100% reimbursement, though. Especially if the books been opened. But you can borrow my shrink wrapper?

Depends on the class engineering and science are pretty easy to find just need to know the name and author

I looked for the whole semester for a certain accounting book in HS just because I didn't want to lug the textbook around and I couldn't find it. I gave up after hours upon hours of searching.

I'm just a little curious, do you remember the name of the book?

I've always used and it rarely fails me

This is true. A lot of people don't know what ePub, Torlibrary & a Mobi file is yet complain about textbook pricing.

Freshman year of college I was able to find all of them. They got harder and harder to find though as I progressed. Last semester, my second junior semester, I could only find one. Amazon rentals aren't too bad though., especially if they have an e-book option.

Google "title pdf"

The only result is a dead Pinterest link. What do you do?

Lib gen - Library genesis

Worked for me in every instance I've needed it! Libgen is great, but googling "title pdf" is faster and usually gives me the results I need. Libgen is obviously the plan b.

In most of our courses we get free pdf's(Exercises and compendium) from our teachers anyways.

Except they usually have some BS companion code that you have to buy for the class.

LPT: ask the professor if they have a code for the course, if they do tell them you will not be joining because of their shitty policy

Some times its the only course and isnt offered again untill fall of 2019

LOL I’m in engineering, not joining a course isn’t a thing

Better LPT: if the new book with a code is too pricy, try talking to your professor about it. They might have some codes or be able to get you one.

Source: I administer several online courses at a large US university. Publishers have sent me lists of companion codes for general use before.

Better idea: leak both.

boy have I news for you

Leak celeb photos first priority

Why leak celeb photos if most of them are at least 50% plastic

Get the joke and walk along man

Dammit I got boinked

there were definitely a lot of text books on tehparadox back in the day. The problem was every college uses different text books, so you had to get lucky it was the right book and the right version.

Awful idea.

Why not both?

People don't understand that they see what they search for. fam

Found this the other day. Holy fuck.

What did you download?

All the things!

Seriously, just look up any book.

But i’m interested on what you found!

Nice try FBI :)

Go check it out yourself; use your imagination.

Lol ok kind bitter person of reddit!

I'm not bitter; just not interested in disclosing details of illegal actions that I have performed, especially on my main account. :)

How to bomb the US govt by MDE, mister fed

Wait till you need sci hub...

That's the same source haha

Well axchtually....

I know they’re related but I thought they were different. Like sci hub uses legal connections to journals to provide the article (if it’s not already copied?) whereas libgen indexes large collections that have been digitised (including sci hub).

And the organisations are connected but separate?

Happy to be corrected.

I think it's the same Russian girl behind both, and I think (the real libgen, others are proxies) has files on its servers too (the first mirror link usually), apart from indexing from other places. You can also search journals through gen.lib just like you would on sci.hub (with a doi/PMID).

Whoever she is, she's excellent and I hope she keeps going.

Interesting that it is/could be the same person. Lib gen was around (in some form or another) for significantly longer than sci hub. Have they always had the same backers?

I'm not sure honestly.

Neither am I but I’m super curious.

My professor tipped us off on that glorious site. Hell he downloaded his own book from it so he didnt have to give his colleague his personal copy.

I thought I was on r/im14andthisisdeep

Seriously same

One of the guys that started Reddit basically committed suicide over this

What’s that story?

Aaron Schwartz was one of those OG hacktivists. He stashed a laptop in a maintenance closet at an Ivy league school and had it download all the proprietary digital libraries. Most likely to distribute freely as a means of lowering the cost of information.

The campus IT found out and the publishing industry's copyright went absolutely wild on him and public prosecutors tried to make him pay in every way they could find. He killed himself before a verdict was reached, he was 26 years old.

RIP Aaron, Fuck the FBI for what they did to him

Fuck MIT too.

Watch the documentary "Internet's own boy" about Aaron. Such a sad story about this awesome guy..

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Hillel Swartz (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS and the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons, and the website framework, and was a co-founder of the social news site Reddit. He was given the title of co-founder by y-combinator owner Paul Graham after the formation of not a bug, inc (a merger of Aaron's project infogami and a company run by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman).

Swartz's work also focused on civic awareness and activism.

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Copying my response from earlier today:

You're not fucking around.

