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Risky click of the day.



what do you mean i love having 20 random srt files in my download folder and desktop.

Subtitles can be directly included in the mp4 or mkv file. And 20 random srt files are cool too because kodi adds them automatically.

And they're super painless to add in, too. I remember finding out, back in the day, that I didn't actually have to re-encode videos with forced subtitles and it was like Christmas day! mp4box and MKVToolNix are godsends.

The zip and the extracted srt so 2 files per sub

You can use mkvtoolnix to add the subtitles to the video file then delete all those set files.

Not using plex or kodi? Pshh

seriously tho, I just installed kodi and its pretty good. how would I configure the automatic subtitles tho? are there any useful guides you could point to?

Kodi just does it automatically last time I used it. So long as the .srt files are in the same directory. If you’re talking about automatically fetching the subs I think it does that too but you have to do it for each file? Not totally sure on that and it can be a little bit of trouble because they don’t always match perfectly like the ones ripped from a blu-ray.

Correct, with the help of an addon/plugin you can download and use a sub, for the movie you are watching, with just a few clicks.

So we aren't using VLC anymore? Why didn't you guys send me the memo wtf. I hate how with VLC i have to choose the subtitle location everytime, does Kodi do that?

When I chromecast off my phone, VLC goes straight stupid with the subtitles. I had to work around that by casting my phone screen, which sucked ass.

So I switched to Plex. Problem solved.

I still use VLC or smplayer, back when I had a media center I used Kodi. But for desktop stuff it doesn’t always play nice with games running at the same time.

vlc does it auto for me

On my HTPC, I use kodi, but on my desktop and laptop, I use smplayer. I haven't used VLC in almost a decade (although, I'll check it out occasionally). I've always been happy with smplayer and it loads my subtitles when I play a video (but I may have configured it to automatically load subtitles in the folder... VLC might have something similar).

Media player classic can auto download subs and you can press the D key to browse an online database to download and use. I wish there was a way to say "use these subs from now on" but beyond that it's a pretty nice experience.

I need subtitles in french. Audio files in french would be awesome too but those sre really hard to find

Also vlc plays the next vid of you're watching a series

Kodi can do this too, with a plugin.

Also vlc plays the next vid of you're watching a series

Is this a configuration thing? This works if I drag a folder of shows to VLC, but otherwise I have to drag the next episode every time. It's my most-wanted feature: play next episode. How can I make it automatic, please?

No, just put the subtitle in the same folder as the movie and kodi will use it.

(Sub needs to have some name as movie)

I use this guide (option 2) to install the plugin/add on. Once its installed, when your watching the movie, it only takes a couple of clicks to download the sub.

You didn't actually link anything.

Sorry dude link now added

I have Kodi and plex on my firestick but have no idea how to play my downloaded movies from my MacBook.

Never used a firestick before tbh, if the plex server is registered you can just go to and login. From there you can stream from your connected servers.

hmm i'll give it a try. I just plug my laptop directly into my tv which is fine...but i'd rather just stream straight to the tv if i can.

You'll need a chromecast or something for that :)

look at mr fancy pants over here. i convert all my files to 480p .wmv files and play them with windows media player on my win xp machine.

hot damn

This hurts my soul.

.mkv for life

I can’t get .mkv files to stream properly. So everything being in this format is a hassle for me as I have to covert them to .mp4.

Except when you get an .mkv with no subs included.


Download the subs then add them using mkvtoolnix. Only hard part is sometimes you have to try a few subtitle files to find one that lines up with the audio in your particular version of the video.

Nah just do mp4 plain and simple. Plus many or most mkvs don't even work when transferred to usb and put into on my tv, whereas all mp4's work.

You just need to reform your USB sometimes to accept larger file sizes and then just use a program that accepts MKV (like VLC)

I mean plugging the usb directly into the tv slot, or even using an external blu ray player the result was the same iirc. Iirc it'd still work even if high file size of an mp4. I'm sure i read somewhere that mp4 is more compatible in general than mkv.

Btw just realized i only called it a usb, if you or anyone didn't know what i mean then usb stick, pendrive, little flash drive.

USB drives usually are formatted with FAT32, which has a 4GB file size limit. Reformat to NTFS and you’re good.

And yes MKV is far less supported, but if you have the right program it will run wonderfully

Thanks i'll check out that.

This and can we move to x265? If you actually take time to compress the file properly instead of doing it at max speed you an save a ton of space with really good quality.

Lets use it for now, but understand that AV1 is the future.

It probably is. But widespread hardware support will take many years.

Not horribly long. Now that the bitstream is frozen, hardware manufacturers can implement it, and Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Qualcomm are all part of AOMedia.

Yep. But how long will it take before the vast majority of devices in peoples homes have hardware support for AV1?

Not horribly long. Most people replace their phones every two years. Most x86 computers can reasonably do it in software immediately. The place that may be sticky are smart TVs and boxes like the Nvidia Shield, but I don't see that as a big deal since everyone is on board with av1. They're not going to be apt to go from HEVC much longer, especially since a lot of them already use VP9.

Yes please, mkv’s are fucking massive :(

Nitpick: MKV is a container format. The size of the file will depend on how the ripper chooses to encode the video (and audio, but that's a drop in the bucket).

An MKV file can contain video in a modern format like h.264 or h.265, or an old format like MPEG-2 or Xvid.


