TIL Madonna leaked a fake version of her album to pirates where every song was a loop of her saying "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" In response, a hacker posted the real album on her own site for everyone to download with the message: "This is what the fuck I think I'm doing."

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Perfectly balanced.

Very subtle Thanos reference, dude! Glad my high IQ could catch it! Upvotes!

Not gonna lie, this is brilliant.

as all things should be

This is balanced.

Expected has +5 and unexpected -5.

I did my part

Perfectly balanced

Even better seeing as how Madonna looks like Marvel's Death, the original reason for Thanos killing half the universe.

Jerking off to your voice

It feels like I'm playing a fallout game listening to that

This is what the fuck I think I’m doing. <Attack.>

I'm strangly aroused.

Just waiting for someone to reply to this with the whole album.

Here it is.

The whole discography of her in FLAC.

Rule 3?

You'd think she'd have learned not to fuck with people, living in Pontiac.

Yet she called her hometown people "basic, provincial-thinking people". Seriously.

To be fair that's like a top 10% insult.

I grew up in the same town she did, and I get where she's coming from. But I would never apply that label to the whole state.

Good job Pirate! I salute you!

He's my hero from now on.

Fly that Flag!

Thank you

Hail Hydra!

Ever heard of the saying "Mess with the bull you'll get the horns"? Well obviously Madonna skipped that and tried to mess with the internet and unlike that bull the internet don't play around.

r/thebullwins (nsfw)

Ouch one of the first posts there has a guy that had part of his scalp knocked off.

I'm pretty sure I've seen a video of her taking a bull, so she can handle a little roughness


Yeah please OP, suddenly a video of Madonna talking to a bull is all i wanna see.

I ain't even playin.

What the fuck do think you are?

"Mess with the bull you'll get the horns"

"Mess with the bull you'll get the Wang"

Shadow warrior ?


Who else was expecting a "Hackers" reference?

"Mess with the best, die like the rest"

Hack the planet!


You can't milk those!

That's where you're wrong, kiddo!

I have nipples. Can you milk me, Greg?

You belong in a museum!



You can't milk a bull either

I can milk these tits


hah what a stupid old whore



Managed to break into Madonna.com to edit page content and upload the whole album? Why is that not hacking?

Oh the way the headline was written I thought someone Uploaded the Album to her own shitty Ass Wordpress blog

"Oh, I only read the headline and assumed the rest."

Lol maybe read the article next time, Einstein

Why? Everything is explained in the headline, There is literally No reason to read the article If the headline wouldnt be objectivly wrong

Obviously not if you misinterpreted what happened from only reading the headline lol

The thing is: im not misinterpreting anything. The headline is just wrong

Nah, they actually hacked into the site itself. Here's a picture of it

I had trouble with the wording as well. The pronoun relates to the most recent person in the sentence so the "her" would be referring to the hacker.

What was her answer to that?

Probably "Well, shit."

"I was raped"

Someone has good sense of humor. I'm not talking about Madonna.

What was her answer to that?

Kind of off topic but funny, Madonna straight up stole a girl I knows picture, crudely pasted her face over it and photoshopped a tie around her neck and posted it to her instagram to pass off as her own.

She's stolen a lot of her music so I'm not surprised. Like more than any artist.

Lmfao not even close try again though.

What a fantastic rebuttal you have completely changed my mind

Even Coldplay?

Coldplay steals music? Got a source from where I could read about it?

Most famous is Viva La Vida copying the main riff from Joe Satriani - If I could fly.
Satriani sued them. The case was likely settled, but details are not released.

Interesting enough, there were other artists in on that one. Make your own call.

I thought there were other instances aren't as solid.

It looks like Madonna, in this case, does have a worse record of plagiarism.

As a fun addition, check it where one of my favorite albums came from. Granted, sampling isn't the same as plagiarizing.

Led Zeppelin shirks into a corner

Pic or it didn't happen

I've got the photoshopped pic. Let me find the original real quick so I can do a side by side

This I gotta see

I definitely believe you just wanted to say that before you prove it

I'm here in case we have to go to court...

Lol bro "let me find the original real quick" is the oldest trick in the book

LoL bRo "LeT mE fInD tHe OrIgInAl ReAl QuIcK" iS tHe OlDeSt TrIcK iN tHe BoOk

Yeah but he delivered.

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It happened a while back so it took me a hot minute to find the original photo but the picture on the right is what was posted to Madonnas instagram.

The link is broken?

Good lord that photoshop is atrocious, no way she would have gotten away with that today

Omg op delivered! Bless you op!

Not really. If he had posted a link to the Instagram then yes. This doesn’t prove anything

Hey wait, you’re right!

Breaking news:

OP is ... still a faggot folks, yes, this just in, OP confirmed, still a faggot.

You know, I made that joke on r/pcgaming and some retard mods removed my comment because I was being "offensive" or whatever. It's ridiculous.