The guy was an activist for information freedom, basically. He broke into MIT and tried downloading a bunch of articles, presumably to share them. He got caught, sentenced to a $1 mil fine, and 35 years in prison. He committed suicide.

Holy shit that's dark.

That was the maximum time he faced, but federal sentencing guidelines are much different. Also, he was never sentenced. He killed himself just after he rejecting a plea deal for 6 months. The government was hell bent on giving him a felony and he couldn't accept it.

... that's incredibly drastic. It's a shame he didn't get the help he needed.

Not only did he commit suicide, but after his death, Reddit turned into a cesspool of censorship, paid political positions, shills, and rules about "brigading" (an excuse for disallowing opinions from anywhere but that community)

Some highlights from /u/kitnaht's comment history:

Having individuals which spread and encourage homosexual behavior is bad for the population on a biological level - it's not something you can learn people out of.

I mean, he is jewish, so what do you expect?

I'm not a transphobe, I just do not hop into the worlds of the mentally ill and pretend with them that they are somehow normal. I don't tell the religious that their god is totally real, he's just as pretend as the people who think they're the opposite sex. Stop being a degenerate.

The problem is idiots who pay for hulu and then watch ads. Why the hell people didn't just let that bullshit service die when they introduced ads into their paid service, is beyond me.

I actually agree with that last one. Although for the most part, you seem deluded and angry.

So you're part of the brigade team? Nice. I'll take note.

All the replies to you got censored.

rofl -- I linked one of the users though. So he can't just delete and hide. I screenshot his stupid user page too, showing where he's got an "srsmode" that he uses with his little brigade team.

Hey I just came here, fill me in on what happened.

A couple of SRS shills came in and started roaming my comment history, posting "excerpts" and saying "he's a trump supporter!", in an attempt to get people to downvote me.

Says the trump supporter who also posts on /r/muslimpeoplehate

I post on everywhere. If it's in all, I usually comment. And I'm not pro Trump, try again.

You’re full of shit. You think you can just avoid posting in /r/the_donald for plausible deniability, despite the fact that you’re pushing the exact same points they do.

TD doesn't reach /r/all because of the very censorship I was talking about. Maybe that's why I don't post in it...

Considering I just told you that I comment on stuff in /r/all, that matches up quite nicely don't you think?

You really are a butthurt fucking moron.

I love how immediately after posting every single one of these comments, you have an immediate +2 upvotes. Are you up voting yourself on an alt? And you say that I should eat a life. I’m not the one making it my hobby being a disingenuous asshat gaslighting everyone on an Internet forum on various accounts.

Now you're worried about people upvoting me?

Good lord dude, get a grip. Have you SEEN my profile? Does it LOOK like I give a fuck about fake internet points?

I get on the internet to shit-post and make angry little idiots like you go ape-shit. It worked.

You’re such a whiny baby, dude. I don’t need to look in depth into your stuff, I really don’t care. It’s hilarious how much effort you put into this. This is the only way you guys can “win” these confrontations, despite the focus on winning and the confrontations themselves being entirely of your own doing. Don’t message me anymore.

I don't know what you mean by "you guys"...but you've got another one of your brigade team on the case! Curious how suddenly I've got people scouring my post history to try and make me look bad because they're angry that I got internet points.

I upvoted him because his post was relevant. I downvoted you because the absolute drivel you've been spewing has nothing to do with this conversation.

Lol go fuck yourself dude. The guy made a relevant, salient point. If you are really trying to censor his opinion because of a political alignment, you're much worse by far.

Lol yeah stop "censoring" me by disagreeing! Waaaaaa waaaaaa

Since you have such a hard-on for keeping Reddit the way you want it, I've gone ahead and reported you for targeted harassment.

Your views and actions are problematic. The way you harass people who disagree with you is actually disgusting. It's easy to see why people speak to you the way they do - you are an awful person.

Take your ignorant, prejudiced behavior elsewhere. We don't have time for that here.

Oh look, it’s another dude who has been accused of being a trump supporter but insists he isn’t one because he doesn’t technically post in /r/the_donald. One would think you alpha male trump supporter types wouldn’t hide your political beliefs the way you guys do.

Hey, shut up you stupid Trump supporter!

