Big R.I.P. this man went through hell and back

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well, damn. I kinda feel ya'

well, damn. I kinda feel ya'

Look at all he learnt though.

I gained most of my computer knowledge because of shit like this 20 years ago when nothing was simple.

Me too, which is why I suspect he already knew all those things and was face palming himself the whole time.

Me too man me too...

Exactly. Those of us who was into computers from the very beginning, have great knowledge. Youngsters at 20 still think I'm an old wizard or something similar.

Trial by fire as they say. Mistakes are the greatest teachers.

What you crazy? A teacher ? Books ? We were broke, that's why we became pirates. We learned it the hard way.

20 years ago

Usenet. Remember the yenc controversy? Fuck torrents.

config.sys? autoexec.bat? get out of here, I need an extra 1mb to fit Day of The Tentacle on this 40mb HDD.

Now why won't my computer boot

I seriously learned a lot at ~11 years old about how to computer just from bashing my head against problems.

Exactly. I learned a lot through trial and error and reading different instructions that people had.

But damn it! This guy is dedicated.

I gained most of my computer knowledge starting around 2009, when I jailbroke my iPod touch in 7th grade.

Since then, I've learned a lot, and am on course to complete a 2-year degree in Network Administration at my local community college in 2019.

Crazy how really stupid, random goals when you're younger contribute to career interests later in life.

Though that's not to say that anyone interested in "computers" can develop a career in them, or have the passion to continue their education constantly. This is something I've learned to love, and know I will be continuously building on my knowledge throughout my career, unlike some other professions.

A decade working in the industry changes things a bit

I learned how to mooch off single moms by just emulating blacks. Now I've got 3 hoes lined up and as much Kix and grainy orange juice to satisfy me for a lifetime

Post of the year! I'm copying and pasting that into a text file - I need to remember that.


What did he say

Don’t remember but it was very disturbing



It was kind of similar for me. I was 9 and searching for pictures of girls online. My dad put parental controls on the family PC and removed my admin access. I spent every waking moment that I wasn't at school researching how I got caught and how to get around it.

In less than a three weeks I knew what I did wrong, and all these years later I've never been locked out of anything that wasn't encrypted. My dad wasn't the best with computers back then, so he didn't know about encryption and more effective security.

Regardless, I had no parental controls and Admin access forever until I got my own computer years later.

I was the only one in my social circle who could install torrents and cracked games so technically they would believe that I was some tech wiz. Gradually everyone started coming to me to fix their computer problems, not to disappoint them I started learning/googling to fix the problems and became that tech guy who could fix everything.

From another “tech guy” all it really means is that you can search google faster than others(or in my case DuckDuckGo)


I see you are a man of culture

I'm a bit of a scientist myself

Just don’t like Spyware on my computer. That’s it. Yet to find a good alternative to Chrome tho.

Chromium. Its the base version of Chrome minus Google Stuff.
Where to get? Here:

Learned about it when i first got Linux Mint, because everything on Mint has to be Opensource in the official Repo. You have to manually update Chromium on Windows when a new version is out.

I’ll get the stuff with no sync/widewine since I don’t use Netflix/Hulu.

in my case DuckDuckGo

You're speaking for all of us.

you say speaking for all of us, but I'm a Trainer- technical/ Software mostly. Its a mindset and having confidence, - I can fix that, and it takes people time to realize that. sometimes i want to shake my head in disbelief, when my students ask me - how can i fix that, or what is that file extension used for? I tell them on day one, I cant teach you how to fix all the problems you will encounter but i can teach you how to get really good at finding the right solutions for fixing these problems.

Well you sound like the teacher i would've liked to of had.

Look at all he learned though.

Guess you're learning too!

Both are acceptable, but learned is often used in both British English and American English, while learnt is much more common in British English than in American English.

learnt is correct too


new heur virus changed my life forever, without it i wouldn't know half of my friends and still using windows

Me cleaning a malware from my pc after a shady installer of photoshop cc

[Adobe.Photoshop.WAREZ.2007.RU] (Crack only) (Keygen)

Hmmm yeah that one looks legit


"Hmmmmm this setup.exe with a completely strange folder structure looks the right kind of installer"

Me... Getting old DOS games to boot up by carefully tweaking .bat files. You only had 640k of ram to work with so like they said in Apollo 13, "it's all in the startup procedure".

We all did bro !

Lol I used to thought that cd burning meant destroying a cd completely. That's why the process was called burning x)

Fun fact: the most advanced CD burner at that time was called Nero Burning ROM. You know, because Nero...burnt Rome...