From what I’ve seen ~20m episodes all tend to be a few hundred megabytes, and movies are all a few gigs each

I figured the slow x265 adoption rate was due to players still not being compatible with it, thus everyone sticking to x264.

You can get decent file sizes with h.264, you just need to encode a lot slower and people don’t like to do that. h.265 has great quality/size at low bitrates but it’s diminishing returns as you go higher.

Another common practice is to use GPU hardware encoding, which is super fast and doesn’t stress your hardware but you can’t tune every little option like you can with a CPU encoder. This means that quality usually suffers.

I've tested both, and I agree with you on both parts. People's x264 could be better if they went slower alone, but going from x264 to x265 I saw pretty big savings around 40% with no quality difference.

I also have a lot of cores to throw at the problem though and it doesn't bother me if it takes hours.

I’ve done a lot of re-encoding of my library. I have a i5-8600k overclocked to 5Ghz so I can chew though movies fairly quick. I’ve recently stopped though, hard drive space is becoming so cheap I have no need to. I got a 2TB Segate for $40 on an Amazon Warehouse deal. If I run out of space I’ll start re-encoding again but that won’t happen anytime soon.

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I've had issues using .mkv files with Plex. Sometimes it works in full screen 1080, other times it's super super widescreen. Is it something I'm doing or is that some kind of interaction with .mkvs and Plex?

It's the movies, most movies are recorded in 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 which means they are wide-screen, and won't be full screen on your 16:9=1.77:1 screen.

Yeah but if I put it on a flash drive and play it from that on the tv it looks normal

Maybe your TV is stretching the picture

Yeah that ain't plex

what about those who download torrents with korean subs ?

The classic Korean sub low quality torrent

I've been desperate at times

What about the jerks who post torrents without the hard-coded subs? Boo to them.

I watched the entirety of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and got about 15 minutes into Dawn of the Planet of the Apes before I realized there was supposed to be subtitles for the apes signing.

Man, did I feel dumb.

You're not alone.

I, too, did this.

hardcoded? are you satan?

I think the term is technically forced, but it's all the same to me.

no hardcoded can be turned off forced are good for non English parts

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I think he means in situations where the subtitles are a part of the movie and not optional. Like the subtitles in Inglourious Basterds when they speak French or German. Not just hardcoded English subs for when they speak English.

Ok that’s annoying though because not everyone wants them hardcoded in English if they’re using subs for a different language. Just enable the forced subtitles while you’re watching it and you’re fine. No need to hardcode them.

I guess. Maybe it was a poor example, I don't know, there are situation where the subtitles feel like a part of the movie. To me, removing hardcoded subtitles like that feels like you're tampering with the intentions of the director.

Like, the hardcoded subtitles in Inglourious Basterds provide a specific translation of the dialogue; and the subtitles we see are the lines from the actual script Tarantino wrote. When you remove them and replace them with a French/German to <your language> set of subtitles you are quite literally cutting something that was placed in the movie intentionally out of it and putting other people's words there instead. Not to mention the aesthetics of the hardcoded subs, the way they look cannot be replicate with whatever sub format and font your media player uses.

It just feels like instead of adding something to help get the message across, you are taking something away and providing a lesser version instead.

Ok, but what use are those hardcoded English subs to somebody who doesn't speak English?

I'm just saying it doesn't feel right to me. I'm all for movies having foreign language subtitles so people can watch even if they don't understand any English, but I just don't think the existence of those subtitles should ever in any way affect the "original" product, as it where. I'm not English, and I have seen Inglourious Basterds on TV in my country. The subtitles in my language just appears at the bottom, below the hardcoded ones. Didn't seem particularly intrusive, nothing about the original movie was changed, and everybody got all the information they wanted.

Another example; those establishing shots in classic action/thriller movies where you hear the ticking of typewriting and the words "New York, 1984" (or whatever) appear on the screen letter-by-letter in a digital-style font to the sound of the typewriting. I have seen movies on TV in non-English countries where those words are removed and replaced with the normal subtitles that appear in the rest of the movie (often pointlessly, without translation because New York is the same in most languages, but I digress). A completely different look, even a different location on the screen, and it no longer matches the sound of typewriting - which at that point just sounds like a mistake, a misplaced sound effect that doesn't belong. Is that right? To me it's the same thing. The stuff that was hardcoded when the movie was shown in theatres in the country of origin are just as much a part of the movie as anything else, and when you remove or alter that then the experience is no longer the same. If you want that, then that's completely fine; but not if you wanting it means other people can no longer enjoy it untampered with, IMO.

I guess their point is that it's like any writing in a movie that's not subtitles. Like, you wouldn't expect them to blur out signs and have subtitles identify on-screen text in any other situation, so if a director added the subs- then they should probably be included. If a translation to another language is needed, there's generally space above or below where they can be shown in addition to the hard coded subs.

The issue with that is that normal English subs are often made with the hard-coded subs in mind, so they don't include those parts. In a case like that, you simply don't have any subs for those parts then.

That’s not true

What's not true? I've had this happen with Game of Thrones. Dothraki is often not translated in subs, because the original TV rips had hardcoded subs for it.

That’s because you didn’t get the correct subs - the person who ripped it was sloppy and didn’t include it and/or you just didn’t look for them. The Blu-rays include them as a separate forced track.

