I laughed but actually died inside...

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never seen a comment so perfectly describe my life


You are one sad, sad, strange little man.

Favourite line from the movie, hands down.

I don't remember that line, did Iron Man say it?

Mine is when the shark pops up outta the toy chest wearing the cowboy hat and goes “I’m Woody, howdy howdy howdy!” Haha

Mine is after Buzz fails to fly, his arm comes off and Woody finds him having a tea party, "Don't you get it! I'm Mrs Nesbitt! Hahahahaha" and Woody slaps him with his own arm 😂

Yep. True classic.

Mine too 😂 I wish there was more Sarcastic Shark!

And you are a sad, strange little man.

Please leave it to the professionals.

And you have my pity.

And my axe!


-references pop culture-

ttle man.

nice one

leak goddammit

Doesnt DVD release soon af

No, digital release

31st isn't it?

Yeah, July 31, 2 days.

one day for me

I think that means 1day and 3 hours for the rest of us 😂

Lets fucking go

They still make DVDs?

tbh I've never owned a blueray player. I went from dvd to full digital. I've only bought one movie in the past ten years (deadpool) and I bought it on dvd.

What the hell is a DVD?

What the hell are orange slices?

Oddly, DVD sales are still pretty strong. Probably due to the hardware compatibility, there hasn’t been the same drop off there was with VHS.

yeah, I don't get why everybody is jizzing in their pants over a Web-DL.

bluray's out probably tomorrow.

yeah, tomorrow

Why the fuck are marvel holding it off? Damn someone leak this soon man , been refreshing this sub for the past 5 days

Yeah. I missed it in theatres so now just get to dodge spoilers waiting for Blu Ray or online streaming.

That's why I went in theaters. Had a hint of some spoilers and I was like. Ffuuuuuuck that. That's the only reason I pay for shit now adays. Same with game of thrones.

I thought it was total pandering when it was revealed that Spider-Man is trans. But I thought it was cool whenever Thanos hung dong during the final fight.

The crazy part was when in the last scene. Thanos got all the stones. He just screamed “I can finally do it!”

He just pointed to Black Panther and just called him the n-word.

Man I love Tom Holland but as another very young looking dude I get jealous of how well he pulls it off.

Maybe get a British accent? As someone who is also young that tries facial hair sometimes, that's my only guess as to how he can pull it off.

Wow, Tom Holland with a mustache makes it ALMOST look like he isn't hiding a small toad in his mouth.

Where I was born and raised, we'd say it looks like he has a mouthful of dip in, which is what I thought at first.

I like yours better.

I can't take credit. I saw it on another post and now I can't unsee it.

Wtf are you talking about

It's your fault for asking the internet not to spoil you, my dude.

Yeah i watched 4 times in theatres. Just want a copy of the movie again in glorious HD

By the time it releases I should have my TV replaced for a 4K version, they are getting extremely affordable finally.

I have an actual question now: if you pay and watch it once in a theather, shouldn't you be allowed access to the movie for your lifetime? Since you've already paid for it. I know that this is the case for music.

I guess the logic is that for a movie ticket you are paying for the experience in exchange for a singular viewing (unless you just theater hop, which I've done quite a bit). It would be more comparable to buying a concert ticket rather than paying for an album. I do think it would be a cool promotion to be able to use a ticket stub for a steep dvd or download discount or something.

I am surprised you managed to dodge spoilers for this long. Good job.

I've escaped them all. Just a matter of going through life in a haze of boredom and drudgery.

"Why the fuck are marvel holding it off" How dare marvel want their intellectual property to not be pirated

They can want it all they want, but it doesn't make it any more likely.

Yet here we are

Patience, youngling. All things are pirated in time.

I think part of being a pirate is accepting to get your stuff a little later. Which is fine.


Well, yeah.

But but. Property is In the name

Patriot Act

Yeah, that's what he's talking about. Not the release of the bluray itself, no, he wants Marvel to upload a torrent!

Honestly If companies were just like hey we know you will pirate this but here is a donation option if you want us to keep creating more awesome content. I would donate some money maybe like half the cost of the DVD or just a few bucks.

Are you suggesting that Disney should ask for donations?

So you wanna pay less for the same thing....?

No, I think he's saying he would pay money full stop, that being able to easily download media isn't just about "lol I want it free k thx".

lmao you're mad delusional

Digital release is in 2 days (july 31).

Isn’t the dvd release then as well? And the br release is supposed to be the 14th. You’d think someone somewhere would have their paws on a disk.

I've seen both dvd and bluray dates on the 14th. Tuesday's only digital.

"Buzz look an alien!" Lolol


who cares its trash.

It truly is


Better then the majority of the marvel movies imo. Rest of them are trash. Xept Deadpool, guardians of the Galaxy 2 And civil war.

Last good marvel movie was iron man 1. After that all are trash.

Last good marvel movie was the blade trilogy the rest are trash.

I thought it was good, and didn't it get awesome ratings?