Yesh I remember I had the same burner too lol

Oh man, I still remember the first time I wrote data to a CD without Nero. It felt like betraying an old friend :(

Now I just use one of the three free softwares: ImgBurn, Infrarecorder, or CDBurnerXP. I like ImgBurn the best for it's icon based UI. I just dont see how Nero could survive the modern age.

Just curious: why do you even use third party software for that when Windows comes with its own stuff? For bootable stuff you have Rufus, which is like 3 MB in size.

Because the Windows tool is too simplistic. I needed to Audio CD from MP3. Also, burn ISO to DVD. I don't think Windows tool can do that. If you only need to burn some files, then yes, the built in Windows tool.will do the job for you.

I was the only one in my social circle who could install torrents and cracked games so technically they would believe that I was some tech wiz. Gradually everyone started coming to me to fix their computer problems, not to disappoint them I started learning/googling to fix the problems and became that tech guy who could fix everything.

Came to say this. That's an impressive amount of things to learn just to play a movie.

mistakes are great teachers.

The greatest teacher, failure is.

Failure is the building blocks of success

And the content great motivators

I so identify

I can completely agree, except I did it 6 years ago. I never used Reddit or the like until this Summer, so I spent months learning all the functions of a pc. Pirated my first film in 2013. Never looked back

Back in 1997 I'd order vcds from singapore

Vcds...i remember those were big for a bit ...there were all these vcd stores in Chinatown. Still don't know what the hell that format really was and how it was different from a CD.

Normal CDs with 128 bit audio and MPEG1. MPEG2 came later with DVDs, despite being advertised as having digital audio etc. They only had VHS quality sound an video and initially you couldn't write to them.

Mpeg2 Some DVD players could play them too but usually I just used my laptop and Windows Media player

Apex DVD player from Walmart.

Don't know why you were down voted, that model would handle just about any pirated DVD format I could throw at it.

I know.

I sold/gave a thousand movies, and I always recommended an Apex.

For some reason this statement struck me as very "cyberpunk"

Damn, you pirated your first film in 2013? That's crazy. I was selling shit copies of movies still in theaters in H.S. in 2003.

Damn. You sold shit copies of films in High School in 2003? I remember bringing hundreds of 5.25" floppy disc's and my own 1541 HFF to "swap meets" in people's houses - half the discs were filled with all the latest & greatest Warez I had and the blanks were to make manual copies of other people's stuff i didn't have yet. Hence, carried my own hard drive to the swap meet.

Damn. You had your hard drive? When I walked thirty kilometres in the snow, uphill both ways, to the swap meet, I had to physically memorize everything that I wanted to know because I had no way of taking it home. It took a damn long time to memorize and get all of those ones and zeroes in there..!

This shit is like that scene in Jaws, comparing scars

This shit is like that scene in Jaws, comparing scars

I had a ZIP drive. Parallel port.

You win.

Damn, I haven't thought of the word warez in a long time :D

Sketchy af HPAVC sites in the mid-90s internet.

I have all of you beat. I graduated high school in 1996. CompuServ has "go graphics" which included nudies from photographers like Halpho. I sold 1.4M diskettes full of nudie pics from 1993 to when I graduated. I was smart(er) than the average bear. I set my alarm at 3am, downloaded the pictures I wanted all at once, when the queue was finished CompuServ would automatically log off. I had two guys who sold the disks, I was never directly involved with customers. Eventually they were caught, when a customer printed an image in the school's computer lab. Yeah, "Kiah" looked great in B&W dot matrix.

In 1996 my greatest accomplishment was installing Age of Empires on my elementary school's computer lab and threw our first LAN party. After that it was SimCity. And finally we played Leisure Suit Larry and giggled like little girls.

But the take away was that I finally understand Minesweeper by the end of the year.

lol, still waiting for the guy who traded dirty stories on punchcards in the 70s :p

Same lotr 2, harry potter made some big money

Yup, those were the days!

I was pirating vhs tapes when I worked in a video store back in 1989...uphill both ways, in the snow


In my defense I was 12 and it was an ipod😂



I think one of the first movies I ever pirated was the incredibles lol

Lol nice, mine was Halloweentown. 480p YouTube download of a 480i screen grab. I thought 127mb was good back then😂😂

Same here bro

Amen to that. Most of my understanding of files, codecs and other bullshit comes from this

Do you remember life before vlc and klite codec pack? Those where the days....