Sure, I'm not saying it's some unsolvable riddle, I'm just saying it happens and when it happens to you at the moment you're already watching the show, it's infuriating.

I mean, sometimes it makes sense. I had an Avatar movie that didn't have hardcoded subs for the parts where they're speaking an imaginary language that was made up by James Cameron.

Yeah, happened to me with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I just sat there like I knew what was going on.

I downloaded the godfather part 2. No subtitles, even for the large amount of Italian in the film. So there I am for 3 hours reading a translation of the script line by line while trying to focus on DeNiros acting. I felt like a fucking idiot.

I’m surprised, especially in GoT where the foreign languages are not even real, that the translation subtitles are not hard coded onto the film already.

That's done on BDs so people who watch with foreign subs haven't had an overlap between hard-coded English subs and soft subs for their language.

"this is fine"

I found some game of thrones torrents that is the best quality I've ever seen, even better than on TV, and it didn't include the subtitles for the dothraki/valyrian. Nothing pisses me off more. Am I expected to just understand a made up language?

Blu Ray rips

Can you expand on what you mean by that?

The Blu Rays for GOT don't have the subtitles hard coded so that they can put non-English subs in for other language settings. That's why it was super high quality but no subs. It's a common thing to run into when downloading GOT.

I've downloaded blu rays before though and it wasn't nearly as good. maybe something in the name explains why it was so much better?


They might have been 720p instead of 1080

This is why you should have a native dothraki speaker around to translate for you.

I pulled up dothraki on my phone for GoT. Some website had all of the parts translated for each episode.

Web-dls have it, but BRRips don't

my bad, I meant I didn't have subtitles on whatever release sonarr grabbed so I found a website that had all of the dothrakii typed up on a page for each episode.

what about the assholes who don't leave clean subtitles!

I love subs. Even more so, I've recently got back into using Kodi with a couple of decent addons and RealDebrid which, in itself, is awesome. Adding OpenSubtitles and Subscene to Kodi to be able to download subs on the fly is phenomenal. Seriously, we can pay for all of these services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime), but none of them come close to what we can actually get.

Spanish girlfriend. Totally agree

People who put korean subtitles on the movie layer have really disappointed their parents.

Well, hard not to dissapoint Korean parents.

Hardcore HardKor's.

This meme makes no sense when you are aware of how much of a racket funeral services are.

A poor person's casket looks very different from a rich person's casket because the funeral services people will try to hawk a 100%-mahogany gold-trip casket with steel framing so that your loved one can pass to the afterlife in a way they "deserve" and they'll ask you for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for it.

Heaven forbid your corpse gets exposed to the dirt after being put into the ground. Jesus, worms or anything could be all over your lifeless form. How unsightly. That's for the poor folks clearly. /s

so what if it does tho? It's just a body at that point?

I agree.

Unless it’s hard coded chinese, then they deserve a mass grave.

I hate korsub so much, ruins the entire movie.

SEEHD used to be bad but they smartened up.

I watched a couple cropped korsub movies when they were still in US theatres when I was a more desperate man

Cropping out the subs is much worse than just leaving them there.

Yeah I watched Logan when it was only available with korsub. I still loved it.

Then wait for a better release.

My favorite is an Asian sub burned in, then the occasional necessary subtitles when a character speaks in a non-native language so you have one sub on top of the other and you can't read a damn thing.


Those are actually amazing for me. It's easier for my non-native English speaking girlfriend to read hard-coded Chinese subs while I watch for movie in English.

Do not want.

That is horrible and hiliarious at the same time

Holy shit I haven't laughed that much in a while.

Embedded in the movie as a separate track? Meh, can turn that off in VLC, or even remove it with ffmpeg.

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Where did you get that torrent?

Look up Backstroke Of The West, it's a classic meme from the early 2000s. A blogger posted a bunch of screencaps from an actual Chinese bootleg disc with Chinese-to-English-to-Chinese translated subtitles.

The KORSUB rips with subs that take 1/4 of the screen tho

And scrolling advertising for their firm, every two minutes, in Arabic or Russian.




Lost, unknown words that randomly appear in digital pirated films of the 21st century

"For your consideration" means it's a Screener.

I understand that. I was making a hieroglyph joke because no one knows what emojis or the English language is in the 50th century

oh ok

And now after getting caught in the Wikipedia black hole I'm pretty much an expert on US copyright law and the first sale doctrine. Shame I'm Aussie...

How new are you?

There's a special place in hell for "1xbet!!"

Have a little sister who's deaf, I absolutely love when pirated movies come with subtitles

You should get her bone conduction headphones

That only works with conductive hearing loss (when the problem is with conducting sound waves to the inner ear). If the problem is with the inner ear itself or with nerves, this doesn't work.

I'm old and spent five Ramones concerts in the mosh pit: I need subtitles. ;)

If they dont you can go to choose the HU subs (hearing impaired)

Look into private trackers then

I'd rather just hope for the best, good luck sis

You guys don't all have plex or kodi pointing to subscene downloading subtitles automatically? I have a missing/messed up sub maybe 1/50 downloads.

I have plex and subscene enabled, sometimes the subs are fine but the timing gets all fucked up where it's very delayed or too early. Very annoying to try to make manual corrections with AegisSub

Real talk I need a complete idiot setup guide for running a plex server off an RPI with a usb hard drive.