There, now you've been accused too. Go ahead and turn yourself in to the nearest police department, since we know that being accused of something makes you guilty of it, right?

Go read my posts, you fucking mouth-breather. You seem to like to go rifling through comment histories, so why don't you go take an honest look at mine, come back, and let me know if you still want to accuse me of being a Trump supporter. I've spoken about my political opinions plenty of times, it shouldn't be hard for someone with two brain cells to rub together to figure out.

Oh wait, that might be a stretch for you. Carry on, then.

He had a dream of running for office some day. Getting a felony charge must have been like getting your dreams crossed out by a big red permanent marker.

Maybe it used to be, but these days a felony seems more like prerequisite experience for politics.

Only if you're clever enough not to get caught officially.

I think he just didn't want to live on this planet anymore.

I also think there was more to the story than that. He didn't seem disturbed to me, I think he was bullied into it.

I think we do that often. We blame people for how they feel instead of realizing that maybe we are making an environment where people just end up feeling shitty. We end up making them feel like opinions are insignificant, and in the end they feel helpless trying to live up to their ideals. You tell them all the wrong things done in the world are okay, and that the world is shit and that is somehow perfectly fine to everyone else, so suck it up, stop fighting, accept it, see nobody else sees anything wrong with you, why the hell are you even fighting. That's no way to live, so they eventually check out.

Seems he could've used help is all, and I certainly didn't mean to shame, blame or diagnose anyone.

I didn't mean any disrespect. It's just an extreme decision, can't blame be for thinking that.

I don't know. I've been seeing depression a lot in close ones recent few years and canned generic pleasantries about it or the wording of it being their fault or their body irks me. My bad if I came off hostile. I do think we approach the issue all wrong, though. Generic replies are dismissive and I think just serve to make people feel bad. Humans want to matter. When they can't find their place they feel bad, get lost, and start to think they don't matter as a whole.

"Humans want to matter" is an incredible insight, I think. Thanks for the food for thought.

Your username is relevant to this


Shut up special snowflake motherfucking flaming faggot.


I'm honestly impressed.


I am 11% of the subscriber base!

Great idea. I'd rather that too.

Lol. Everything is leaked these days.. people don’t just look hard enough for things

Is there not a torrent tracker for text books?

I'd rather have epub or mobi formats.

Still better than paying for it

Yep, quite. That's why we gather in this sub every single day.

Weekly maybe

epub or mobi formats

What are they used for?

Yes, I personally use them in a Kindle Paperwhite. Epub, mobi, azw3 and kfx formats are better read in an e-reader, while pdfs aren't properly displayed. Sometimes it's hard to find PDFs, but it's harder to find epubs, mobi and so on.

Ah I see. I don't have a Kindle, or e reader. I got a desktop, laptop, and an android phone. Which I don't do a lot of reading on my phone.

Can you even get something in a azw3/kfx format without drm, though?

Yes! You can make an account with Overdrive and register your library account with it to borrow books on your Kindle.

When you borrow a book, you're given a link to send it to your Kindle. The link actually goes to Amazon.

Once you've sent the book to your Kindle, that copy has DRM on it. But if you go to your Amazon account under Content and Devices and find the book you've borrowed, there's an option to download and transfer via USB. when you select this option, it gives you an .azw3 files without drm that you can keep.

Huh, good to know! I've been using Calibre to scrape the DRM from the .azw3/kfx books I've been required to purchase for some of my classes, but I'm glad to hear of this option.

Same dude! I've used calibre for that!

Didn't know about this! I'll save this answer, thanks!

If you've never used them, give them a try. They're gamechangers.

There are apps on phones and PCs that let you read these formats. On Android I use Moon+ Reader Pro, but the free version is really good as well.

Thanks I will give it a try. I don't really use my phone to read. I usually use a laptop, or desktop, or physical book.

Calibre is a good one for PC. And if you're on Windows 10, there's Freda on the app store which is pretty good.


Thank you!

Tbf, the world of textbook piracy is severely lacking

If you can't find what book your looking for, better try searching in deepweb. Rare and expensive books have digital copy there.

More specifically?

If only we have sources from there

Details please?

Aaron Swartz the founder of Reddit tried that. They were gonna sentnace him to 77 years for it and he committed suicide in prison.