Oh, Now I really wanna know what the joke said :(

Bundle of sticks were involved. I'm afraid to say it now lest my comment is removed.

I mean, this comment is pretty low in a thread, I doubt the mods care, and even less so because of its placement.

I knew it! I always suspected it since the day I woke up to him giving me head!

It was on FB not Insta. I thought it was Insta, I can link the Facebook post if you'd like.

Did the person you know say "what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Please do!

imagine the feeling when a celebrity is trying to be you.

dead link in my case

I fixed it. Try it again.

That you did

The bow look so fake I don't even understand how she could post something this bad. She has tons of money and relations to get good pics taken but still needs to steal someone else's creativity to make a "good" photo. Someone should hack her insta, she deserve it.

I dont know if she made it herself or if it was made by someone and she just reposted onto her insta but still, hella whack.

Someone else made it, she reposted.

It'd be funny if "someone else" was OP's friend, in the picture.

Is it possible for you to give the original source?

No, but it's on her instagram somewhere, I remember seeing it. She reposts fan stuff like this a lot.

I just looked up that "bessnyc4" person, and, it turns out that he was a "collage artist", who was copy-and-pasting celebrity photos on top of different original photos. Then, like you said, Madonna reposted it, but, didn't credit the original artist(s).

@bessnyc4 - "collage artist", copy-and-pastes celebrity photos on other original photos.

Madonna reposted, and, then, the fuss began.

Maybe she reposted because she liked it? Doesn't mean she's trying to rip anyone, rather she likes that she has fans that do creative things with her pics

still needs to steal someone else's creativity to make a "good" photo.

She also had to steal a younger woman's physique.

She does that nightly during "feeding time."

It's either meant to be sort of like collage art or it really is that bad. It's hard to tell lol

she stole the body not the pic

And the hair. And the pepsi. And my axe.

I mean, even the bangs from the original are cut and rotated onto the shopped version, badly at that.

Sheesh. And the photoshop is lousy aswell

The top of the hair is way wrong


Holy fuck "crudely" doesn't even begin to describe it! It might as well have been done in MS paint lol fucking hell.

Is the instagram link still up? or did Madonna take it down?

I just realized it was on FB not instagram. I have the direct link to the post, I can post that or tell ya what to Google to find it. I cant remember what the subs rules on direct links are

OP delivered!

Not what I was expecting but definitely super weird of her to do that.

How do you know OP didn’t do it just now?

You see that there's a link too Madonna's Facebook page there, right?

There wasn't a link when I posted

I'm very trusting.

Now to let this go viral and shame Madonna. Shame! 🔔

Shame! 🛎

Shame! 🔔

what was the original photo used for?

usually dumb rich people like this do all sorts of photoshoots, and the stylists/photographers are ones who come up with the idea of how the image should look and probably are responsible for ripping off your friends photo.

stay off pinterst is my advice.

this photoshop is so incredibly bad it's hard to believe she thought she was fooling people

Tbf this dinausaur wouldn't be able to boot up a computer, but yes that's fucking shameless from her pr team or whatever..

Can we copystrike Madonna?

You know the lead singer of revolt?

Kay? Yeah, shes a total sweet heart. Her and Revolt would crash at my place whenever they came through town.

It’s likely a fan edit, she has a habit of posting terrible ones

Serves her right. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

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Sweet! Subscribed, thanks!

I just realized this happened in 2003

Dang, I thought it happened like yesterday or something.

Yeah I remember this from almost Napster level days. Shit was LONG ago.

yeah that was my thought too... Why TF is this being reported now?

Just old pirates telling Sea stories to new pirates.

The good old tales of the caribbean.

It was on a bigger subreddit and got big cause everyone likes to circlejerk hate on Madonna. They've been doing it for decades.

OP is a moron.

Because, as a younger pirate, it’s nice to hear grandpa’s stories every now and then


An owl ?

An Arctic tern?


Your mom

Spindly grandma doesn't understand technology.

It was 15 years ago.

So she'd have been around 70 then.

Is this a joke or just misogyny?

You mentioned the word 'joke'. Chuck Norris doesn't joke. Here is a fact about Chuck Norris:

Chuck Norris can't test for equality because he has no equal.

Bad bot

Ageism actually. ;)

She isn't even 60 yet... She was in her 40's when this album came out. But this same "She's old" joke has been around since the 80s.

Her music was shit anyway

Not really, Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light, Music, American Life, and Confessions on a Dance Floor were great albums.

I listen to alternative rock and heavy metal, so not for me

"I can feel a disturbance, as if as if millions of gay men suddenly cried out in terror."

I guess it balances out the awesome fashion sense.

hahaha one of my friends is gay and fucking obsessed with Madonna, like he followed her on a European tour and having a literal shrine to her in his house. I mean she has a couple catchy songs, but I don't get it.

How do you scream with a dick in your mouth?

When Ben Folds "Leaked" his album Way To Normal, he actually spent 8 hours recording fake versions of six different songs, mixing them in with some real ones, and confusing the hell out of people stealing his album.