I’m pretty sure my RPI is set up with OSMC now, but I don’t know how to make it into a media server for the rest of my network which is what I’m trying to do. So I need to switch to Kodi?

Trust me, your RPI is NOT strong enough to run a plex server. I have tried it on both a 3 and a 3+, it just doesn't have the power. Even with overclocking, i have yet to get it to work.

If you want it streaming on your own personal lan, that is totally possible, and what i have set up. you say you are running OSMC, right? (thats what im using as well, but the steps should be the same)

1- hop on to your osmc machine, Settings -> Service Settings.

  • General -> Announce to other devices = Yes
  • Control -> All of them. If you are just running this on lan, you shouldn't need a password.
  • UPnP/DLNA -> all of them.

Got all that? Cool. Now for the rest of your machines on the lan: Phone/tablet: I use yatse. Customer service is hot garbage, but the app itself is amazing. fire it up, it will auto detect any Kodi on the lan and connect right away. couldnt be easier.

Everything else: Figure how to get Kodi running on it. When you do and go to set up where source files all located, press the UPnP or (preferably) SAMBA share, and it will allow you to see the files on your RPI running OSMC.

If you need any help feel free to PM me, setting up a media center with a RPI has been my hobby for the last couple months, and i would be happy to help.

Should be just as easy as installing the Plex server app and then configuring it using your Plex account. Plex has some real good in depth documentation on installing. Be warned, though, you're probably going to be stuck with low bitrates running on a raspberry pi and a usb stick. Not much overhead.

Guys, I've been using yify to download movies for like years now. But i recently came to know that they cut a hell load quality from the movies. Please show me the right path.

Don't choose yify?, for almost every movie there are different providers.


Is that a website?


So all i gota do is go to this site and download the desired torrent file and process it over utorrent etc?

Yeah, it's public. Don't use uTorrent it has ads and also sells your info and a buncha sus stuff. Use Transmission or qbittorrent

Thanks man!

I still use uTorrent, but make sure it's 2.2.1. It gets bad after that, like you said.

Sonarr and Radarr.

These are website names?

Sort of. You host it yourself. They index movies and TV shows, download and handle files.

There's a bit of config involved but eventually you can add shows or movies via a gui (website) and specify what the quality should be.

This is after you've configured your download client and where the program needs to look for torrents (rarbg, 1337x,zooqle,a tpb proxy) .

Wtf is this, just utorrent and piratebay, few mins done. Download easy and quick, open then watch, done.

Nothing wrong with that. For the time it took to setup was worth it. When a new episode of a show I'm watching gets released on torrents I can watch it 10 minutes later. I get a notification from my Telegram bot, open the Plex app on my phone, press cast, watch.

I'm really thankful you took a moment of your time to reply. But I'm super sorry it went above my head.

I'm new to this hosting stuff and all i knew before was that i had to download a torrent file from yify and it would process in utorrent.

'Index', 'you host it', 'configure your download client'. I'm new to these terminologies.

You pay send me a guide or tutorial sorta if its more convenient for you. Thanks again man.

Hey man no problem. I got a bit enthusiastic - when you're new to this stuff it can be intimidating. You wouldn't believe how much I fucked around in the beginning. But I do have some good resources so if you feel like giving it a try.

I assume you are on windows:

But before you start automating I recommend trying Plex first, to make sure you like it otherwise it's a waste of time lol. Installing plex ( is easy just make account, download the exe , install, and point to folder where your movies are.

Thanks a hell lot man! Really grateful for help. Will try this it all tomorrow now. Can i message you here if i wanna ask smthn?

Yeah of course. I wasn't sure if I was just throwing this all at you but if you wanna do it you can reply here or PM me and I'll do my best to help you. Whatever questions even the most basic ones I am happy to answer.

Also I dunno if I answered the original question properly but my goto public sites are,, (russian but has decent sources and for the most part english).

Again, thank you senpai!

Thanks for this, I use Plex currently but Sonarr sounds great to improve my setup. Can you set up a VPN with Sonarr so you don’t get caught by your ISP for torrenting?

Exactly what I have going!

So to clarify: Sonarr and Radarr don't do the downloading themselves, that's still handled by your torrent client (deluge, transmission, etc..). But to answer your question: yes!

My setup (I run Ubuntu server)

- I have a VPN user on operating system level

- This user is only allowed to connect with the internet using the VPN connection, he doesn't even know about the regular internet

- Deluge runs as this user

- This user is in the same group as my PleX user

- So when this user downloads it can copy the files to the correct destination and the files can be read by the Plex user

This also means that none of your other services are behind a VPN (which is fine) but your downloads are ALWAYS protected.

I can't google sources since I'm at work but I'm fairly certain you can do this on Windows too.

Good guy. This was a wholesome exchange.

XDCC and DDL websites (private trackers are a bonus as well)

Still didnt get it. Super sorry but pls can you elaborate? Like in terms of 'this is the site' etc. Thanks!

QxR especially Tigole

It’s called REMUX.


I was joking, REMUXes are uncompressed rip from blu rays. So around 30GB for normal blurays and 70GB for UHD blurays.

You probably don’t need that level of quality ;)

Lol i couldn't follow it since i got no knowledge of this other method. All i know before hand is that yify provided me with a torrent file which i would use in utorrent to download the movie. If you can, please guide me the method to download these 'normal 30gb movies'. Thanks!