Disney marketing fooling people into thinking a 7/10 movie is 10/10.

it's at least 8/10 imo

You're trash.


pirated bay leaked image

Does any of the guys who leak the movie use reddit & are there in this sub ? If any ?

The movie come out online in 2 days. I suspect good copies will be available not long after that.


Nice try, Disney.

Hahaha Nice Humor :)

For real, they got a narc ass username


No officer, there aren't any

They really made sure security was tight on this release, eh?

Can't blame them. Infinity War single handedly pulled so many more people into the MCU. This movie was an absolute monster in terms of intellectual property.

Makes sense they've guarded it jealously.

Seriously though, any time now.

There are people who said that few days ago. They ded now.

They got snapped.

Many Bothans are dying and they still haven't brought us any information!

Mickey doesn't fuck around.

I’m confused despite the dvd release Blu-ray or digital wouldn’t it be the easiest to get a digital release and buy it and then somehow download that or record your screen?

That's why I watched it in theaters.

I watched in theaters too, but sadly where I live it's practically impossible to watch a movie non dubbed.

So...yeah, I'm still always waiting for the bluray release because that means I can actually watch the movie properly.

What did it cost?




You have become corrupted.

Me too. Watched it 3 times with different people.

How'd you get in there without paying?

tell the ticket master you have terminal ligma and they let you in free of charge

Ligma who?

Ligma homemade ice cream that I spent hours making for you

I tried Saw Con.

Mmmm, an intellectual 🙏🏼

It doesn't work. I told them to ligma balls but I just got kicked out.

I sneaked in via the Emergency Exit.

For real tho, I saw it 3 times with Moviepass.

RIP that service it is shit now because they have no money

Moviepass costs a monthly fee and you can only see the same movie once. That was implemented the day infinity war was released. So claiming you got 3 free tickets is untrue on 2 different levels.

Nope. Its 100% accurate.

  1. I already saw movies before Avengers released (remember, May was a heavy blockbuster month), more than the price of moviepass such that additional movies were free in practice.

  2. I checked into different titles, and then swapped my ticket to avengers at the box office, 2 times after seeing it the first time.

Maybe dont call people a liar if you dont know that it's true?

Yeah you're right they implemented ticket verification later so you could sneak into movies you didn't buy a ticket to. So you lied on 1 level. Moviepass still isn't free. It's very cheap when you divide the cost among the movies you saw, but not free.

No they already implemented ticket verification by avengers.

Moviepass is free you say?

If you really think about it, after your first ticket of the billing cycle any other tickets you get that cycle are pretty much free depending on how you look at it.

It is if you are a puts on cool glasses hacker man

Nope, but those tickets were free after I saw other movies that's month.

Hiding in someone's popcorn obviously


Or in someone's beans.

Wouldn't recommended. I tried this once and someone put their milk duds in it.

Was it Boogie?

I'd say you got lucky it wasn't 'the popcorn trick.'

My cinema had an emergency exit left opwn once so I just walked in and watched black panther for free


And without other people

I actually rarely pay when going to the movie theater. My friend drives me there and I just sneak in because 90% of the time there’s no one checking your ticket

Theatres?! How many?

I wish I'd gotten the chance to :( I had exams and didn't have time to go to watch it and now I'm stuck waiting for someone to rip it.

Same but I still want to rewatch in 4k

I wish I'd gotten the chance to :( I had exams and didn't have time to go to watch it and now I'm stuck waiting for someone to rip it.

Well if that's true, where's the 1080p webcam footage starring the guy who's head was too big to get out of the shot?

For the first time i download Marvel movie HC version, because of Thanos.



My mistake, sorry

Don't apologize, misspelling it adds to the realism of it being a real torrent, which are notoriously misspelled.

isn't one infinity war equal to infinite wars? If that is the case, than infinity war = infinity wars

I'll do you one better. Infinity += War.

Call me "Adam ruins everything" but one infinity war, even ignoring the definition in marvel terms is essentially one war extending it's duration to infinity, like if ww1 never ended. It's not like ww1 + ww2 + Vietnam war + every war to infinity. It's infinity war not wars.

But what about a second unrelated to the first

In large scale war you'll often have smaller wars being waged due to the big war, so it's completely reasonable to assume multiple wars are taking place bc of the infinity war

Those are called battles, unless I'm misunderstanding you.

I mean a war is just an exponentially large battle tbh

Well okay, but you can't have a war made up of other wars, wars are made up of battles.

is Star Wars correctly named?

I think so. Conflicts begin and end all the time. It's not a single overarching war covering the entire series. It's many wars with different sides.

Even if it isn't, "Star Battles" sounds like a terrible movie name.

I'm saying wars create offshoot wars

Adam, stop it. Go to bed.

No luck catching them infinity wars then?

I know it was 175 days ago, but nobody replied to you. So I’m here to say:

It’s just the one infinity war actually.

at last, after all these years, i can finally rest

Like seriously it is one war so far. "Infinity War"

But what if there are infinite wars?