He killed himself BEFORE going to prison

It’s been a while

Don’t lie. They were going to give him a 6 month plea deal which he REJECTED, and then he killed himself.

My college required that you proved you bought the book.

In fact, for my English 1 class, she made us buy a $125 book that we opened once, for her to show us the table if contents. She Co wrote the book.

What pisses me off more about that is that unless you live on a different planet then I do, someone in the class likely complained to her boss and still nothing was done. People in my old classes loved to complain so I can’t imagine no one in yours did.


Usually those kind of teachers have bad reviews online

It's so infuriating that this isn't illegal.

(Please, someone tell me it's illegal so these assholes can start facing some consequences)

I think this is the one instance I’m glad the people who write the book receive fuck all money from sales.

It was partially self published and only sold at our school, so she made bank.

Oh that makes it extra grating

What would happen if you just didn't buy the book? I'm going to college in the not so distant future and i'm genuinely curious how much bullshit I can dodge

My school had a two week window where you had the opportunity to switch classes at will (if you got a schedule mix up, if you decided the class wasn't for you, ect). If you didn't meet all the requirements (buying supplies required, i.e. the books) you would be dropped from the class.

She had to have us come to the front, show our books, and sign in a little ledger acknowledging that we bought it and proved it, along with a book number (so you couldn't hand it off to a friend and share a book)

Thanks for the quick reply! That seems super scummy and surely there should be some laws against that.

Colleges are privately run businesss. They can pretty much do whatever they want, and charge whatever they want.

My college required that you proved you bought the book.

What college?

that can't be real

You must not have been anywhere near a college campus the last couple decades.

sorry i forgot the /s

I have. None required proof of purchase.

Good luck finding a self published book used for one class at one school online. Again, sounds like you havent really been to college, or at least not one where professors are actually writing their own books, which is very, very, very common.

You forgot to switch back to your main before commenting so Im guessing you may not have paid enough attention to even know.

Meanwhile, I notice you didn’t name your school. Could it be that you’re full of shit, just like the poster of the parent comment?

You forgot to switch back to your main before commenting

Sounds like you’re projecting. I don’t hide behind alt accounts, as my comment history shows.

A professor at our university wrote the main book we used during our studies of a course, and she put it as a pdf version for free on the course page for anyone to download, of course everyone could print it for a cheap price if they wanted to

Good professor

What a piece of shit

I blame OP for not dropping the class. She didn't make them do anything.

what if its required and she's the only one who taught it?

English classes are usually required for all students and universities would thus offer multiple sections to account for all students. Unless he went to tiny college which is unlikely since the professor co-wrote a published book.

For profit education is a scam

New age racketeering.

Bruh, which college did you go to? I need to get it off my list ASAP

Serious question... if you could prove a situation like this, could you sue?

This should be illegal

And this is why these days most of the STEM employees come from out of the country. The U.S. is a joke.

Not that I'd ever ask who that shitty teacher was, but separately, who were the authors of this book?

Omg the 💢, I cant understand those people

They want book sales...

I understand but using their place to gain extra sales makes you think that they dont care about teaching,but money

Welcome to american college

Not just America, at least you don't have to literally pay the teacher (true story)

Why not both? Teaching and wanting money aren’t mutually exclusive... I’m not agreeing with this kind of behavior, just saying

I understand what you mean, but we really see a lot of those models

I mean, some people see money and it can change a person.

Let me ask this...

If I said, you could write a book, and thousands of people will buy your book making you a bunch of money. Would you take the offer? Yes. But if I said you had to force people to buy your book, then you would reconsider. Money can be greater then other people's morals. We see this in many areas of life. Teaching doesn't always pay well enough, and being able to make any extra money could push you to this point.

Unfortunately yes,but most college students can't afford these textbook let alone more than one Thats why I'm with piracy because sharing those textbooks make it a bit easier I wish if those teachers would have a little compassion

As a pure blooded American. I'm so proud.

And not only english books

Google "textbook name".pdf << Works most of the time.

There is even one site that books with quizzes in them have all the answers, but I'd have to do some digging to find that site again.

They aren't very difficult to find.

I graduated college in 2006 and had pirated all of my books for the previous 4 years. Is that not readily available for students these days?

Totally depends on the subject.

Apparently protesting on reddit is easier than searching it.