Read the wiki of this sub. Use the sites from wiki to find remuxes

Got it. Thanks man!

X265 releases

snahp(dot)it and Jdownloader 2

So you download the torrent file from via jdownloader2?

they're direct downloads, but yeah you're right

Thanks man! If you got time, can you please elaborate the process or method behind downloading a movie from this site? I'm new to these methods since all i knew beforehand was yify.

jdownloader 2 is a download manager, like any torrenting app, but it's actually for normal downloads (e.g. Mega, Zippyshare, gDrive). Be careful to install it from the source as there are many scammy alternatives around.

You go to the website, you choose the movie (the quality is often specified in the name, this wiki is pretty handy in understanding they're meaning), you solve the captcha and then you copypaste all the links in Jdownloader 2. Then you'll start the download and you're done.

Mr hooligan95, I'm super grateful for your guidance! Thanks a lot man.

I include over 30 different subtitle languages in my releases.

No reason not to include them packaged into the .mkv file if they are readily available at the source. I won't go out of my way to combine a bunch of subtitles from different region Blu-ray releases but I will include whatever subs were on the original disc.

Dubbed audio tracks can go to hell though

You are the role model for my children.

So first off, thank you for your service.

I always wondered, why do people like you do it? There seems to be no incentive.

I'm not complaining just wondering why my heroes do what they do.

Seconded!! Seriously interested in an answer to this

I mean... someone should really do it. I do a lot of releases of material that no one else does. So if I didn't do it it just wouldn't be available. I also don't like my releases being 'incomplete'. So I want them to have the best audio track, video track, and every subtitle language available. Every time the scene puts out a Netflix release with only English subtitles or no subtitles at all it just feels sloppy and lazy.

I'm a big believer in content preservation. I find licensing agreements and expirations to be disgusting as well as various geographic content restrictions that are intended to shuffle normies into inferior services. Take Star Trek: Discovery for example. In the U.S., it's only available on CBS's shitty and technically inferior "All-Access" service, but it is available internationally on Netflix where it has HDR. It'll be a cold day in hell before you get HDR videos on "CBS All-Access."

I like the idea that I can always grab something from 'alternative sources' long after Netflix or Amazon's streaming license has expired.

That’s awesome. I’d like to add that eventually a lot of the more esoteric stuff will start to disappear. I’ve been inside Paramount’s vaults and the amount of pretty much forgotten content is almost unbelievable. The worst part is Fox, Universal, Warner’s and many more all have them just tucked away.

yeah, happens a lot with Bollywood movies, which are always lost to time. with only the studios having access to them. And i'm not even talking about obscure stuff.

i feel like it's sorta a duty for people like me to preserve and share this stuff.

I want you to know I consider you a hero. Truly. Like, equivalent to people who thought to make copies of texts at the Library of Alexandria. The world will be better forever for the efforts of people like you.

How do you feel about the long-term storage of things like Youtube? It's arguably one of the most important cultural artifacts of our time, I mean in even just 100 years can you imagine having access to today's Youtube library? Wouldn't you like to be able to watch the videos of people from the 1910s? What an the 1610s? Would it be possible to store such a large library for centuries?

Would it be possible to store such a large library for centuries?

Memories are getting cheaper and bigger, while video size is constant, why wouldn't it be possible? ?

Lol what? Google itself has way more storage.

google likes to delete things without any verification of copyright infringement too, empty storage does no good

Wouldn't you like to be able to watch the videos of people from the 1910s?

You can. Go download them. Silent films are just like films from today... lots of crap, but also rare gems.

The work is usually already done, you can get them from subscene and just rename the srt to the language and add it to the mkv file.

get this guy a cape pls.. again what is ur encoding name?

You might know this: Why does anyone even waste the time converting Blu-Ray subs to SRT? I've never seen a PGS->SRT conversion OCR that didn't have distracting errors. Just leave the original subtitles in the MKV. There can't possibly be some random crappy hardware player that can't handle PGS. And even if there is, leave the PGS in there and add the stupid SRT. I don't understand the point of converting PGS to VobSub either. I suppose it's for the same reason. Or some archaic scene "rule". The VobSubs are rarely embedded in the MKV either. Inception levels of retardation.

Yeah, no idea there. I always leave the PGS intact when I do remuxes. Although I certainly prefer it when I can get subs in SRT or ASS instead from a web source so I can render them in my desired resolution, font, style etc.

PGS and VobSubs are irritating because they are low resolution fixed images so you cannot customize them all. I grab the SRT subs from Amazon, NF or even iTunes WEB-DL when possible and then stick them in the Blu-ray remux, that way you don't have to deal with OCR problems by using the BD source to get srt subs. But yeah, if I can't do that then I just leave the PGS in there intact and call it a day.

That makes sense, I guess, but I've never thought PGS subtitles look bad on a 65" 4K TV. And flawless crystal-clear scalable SRTs just look weird with a low-res DVD.

One of my major gripes is SRT on Blu-rays of TV shows. It's not uncommon for credits to drag out for the first 15 minutes of an episode. The PGS subtitles will move out of the way when necessary. SRT just sits there text on text while the names of 92 producers slowly pass by. Also when there's something in-scene that you need to read. Same problem with Amazon, Netflix, etc., so apparently I'm in the minority.