People were in on the joke though.

Unfortunately some of the "fake" versions were better than the real album versions. Dr Yang was one I recall being like that.

Thats wild. Creating more content to give out to get back at people stealing doesn't sound like a good use of your time.

I mean, if they like it and go to your show, is it a loss?

Ben Folds is a pretty chill dude, I think he did it for the lulz more than to punish anyone. Indeed, it probably brought more attention to an album that was possibly his weakest - and I say that as a fan.

You mustn’t call it it stealing in this sub. Those people were just making a copy and always repay the ‘artist’ in ‘their own way’. Don’t you realise that ‘artists’ make more than 100% profit from ‘Merch’ these days. That’s why when you see a pirate he’ll be wearing an official tour t shirt of every band whose discography he downloaded (FLAC or GTFO). Don’t you know that pirates actually spend MORE than anyone else on media (according to a bogus ‘study’ from 2001). Other excuses exist.

You want to steal my music? Fine, then I'll create fake music that is actually better than the real one. See how you like that!


He would also perform some of the fake versions on tour.

I remember this. OG napster days.

And that's supposed to be a good thing?

I mean it's not like people wouldn't just download a better version. There can be more than one version on a pirate site.

You think someone her age knows that 😂

good, this old hag is disgusting


Hmm.. Article claims to be written on April 18th 2003, predicting events of April 19ths the same year.

If there ever existed a "rule" of the internet, number 1 would be:

• Don't call out hackers or challenge people who threaten to do something online - they may have the means to and why take the risk?

Credit me as author of that quote or i will post pictures of your cat.

tips fedora

tips opensuse

tips gentoo

btw i use arch

Lol dumb bitch


This happened over a decade ago dipshit

He probably wasn't born at that time.

That's edgy as fuck.

Ah yes I remember this well. Immediately after downloading her "what the fuck do you think you're doing" file I immediately made sure that I went out and found an actual copy of it which was easy enough to find on sites like Kazaa and winmx and my personal favorite audiogalaxy. And I made sure that every single person who wanted it got it from me. I left it up 24/7 so that everybody can get a chance to get it. Fuck off Madonna.

This is the best part about piracy, people like you. Cheers friend.

Audiogalaxy was the shiiiiiiit I was so sad when it was shut down. I probably still have some mp3s from there lol.

Did he use CCleaner to cover his tracks?

No, he wiped it with a cloth

Ahh, the days when people still cared about music piracy.

So how does the songs get leaked?

DAMN. Dont fuck with pirates.

le ebin anonalmousa haxxor

mr robot

Hahahahahahahaha i just love it!

You just got owned.

It happened 15 years ago, so not really.

It's an old memeish song, so I wasn't literal

not even the thots r safe

It also spawned this:


And hundreds of other mashups and tracks in response.

Well deserved.

That’s fucking awesome

One does not simply mess with a giant population of Internet users.

You know he had to do it to 'em.

Back when the story came out, I was at a friend's place drinking a few beers one night. It seemed like fun to download this version of the song.

I don't remember which actual song it was but whichever song it was was widely reported at the time. We found countless copies on Kazaa and WinMX and maybe a few others. We even tried to avoid duplicates by picking different bit rates and file sizes.

After hours of painful listening spread over several days, we could not find a single copy of the song with this message. (Maybe that was her evil plan all along :) )

All I've ever heard was the "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" clip on the web but never a full song. If this version of the song actually existed, it didn't spread very far.

Did any redditors actually find a copy of this song in the wild?

Got eemmm

I remember hearing about the album "leak," but not about her website getting hacked. Good shit pirate!

Madonna .... 7edge5me.

Glad they got Pay Back on Her

and that hacker's name? Albert Einstein.

When Hard Candy was "leaked" I torrented it and copied it to my iPod before heading out for a morning jog. All the songs had a nice beat, but where only 3 to 4 minute loops of short samples, it really threw me off thinking Madonna had lost it releasing such a low effort boring and repetitive album. Since then I lost all interest in her music.

You mean like all pop music?

I thought that these corporate types learned not to fuck with the community after they eviscerated HBGary

I think we can all agree that Madonna fucking sucks.

Absolute MADLAD!

Tbh why would u listen to any of her music anyways lol

I like how Fstoppers did it. They probably gained a lot of traffic on it.

What a fucking cocksucking cunt! The entitlement in her voice; brb I'm gonna download as many Madonna files I can and seed them till her fucking deathbed.

Oh my god this guy's terrible.

she's not worth the trouble

oooh snap

That is genius lol. Warez culture is really clever.

He's my hero from now on.

Thank you


An Arctic tern?

Shadow warrior ?

Someone else made it, she reposted.

@bessnyc4 - "collage artist", copy-and-pastes celebrity photos on other original photos.

Madonna reposted, and, then, the fuss began.

Bundle of sticks were involved. I'm afraid to say it now lest my comment is removed.