My VLC suddenly stopped reading mkv's and no codec pack helped.. This was 2015, back when the internet was a wee baby

when quicktime/real alternative were godsends? i remember the days well. waiting for a slot to download something in mIRC and a TV show was a 50MB realvideo file.

Real Media are the two words that made my spider parts tingling.

I had forgotten entirely about real alternative until now.

We only had 56k so I couldn’t use irc for downloads as the line dropped every 2 hours

Kazaa lite and shareaza was where it was at.

I downloaded bill and ted 700meg took around a month of the limited time I was allowed online.

When I first found a 20mb divix of the Simpsons my mind was blown.

Using gspot to figure out what codecs where used. It did feel a bit more of a Wild West

kazaa lite and morpheus (before it became incompatible) and emule

then came along and changed everything for everyone i know. a friend was in work with me and cried (legit tears down his face) when he found out it was shut down.

They day that site died was a bad day. I remember having no clue where to get stuff after that for a while

i jumped to newsgroups. downloaded a movie with no par files available and 1 rar file was corrupt. learned a lesson that day

I remember using grabbit and my technical college’s really really fast (likely only 100mb but I had 56k!) internet to get so much stuff

yea, my college roommate was a linux guy and showed me how to use telnet into college and use webget or something to download while at home and just transfer to an external drive the next day.

we managed to get onto a private ftp tracker and all sorts. so much trickier to get what you wanted in those days.

The fact that sonarr, radarr and sab automates it all now is cool, the hours of screwing around doing all this at the time was frustrating but I kinda miss it and get an urge to do Something I don’t understand from time to time which is why I now have 2 esxi servers in the roof space doing all sorts of crazy shit

par files are still crazy to me.

Man I was about to post the same thing about the 20mb Simpsons DivX. I thought I was the shit for finding those.

I downloaded all of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in 2004/5 over Soulseek. It took a month, and that was with "fast" Internet at the time.

Two months for me

Damn, you just reminded me how good that show was. Now I have to get a copy.

G-Spot to know the codec used or figuring out why the hell you don't hear any audio. "Oh AC3"

And once your halfway into all the bullshit, might as well see it through, there’s no going back.

Hence why I work in IT now :D

Jokes aside, this gave me access to a lot of knowledge I would have otherwise never even frames of getting access to

Been pirating since the days of the first psp and I still don’t know what codecs are and why they would matter to me lmao

Knowing stuff is for nerds lmao /s


well, there's your problem. peasant! pcmr would have your head for this!

It's simply short for encoders decoders. Movies have tons of pixels. They're supposed to take up huge amounts of space. So we compress them. Codecs are basically winrars for audio/video (except they make the movie uglier in the process but it's worth it)

Why do they make em uglier and how is it worth it?

It's called lossy compression (as opposed to lossless compression).

Lossy examples : jpeg, mp3, x264 Lossless examples : gzip, flac, png, rar

Lossless compresses data but keeps it fully intact and identical to the original data when decompressed. You'd want that for text files or important images (imagine if winrar screwed up your files after you extract them, that would be ridiculous. Rar compression is lossless).

Lossy is used for when bit-perfect decompression is not needed. For example, a song is basically a very complicated wave with tons of little details. Humans aren't capable of noticing all these details perfectly. So for example, mp3 takes advantage of that and removes a lot of the details it considers unimportant. Now the wave contains less information and less information is easier to compress. You just made a song smaller and humans can't notice, that's the basic idea behind lossy compression

For videos however, they contain so much information that unnoticeable lossy compression is very hard to achieve in small sizes. That's why lots of video files look horrible with tons of noticeable compression artifacts and are very noticeably different from the original non compressed file. (some people with good audio gear are capable of noticing compression artifacts even in high bitrate mp3 files but most people don't)

Wow thanks for enlightening me dude, I kinda get the idea now.

I swear there is no need for all that wrapping

The .iso was probably a DVD image. The .rar compression was all that was used for uploading it.

That's the bit that got me - download a zip file, which contained 50 rar files, or worse, a password. Go back to the comments - have to go to this website to get the password, first you have to accept an ad or sign up for something, use a dummy email id, get the password, which doesn't work.

Dude, if I saw a move that I wanted on a torrent site and it was encased in a rar I would be like NOPE straight away and go elsewhere

This used to be the norm in early 2000s

it's still the norm for usenet.

Some some scene releases still get split up like this. Why? Because it's scene rules. Come on guys it's 2018 I don't need all these rars...

The other day I had one that consisted of a bunch of rared zip files. Just why.