I had to take a general education chemistry class where you had to buy textbooks new. That's because they have access codes that are required to complete the homework.

In a lot of cases, the teachers are being forced into this too - we don't want to fuck around with this either, we know how much it costs!

If I may ask, who's doing the forcing?

School administration in my case. I don't know why or from how high up the chain, but since I heard other teachers unhappy about it as well, it may have been fairly high up the administration.

Don't know if it was some kickback deal from the store either, as the store was independently operated from the school even though it was the "official" campus bookstore. All I know is we were told in a department meeting, this is what you MUST DO and no other options.

I don't teach there anymore on religious grounds. They thought they were god and I disagreed.

The true nature and beauty of Piracy.


Why not both

To bad some of them want access codes that are one time use. Bastards

People that pirate textbooks and books do you print out the pages or just use it to read on a pc/laptop/phone?

Asking bcus I hate reading from a screen

Not a college student (yet), but I've used Kindle a lot, and am currently using it to work through a programming textbook. Try that if possible.

I get em printed, because that is dirt cheap here.

Read on my tablet.

I got all my textbooks from torrenting...?

I checked the books out of the library from a neighboring uni and scanned the whole thing The books all together cost about 300bucks.

When I was doing my undergrad I remember a friend from 2 years ahead of me asked me if I knew about the "secret Russian website" where you can get free PDFs of textbooks? I lol'd at the obvious joke but it was no joke. I must have downloaded at least at least 100 textbooks. I wish it was still around it it did get shut down however there are many still out there. They tend to be hosted in countries where either they don't give af a out western copyrights (like china) or places where they just can't afford even the reduced prices because of lack of funding for higher education (Russia).

Russians are great. They host cs books on github lol

They also have many music piracy websites. 320kbps. Not those shitty 64kbps YouTube converted versions. Good people.

But it won't have a fun name like The Fappening and the government believes IP is more important than ill begotten nudes.

Pls somebody make person and McGraw hill cracks for textbook homework registration. I’m tired of paying $100 to be able to do my homework, now that I’m taking higher level courses our books are either unnecessary or readily available as is. I get why you’d want to make grading homework easier on professors but I shouldn’t have to pay money for the ability pass a class I’m already paying for, that just sounds like a bribe.

Some of their courses have discount versions that do not include the book.

In which case you’re literally only paying to be able to do homework.

Meh, better to get fucked half way than all the way. Plus, sometimes they try to lure you into the full mode with a trial, so you use that time to print out all the bonus content (aka book) into pdfs.

I just photocopied my textbooks from people in the class. Cost like 20$

What I want is leaked photos of cosplayers from their Patreon.

why not both?

Yeah, this already happens constantly and has been for years.

I had one lecturer in college who said we needed a particular textbook and he said it would cost a lot but we could probably find a copy on a certain "bay" wink wink nudge nudge

A true educator

When I was teaching, we were specifically forbidden from telling the students they could get the books from ANY other source beyond the campus bookstore - where the book for my class wasn't even in stock and they didn't have a clue when it might be.

I decided to be VERY accurate in my information, I described in the syllabus the exact correct version with barcode and and ISBN numbers for the one they should get at the bookstore, and also listed that the previous versions would not be correct "as some of the pages are not in the same places" and just left it at that.

In class, I told them that I gave them enough information to find the right book, in whatever rainforest they happened to find themselves in.

Some people just want to watch the world learn.

Why can’t we do both?!

Yes, but only one of these things are priceless.

Por que no los dos? :/

When I was at UT I spent no joke over a thousand dollars a year on textbooks. At least until I discovered the joys of VPN technology

Fuck off with your prosper future guaranteeing ideas

Textbooks are harder to masturbate to.

The Educationing

libgenio is love

libgenio is life

The way of the pirate. he has yet to master

Why not both?

Now hold up. Introduction to psychology will stay with you for a few months. But a jpg of Jennifer Lawrence's butthole will last you a life time.

Did her photos get leaked too?

Got link?

Did her nudes get leaked?

I was looking for a textbook but I couldnt find it.

Did you try library genesis? It hasn't failed me for textbooks yet.

Good shit

Why not both?

That’s already happened, NEXT!

Jennifer Lawrence would be a scholar.