There will be..

Infinity Wars #1 goes on sale August 1st.

Infinity Wars #1 (of 6)

14000605 is a lot, but not infinite.

How many of them are legitimate torrents?


Maybe the the name of the movie is Infinity War, singular.

It's just a really high quality advanced scan of the current comic event of the same name

I mean if it is infinite does it count as more than one?



I'm 24 and this is funny



How did i get caught too😭 if I see “aveng” my hart-rate bounces 20%

Yooo wtf have been waiting for this since it’s release...finally it’s coming today or something lol

Meh, another mediocre superhero movie

Is that you James Cameron?

Piss off, Ghost.

fuck off

31st can’t come soon enough

So dark, you sure you're not from the DC Universe?


Maybe marvel will release a VCR tape version first

Couldn't wait to see those rendering lines wipe down and across the screen

VLC player we'll play it. You just have to put the VHS tape close to your phone

That would be VHS.

Or even better, BetaMax

Laser disc!

In a VCR? /r/madlads


I would buy the fuck out of that. Would love to have friends over to watch the movie and bust that out.

Ready Player One had a VHS release at ComicCon last week.

This is lame. It's piracy not Amazon. Want a rip? Make one.

Genuinely lol'd

I find it impressive and aggravating that they have been able to keep it from leaking this long.

Yes . Seems that they have been taking utmost attention & care in ensuring the copies dont leak

Couch potato automatically grabbed me a rip. I got super pumped when it showed up in my Plex library...

Yeah, no. It's just an hour and a half of a cube with a light projecting on it. Some seriously riveting content.

Couch potato

What's that?

Python based Usenet scraper. Super slick little app.

Nice. Will look into it. Thanks

Radarr is vastly superior

Yeah I thought so. Been using that only and never heard of couch potato

these memes itself get thousands of upvotes. how many upvotes will the title post get?

This meme is fantastic

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

I watched the movie in theatre twice and i still can’t wait for IW torrent. I can’t get enough of this movie.

It is taking too long If only there was a way to watch it as soon as it released, I would even pay for it.

So.... digital release? That’s coming out in two days.

I don't want to have to go sit next to other people to watch it


It’ll come out August 15th (Blu-ray)

2 days and you have the digital version. Hold on fella's

goddamn this sub needs to get the fuck over it

Then leave

In time, we have known what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that we are right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. HDTS still arrives.

240p.KORSUB masterrace

Who the hell cares about some stupid Marvel movie.

2 billion box office, so a lot of people

Everyone wants 4K.

Guess I’ll just stick to 1080p..... since that’s what my potato laptop can handle.....

This just made me realize I’ll likely have my 4k TV by the time the remux hits...

I decided to wait for the next hdmi revision, it'll support hd audio over ARC and some other goodies.

Eh, I don’t put anything through my HDMI other than video. TV speakers suck.

TV speakers suck

That's the point, using ARC allows you to feed the audio signal from the TV to your receiver when the TV is the source, so you can use that instead of the tv speakers. This is useful when the TV is the source for the audio, instead of an external device that's already going through the receiver.

I've never waited so much for a torrent file. It SUCKS!

TOMORROW, TOMORROW, WE GET IT... TOMORROW. IT'S ONLY A DAY AWAY!!! (bet your torrent client that tomorrow....)

It's actually pretty cool thinking about it. There are many review copies out there yet it hasn't leaked yet. I don't know how they do it but it seems to work.

A little more than 2 weeks before the official release...

Why is this fucking movie so hyped up? I dont get it....

Because it's a good movie and the entirety of the MCU has been building up to it?

Ok, fair enough

I have a question... Why does it take so long for 4K to show up on "the web".

I am currently looking for OITNB S6, and its nowhere to be found.

Looking at the history of TV show, on average it takes roughly a week or more.


What the size of the 4k bluray?


We’ll have it soon. Btw how do you guys watch the 4k rips? Is it possible to download a 4k movie to a usb drive and play it on a sony 4k tv through the media player?

Thats how i do it on my tv, but I'm not sure about the sony models. It should work though. Download a sample and try it out.

Sabnzbd + Plex

Why isn't infinity wars out yet? (Sorry if I seem out of the loop)

Do what I did and watch the shitty can version

Can anyone explain what is happening here? Usually we already got the leak way before the actual release date.

I still don't see the infinity wars brrip...

Gotta give a shout out to this sub for not further spoiling the movie for me. My friend accidentally spoiled a large event. He thought I already saw it. I usually go to the movies a lot. He was like wasn't it crazy when ****** ******* *** *******. I'm the type of person that closes my eyes during parts of movie trailers to avoid seeing too many plot points.

Not now bitch!

is Star Wars correctly named?

I'm saying wars create offshoot wars

Isn’t the dvd release then as well? And the br release is supposed to be the 14th. You’d think someone somewhere would have their paws on a disk.