Yeah the worst is when it's a bunch of zip files, when you extract them there are a bunch of rar files, when you extract it it's already a compressed file like an installer. I've measured them, MAYBE 1% savings total. Adding insult to injury, if it's a totrrent then too help seed you still have to keep the original zips. It's not just ridiculous, it's absolutely retarded.

I downloaded a torrent of Breath of the Wild with the DLCs that was meant to contain everything you needed to set up and run the game in CEMU.

The main folder was in a zip file. The game data folder, cemu, cemuhook, were all in separate zip files. Inside the game data folder, the folders for the game and each DLC were also in their own zip files. I ended up with like 50GB of space used after everything was extracted and set up.

My CPU is far too shit to run the game faster than 20FPS, and I only ever got it running once without immediately crashing.

Because it's scene rules.

It's a "rule" because it's the most efficient way to share the original files on usenet etc.

Yeah, you're a bit of a tool if you're not unzipping scene releases before creating a torrent now of days, but there's a legitimate reason why the original release was split in the first place.

Oh right, I get why it started. Especially during dialup days, smaller chunk files reduced frustration of losing progress downloading and getting corrupt files.

The private torrent sites I visit have a majority of broadband users, and yet they still upload the pure scene files pre extraction, that's what frustrates me. Meh, I've already set up Sonarr, Radarr, and other tools that automate most of the process.

Huh, what ones are still doing that? I haven't been big on private torrents for at least 5 years now, but the ones I was active on got rid of that requirement a long time ago.


TV shows, Games, sometimes movies although more rarely

I remember back when I had paibfully slow internet I had downloaded a password protect .rar and ran a brute force unlock on it out of desperation.

I too hate 4chan



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I downloaded a file and all I got was this stupid job in IT.

And I got more than enough money to buy the movie.

Still pirates movie

ROFL, you're not wrong, but my wife's a bigger pirate than me... I once thought about paying $30 for adobe premiere and she yells at me, We don't pay for software in this house!

Software is one thing I always pay for...I'll steal movies all day but it feels wrong ripping off hardworking devs.

I like her style.

Yep, is your wife single op?

I got dibs

Maybe she has a cute sister? I call dibs!

Her sister is hard coded with Arabic subtitles and ads for online Russian casinos.

Knows how to use linux distro, doesn't know formatting takes up space...

Also doesn't know what an ISO file is after probably downloading a Linux ISO.

I was more thinking installing Linux, but not knowing what an ISO is.

yeah, I had to read the post multiple times because I thought I lost something.

How can you not know what a .iso is after you installed a Linux distro?!

People keep saying this but how many can explain why it's called an .iso?

Its called iso because of the way it is...o.

ISO 9660, the international standards organization.

Get this kid the kewpie doll

Well...I can!

(because I read the Wikipedia page just before writing this comment)

Also downloaded 7zip to extract the ISO but Winrar already can do it.

I assumed this is something that happened years ago, I mean who still uses fat32 hard drives? And winrar hasn't always been able to extract isos.

Well it's a greentext so it's probably made up anyway.

But Winrar added support for ISO files in 2002, 7zip didn't support ISO until 2006.

To be fair, Ubuntu and Mint are pretty user friendly now.

i use mint

Guy was using FAT32 file system, doesn't seem recent to me.

And how did he burn a Linux distro back on the day without knowing what an .ISO is and why didn't he Google it? FAT32 hasn't been standard on Windows since Win 98.

Back in the day, you used to get various Linux distros in CDs with many computer magazines.

But he downloaded it.

Oh I glanced over that part. In that case, the story is bullshit it seems.

Isn't this how everyone learns how to be a good pirate?

My first time torrenting, I fell for the dreaded false download button. Installed uBlock after that and never clicked the wrong thing again

Hope you've moved on to ublock origin.

Sorry I meant uBlock Origin actually, my bad haha!

Hope he moved to Nano Adblocker + Nano Defender.

first time torrenting

Installed ublock

Is the 2000 in your username your age?

uBlock Origin sorry, missed that haha!

He might be saying that you started pirating recently enough that unlock origin existed, so you must be pretty young

Yeah old timers used AdBlockPlus


Well I was born in the year 2000 and my first time pirating was before uBlock Origin existed, approximately after 2010 and before 2015, can't remember my oldest torrent on the drive :P

Definitely what he meant. The first time I pirated something browser plugins didn't even exist, much less adblockers. And I'm just 22.

Piracy is the thing in my country and every self-respecting pirate would know what to do with an .iso file lol

So someone uploaded a full disc image (compressed into a set of damaged rar files) that had hardcoded Swedish subtitles? What on-disc movie has hardcoded subs? Any video playing disc format has had support for soft subs since the very beginning.