My school basically forces us to spend like 150 or 200. 200 if you buy the book and 150 If you want to do the online hw with online access to the ebook. Soooo... this sucks ass for me.

I’m taking college courses where the books are almost as expensive as the course itself. So you THINK the program’s going to cost you X amount, but you haven’t factored in the books!

cough b-ok cough ....

... hack-hack sci - hub hack-hack ....

If that happened, legislators would suddenly care about a leak...

Y'all need that Molecular Cell Biology 7th edition?

people have been scanning books since scanners were invented

The struggle is real.

Why not both? has a lot of textbooks.

Wow impressive. I searched Managerial accounting tools for business and forums the 5th and 6th edition. Do you know of anywhere else I could search? I am looking for the 7th edition.

Unfortunately not. If I can't find a textbook there, I just scour Google for it. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I don't.

I really appreciate it!

Aaron Swartz died for this

Why not both?

And cool artbooks too. I’m looking for ‘the art and soul of blade runner 2049’

Economics majors will point out that you functionally paid $250 for some celebrity nudes


You can't masturbated to a textbook...

Someone got arrested and end up killing himself for that. I don't know anybody getting into such trouble for celebrity pics.

Just in case any students are unaware, the Amazon de-DRM method from the megathread comes in clutch if you can't find your book anywhere online (even libgen). Worked perfectly for me for a discrete math course I'm currently taking. Uploaded to libgen too

How how

It's stickied in the megathread

Mega subreddit died long ago.

I meant the mega thread stickied to this subreddit...right on the front page..

Can't seem to find it. Can you give the direct link

You mean renting a book from kindle? I'm not sure if that'd work with all the books.

Just read the guide. Sometimes renting works but, in my case, I had to buy the book, strip the DRM, create pdf copy, then return it for a full refund.

Won't they get suspecious or something when you return every purchased book using the same account?

That's why you have to make your account seem less suspicious. Download free kibdle books or use a different account altogether

So, you basically make a new account to get a paid book for free and as far as I'm concerned you need a unique phone number for each Amazon account.

Go pay for your book like a regular customer then. You make it sound like it's some sort of impossible mission. I only did it this time and it worked for me. Not like I'm going to he doing it 24/7

Then don't mislead people by telling them these stupid methods that don't even work in the first place lmao.

I'm not misleading anyone. This method is on the fucking megathread for fuck's sake lmao. Yeah man all the mods on this sub and all the hundreds of other people that have used this method are out to fool you and are obviously full of shit. You must be trolling at this point so this conversation ends here. Have fun paying for your books

Does it work for every book?


Check the mega thread stickied to this subreddit


Already been happening.

I need to buy a $250 accounting book and I would really appreciate that.

Anyone know where I can find Managerial accounting tools for business 7th edition? Figured I’d ask...

Aaron Shwarts man, and to have lost him.

Nah, fam. Epub

On a related note, FUCK schools that make you pay money for an access code to online quizzes or schoolwork. Universities should make that shit illegal and mandate that anything required for the grade not cost extra money

Thanks 🙏🏽

Too bad most need access code now for some bullshit online section

I'm disappointed how hard it is to pirate books. It's like people don't even bother scanning books.

where do I find magazines?

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Instruction manual as well


*Cracks open geometry book* Let's see those tan lines, baby

Looks like you need a spelling textbook


Cracks open an AI textbook Yeah use that ReLU Activation, Do that Gradient Decent, Yeah Baby

Still better than paying for it

I just fixed the settings. I wish I hadn't lol

epub or mobi formats

What are they used for?

Some times its the only course and isnt offered again untill fall of 2019

It’s been a while

I don't know what you mean by "you guys"...but you've got another one of your brigade team on the case! Curious how suddenly I've got people scouring my post history to try and make me look bad because they're angry that I got internet points.


LOL I’m in engineering, not joining a course isn’t a thing

Not just America, at least you don't have to literally pay the teacher (true story)

Thank you!

I really appreciate it!

I did this and found 80%+ of the books I was looking for, idk why people don't just try this first instead of asking "Where do I find x?"

Just read the guide. Sometimes renting works but, in my case, I had to buy the book, strip the DRM, create pdf copy, then return it for a full refund.

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That's why you have to make your account seem less suspicious. Download free kibdle books or use a different account altogether

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