Do you take requests? 🤔

Not all hero’s wear capes

Not all heroes qre the one you need

Stratogirl, sucked into a jet engine. . NO CAPES

You don't know for a fact that he isn't wearing a cape.

How are you downloading subs from Netflix?

There is no easy way to do it. And release groups generally don't share how they do it

where do you post your releases?

Where do you distribute your releases? I'm highly interested!

Can someone DM this guy? And me too? Thanks.

Rutracker has high quality standards and movies often have subs, especially now that they're included in sources.

But frankly you can just as well grab them on OpenSubs. Might need to try two or three files before finding the right timing, though.

I do use OpenSubs a lot, and with VLC I can re-sync the subs when they are not super good. But I am trying to setup everything properly with a Plex server for my grand parents to use it easily. I use a plugin that query OpenSubs and it works sometimes, but for movies I need to find a better source than iptorrents and yify. I do not speak russian for Rutracker haha But I'll check out thanks!

On private torrent sites it's pretty common to have subs done right. Admins, mods have pretty high standards for encodes.

What are the private sites for films? Are they similar in popularity to What/Waffles?

I'm on passthepopcorn. It's got 161,256 films. Lots of pure bluray rips and lots of nice encodes. A film might, on average have about 10 different encodes.

I'm on IPtorrent but there is rarely subs with it :( I am trying to get to a better tracker eventually, I just don't know which one to go next

Yeah IPtorrents sucks compared to the PTP (passthepopcorn).

Ok so this is a good one? I'll try to get an invite this summer, thanks!

Try your best, it's better to go to an easier tracker like myanonamouse and get poweruser first.

How do you get to these sites

the process is similar to joining a cult. you need an invitation from someone on the inside, interview, initiation, etc.

You've got to build up your "reputation" on other reputable trackers first, and by that I mean prove you can maintain a good ratio. Getting access to a tracker that does frequent invites or doesn't have as high of admittance requirements is a great way to do so.

I joined XSpeeds like 10 years ago, and built up my ratio there. About a year later, I found out abut Bb and used my ratio from XSpeeds during the interview process as proof that I didn't just leech and run and got accepted.

Bb used to have really active recruiting threads to the truly private trackers, and once I'd established a good ratio there, I began requesting interviews/invites in those threads. Got into GGn first, then BTN and PTP. Once you've established yourself on those three, you won't have much of a problem getting into any other tracker.

Just gotta be diligent. And if you're thinking, "Well my upload speeds suck" or "I'm always seeding but the torrent isn't that active anymore, so I don't get upload credit" that's not a problem. Most of these sites award bonus points just for seeding, which you can then trade in for upload credits and boost your ratio. I'd say 75% of my ratio on any given tracker comes solely from trading in bonus points. Plus, these bonus systems tend to award points for other activities as well (like connecting to their IRC server and just idling there).

You need an invite or go through an open signup. r/invites or /r/OpenSignups . /r/trackers is the sub for private trackers.

Are you Jesus?

I get a lot that have a different language being spoken and I can’t understand them. I want English subtitles but only when someone is speaking a language different than English. These would be regular subtitles that you would normally see in the theater. What am I doing wrong?

Those are called forced subtitle tracks (although I prefer to set the flag to 'default' instead of forced) and any proper Blu-ray remux or Netflix WEB-DL should have them when available. Amazon on the other hand usually has those parts hardsubbed into the video itself. Scene releases are usually a lot sloppier than P2P though so they often omit them. I don't really pay attention to what antics the scene gets up to as 99% of my media library originates from P2P groups.

They should be flagged as both default and forced, or at the very least labeled forced.

When they are flagged as "default," they should play on any player that has subtitles turned on as the track the player picks every time.

However when they are flagged as "forced," some shittier players take that flag literally and don't allow you to turn them off at all.

Some of us speak multiple languages so I really don't like it when I'm watching a movie and suddenly English subtitles pop up when I know that other language too and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

What players are you talking about don’t let you change the subs?

Probably DVD/Blu-ray players that support mkv files. I doubt there's many players on computers that would force that.

Awesome response, thanks! I think I need to wait longer before I archive some of my movies. I have a huge library but I have not replaced some of my videos with the latest release. It is pretty much a manual task for me at this point.

Pickybacking this thread to ask if anyone has well synced srt files for "Infernal Affairs".
Can't seem to get a good one

Try Rutracker if you can get past the language barrier, they usually have synced subs.

As a hard of hearing person thats awesome. High five.

Hahahaha I guess I am the sick version of you! Not that anyone could be more sick than you :P

Can I ask that you anwer u/Reformedjerk's comment asking on your motives? I'd really like to know why you do it.


Those dark days of video players that didn't support .srt files and if you wanted subtitles, you had to hard code them in...

Savage times.

When was it, 1998?

I just press D in mpc

I’m hearing impaired. Those people are the best people.

I like this meme. Is there still time to invest or am I late?

What's wrong with subtitles? As long as they aren't hard-coded, they are good. What's the big deal?

The meme is saying the opposite of what you think it's saying. Uploaders who include subs with their releases = gods

Oh lol. I get it now. Thanks

All I want is subtitles for non-english languages, I don't want subtitles for a language I already understand. Is that too much to ask for?

Yes. You're not entitled to anything.


Here I am deleting all my srts like a fucking monster

I do the same...but only after I've muxed the into the video container, so there's no need to keep the loose file.


My SO is not a native English speaker and I spend so much time ducking clicking around sketchy subtitle websites. These people are such a blessing.

Plex with Sub-Zero makes everything so easy

Tell me more

Use Plex to watch your media and have the sub-zero add-on installed

Opensubtitles and subscene are decent. Though I never personally visit them.

For some reason the subs that come with the movies always show up in a different style than the ones I download and add myself. I have a nice cream colored font with a light brown shadow and slightly bigger text and it’s so nice and not intrusive.

The ones that come with it are always like times new Roman and bright white. They look terrible

In MPC-HC you can set up your own subtitle style. VLC should be able to do it, too.

Yeah I have the style set, yet the subs that come with the movie never take the style, and the ones I import do

Hahahaha Amin for that 🙌🙌

Why? I can just use opensubtitles or vlc. Please stop, I hate it

Korean hardcoded only, please.

I prefer subtitles on movies, but I can't stand it when they're inaccurate. Subtitles for foreign parts are fine regardless because the point is to just get the gist of what they're saying. But when it's all in English and someone says like "It's all good, I'm OK", and the subtitle just says "It's all good" thent hat annoys me to no end. I don't want abbreviated or abridged subs just to get the point across; I use subtitles because I specifically want to be able to read exactly what they are saying.

What about people post english shows with only french audio and don't mention it in title or description and there are no other 1080p releases...

They should be buried in an old car battery...

10GB PublicHD with sample, covers, pictures of the medium, extras

no subtitles

every time

I have that exact same mummy in ny living room

Soooo am I loser for still going on piratebay and downloading my torrents on frostwire still?... i realize no one seems to do that anymore but ive been too lazy to change to something else for the past like 7 years. I still get great quality but I can never find movie files with subtitles

Qbittorent. And tpb is still good, but try rarbg, zooqle, and 1337x too.

Use XSpeeds. TPB is hot garbage that is constantly bombarded with fake releases from bots and honeypot accounts, and any legit file is almost guaranteed to have its swarm monitored by copyright watchdog companies ready to send DMCA complaints to your ISP.

XSpeeds isn't private, but it's a huge step up from TPB.

Give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you'll feed him for a lifetime.

Higher tier: People who include subtitles that only show on non-English parts.

BS Player and (I think) VLC both can search for subtitles online, and it works pretty well from my experience.

Trying to figure out what the fucking orangutan is saying in Rise of The Planet of the Apes when I don't speak sign language.

Don't forget the people who include the album cover, track numbers, lyrics, genre, artist, artists favourite cereal etc. with music! The amount of effort is admirable.

Don't the MP3s and FLACs already have metadata embedded to them in the first place (before the release group/s even got a hold of them)?

And, what do you mean, "artist's favorite cereal"? I'm sorry if I ever sound dumb, as I only stick to DeezLoader when getting high quality music.

I was using a hyperbole to emphasize the amount of info and effort they put into each song. I thought it would be funny sorry.

Well, you got me.

Raw files from Deezer contain little to none metadata, because they're not supposed to be downloable in the first place. Deezloader pulls the tag data from their API and embeds it to the files after they're downloaded. Same applies to TIDAL and Athame.

Ah, thanks for explaining. That clears up the issue with the redundant tags.

But, the case is completely opposite when it comes to iTunes, right? It's just the DRM that needs to be removed in order for it to be played by media players, hmm?

My heroes are the ones who include commentary tracks in their torrents.

I need to learn spanish so I can't watch sicario 2 for the parts that are in Spanish. for pretty much any movie/tv show in most languages.

But, still, getting the retail sub included already is always better. Additionally, some films/shows don't have ripped subtitles uploaded to Subscene or Addic7ed, so, included subs are always handy (unless the uploader messes it up).

If y'all were in PTs this would never be an issue.

Hardcoded Korean subtitles are the best subtitles

I use MPC-HC to get subtitles. You only need to type D and a few dozes show up, sorted by language.

The last update doesn't work that well for some reason, i think mine is 1.6

That's only if the subs are included in the container file, broski.

They why doesn't it work when i'm offline?

No. That’s a built-in feature of MPC variants to search The default request endpoint is; you can change it in settings.

MPC (and OpenSubtitles) uses a special size-and-file-contents based hash to link video files with respective movie titles. The hash is independent from file names, or title and UID in metadata.

This needs another box for people who burn the subtitles in.

Tried to watch A Quiet Place recently and downloaded a version without subs. It took me longer than i want to admit to put 2 and 2 together there.

I'm glad I saw this comment, I was going to watch it this weekend. Now I know to check for subs.

I think most of the half decent uploaded versions now have hard encoded english subs, i was trying to watch it while it was still in theaters

Hard encoded as in burned into the image/you can't turn them off? Or do you mean embedded in the container file?

Yeah burned into the image, that's what the version i pirated had anyways

oh, I grabbed the FraMeSToR remux so that shouldn't be an issue.

Funny, I torrented Black Panther so my parents could finally watch infinity war, and I never realized how much you need the subtitles in that movie.

Separate subtitle files (not embedded).

It doesn't even matter to me anymore ever since i've found this VLC plugin.

That + qbittorent's search = no need to even use the browser.

If it's hard coded he will burn in hell (unless he is the source)

Separeate subtitle files, excellently timed, well translated jokes, and gives proper meaning and contexts to trash yalk and slur.

Vlc extension for automatically download subs ftw


Those that include the PGS or VobSub files in the movie are Gods to me

Unless the subtitles for some reason doesn't synch with the audio

I don't understand why there isn't a larger market for subs like they did with "Nightwatch" and "Daywatch". You'd think with the popularity of r/HighQualityGIFs that the landscape for subtitle integration would change a bit, to accommodate a more artistic bent like that.

I'm going to go with an unpopular opinion here but I hate subtitles because my Samsung tv refuses to turn off subtitles by default. Any time I play an mkv (probably other formats too) with optional subtitles I have to turn them off via my tv's settings. It's clunky and annoying. I have looked it up and there is no known fix that I could find. Doesn't effect all Samsung tvs, and it happens with some other models from other brands.

That bottom one looks like a gigantic hog.

I only like forced subtitles built in. True heroes.

<3 tigole and qxr

Fuckers be slippin’ ads in the middle of torrents nowadays - pine box for them, too.

people that put SOFT subtitles in their movies


For everything I save I remove all subs and non-english languages with MKVToolNix.

Although I've never had a good experience using included subs, theyre always bad in some way. Not timed properly, wrong fps, no capital letters, or glaring grammar errors.

Massively underrated post here

As someone with a deaf boyfriend, YES.

Can we please just fucking hardcode more subs? I ended up getting a quiet place and it wasn't hardcoded for the signlanuage. Fuck that.

That's why I like FLEET , they always include subs.

My girlfriend is partially deaf and having subtitles automatically included in torrents is a lifesaver

Font changes for no reason

not using Plex and Sub-Zero



This and movies that have non-English parts with hardsubs.

I'd vote for them!

Good bless /r/megalinks and it's successor for doing this 99% of the time.

This was the biggest game changer for when I started watching Game of thrones.

Eh? Every movie has subtitles. Unless you get something that's not remux, but why would anyone do that lol?

What are you talking about? Thanks to this guys we haven't seen another master piece like Star War The third gathers: Backstroke of the West /s

Hahah FINALLY someone honors this underrated heroes of the interwebs. Thanks a bunch bros!! All the best to you :D 👏👏👏

Am i on 9gag or reddit 🤔

Yea subtitles are easily found on and it work fine.

Plex does this and 99% of the time it works perfectly.


You the real mvp

My point is they should be immortal and keep doing the good work always.

Absolutely true.

I so agree...

What about those filthy animals that upload unsynced torrents. You try to hasten or fasten the audio on VLC, but after 3 minutes it turns back at it's previous state and you realize: That bastard has uploaded a film with a different FPS than it's audio!!! DIEEEE

I'm missing a level: People who include synchronized and working subtitles with their torrents

or u use a player which downloads subtitles automatical. MPHC for example.

For people who like or need subtitles and torrent TV shows the night they come out, I found that the AMZN releases all have subtitles built in, even though they typically hit trackers a little later in the evening.

That's rather nice as the rarbg and others typically don't because the subtitles aren't ready until early morning quite often. Just in case you're not sure which one to grab.

Press D in MPCHC to download subtitles right in the player.

I'm so glad most movies and tv shows I download from rarbg does this

wtf my mum has that exact mummy thing in her room. Obviously not got a body in it but she uses it to store movies

You mad bro?

You tell me

Trump is handling him better than Obama.

Is rust not a comment you posted?

my bad, I meant I didn't have subtitles on whatever release sonarr grabbed so I found a website that had all of the dothrakii typed up on a page for each episode.

I agree.

So you're saying the AI is making you say what you don't want to say...

And scrolling advertising for their firm, every two minutes, in Arabic or Russian.

Like yeah, fuck the president but how does that excuse you harrasing that one user for completely irrelevant comments?

Look, I hate him but you're not really doing the left any favours. You're making everyone look childish which just reinforces stereotypes some people already have about democrats.


Again, thank you senpai!

I hate korsub so much, ruins the entire movie.

Ok that’s annoying though because not everyone wants them hardcoded in English if they’re using subs for a different language. Just enable the forced subtitles while you’re watching it and you’re fine. No need to hardcode them.

When they are flagged as "default," they should play on any player that has subtitles turned on as the track the player picks every time.

However when they are flagged as "forced," some shittier players take that flag literally and don't allow you to turn them off at all.

Some of us speak multiple languages so I really don't like it when I'm watching a movie and suddenly English subtitles pop up when I know that other language too and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Thanks for this, I use Plex currently but Sonarr sounds great to improve my setup. Can you set up a VPN with Sonarr so you don’t get caught by your ISP for torrenting?

Those are actually amazing for me. It's easier for my non-native English speaking girlfriend to read hard-coded Chinese subs while I watch for movie in English.


USB drives usually are formatted with FAT32, which has a 4GB file size limit. Reformat to NTFS and you’re good.

And yes MKV is far less supported, but if you have the right program it will run wonderfully

My favorite is an Asian sub burned in, then the occasional necessary subtitles when a character speaks in a non-native language so you have one sub on top of the other and you can't read a damn thing.

Sorry dude link now added

The KORSUB rips with subs that take 1/4 of the screen tho