And why intentionally damage the files? Who's looking for that shit?

Usually it's movie studios putting them up, trying to get people to spend ages downloading fake files so that they'll give up on torrenting. It was common back in the mid to late 2000s.

Those fake MP3’s music studios would up on KaZaa that would glitch up partway through the song 😂

Imagine by John Lennon ft. Britney spears, Linkin Park, ll cool j, Abraham Lincoln, ghengis khan


Who keeps their system drive formatted to FAT32?!? That is madness.

Also, how tf you know how to install Linux and manage partitions but you've never heard of an iso?

Might have been more believable if it was .bin & .cue.

Because it's fake and gay

Given the references to mulitple rar files, mininova, fat32, and working directly with video iso images, I think this is a really old post.

Also wondering why anyone would download a linux distro to make an NTFS partition? That's insane just make it in windows. Also could have converted the fat32 to ntfs very easily in windows.

I guess that's the joke

I guess it really does highlight the hoops we had to jump through years ago to get things done on a pc.

It really is amazing how far computers have come. My first computer had 4KB ram and stored data on cassette tapes.

Now I can rip a bluray, while encoding another with a movie playing on my other monitor while typing comments on a computer somewhere else in the world (Reddit) while waiting for Steam to finish downloading a game. No hoops required...mostly.

Czerweny 1000? TK 83? Then the CZ 1500 and the TK 85 with marvelous 16 KB RAM expandible to 64. And then: the glorious, the inimaginable CZ SPECTRUM / TK 90 /etc etc

It really is amazing how far computers have come. My first computer had 4KB ram and stored data on cassette tapes.

My god, man. May I ask when was that? And which computer?

Sometimes I just stop to appreciate the insane calculations computers nowadays are able to make. Millions of little pixels, changing multiple times every second, added to the sound, interface, background programs, my web browser.

It was the Vic 20 and it would have been about 1982. According to the Wiki, it says it had 5KB of ram and not 4 as I had said. I could have sworn it was only 4, but I will take wiki's word for it over my memory of 36 years ago.

oh yes, the vic-20: my first as well... when Montgomery Ward was the best place to buy cutting edge tech... i had the cassette tape drive too, but not the nice color-matched one with rounded corners, mine was a light brown/sharp-edged monstrosity

What could you do with it?

I don't know about that one but the CZ 1500 had a flight simulator. With 16 KB RAM. Deal with that.

holy shit

Also, do you want to know what you can do with 4 KB with modern computers? The following video was done with 4 KB of code. Enjoy:

That is amazing. I have no idea how they jammed so much information into 4KB

Because modern computers can draw very fast based on simple (well, not so simple) lines of code. They have Demo competitions like this for 4, 16, 48, 64 and 128 KB. The last two ones are just astounding. But to do that with 4 KB you need to be good.

Thanks a lot, dude.

Here you have the Flight Simulator for SPECTRUM. That beast had 48 KB of ram, colors, sprites (I think) and sound that could simulate good music if you programmed it fast enough (beep beep).

I played some basic games on it and learned some basic code. My second computer was the CoCo 3 from Radio Shack. It was pretty great for its time and perfect for people who liked to tinker.

TRS-80 Color Computer

The RadioShack TRS-80 Color Computer (later marketed as the Tandy Color Computer and sometimes nicknamed the CoCo) is a line of home computers based on the Motorola 6809 processor. The Tandy Color Computer line started in 1980 with what is now called the CoCo 1 and ended in 1991 with the more powerful CoCo 3. All three CoCo models maintained a high level of software and hardware compatibility, with few programs written for the older model not running on the newer ones.

Despite bearing the TRS-80 name, the Color Computer is a radical departure from the earlier TRS-80; in particular it has a Motorola 6809E processor, rather than the TRS-80's Zilog Z80.

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We're doomed!

This a sad story .

I mean hey, he ended up cracking open Pandora's box

TIL you can recover corrupted .rars with winrar (i use Linux).

You can't really. Unless you mean you can extract what is intact, but what's missing is still corrupted. You won't magically repair the file unless you use PAR or something similar.


how did they learn to install linux without figuring out .iso files

Have someone give them a Disk with it installed

Using a USB stick?

how do you get it onto a usb stick without using an image file?

It's just a file, no need to figure it out to copy it.

this guy know how to boot to linux but don't know how to open iso?


Was just about to say the same damn thing. He knows different file system formats such as FAT32 or NTFS, but he doesn't know what a damn ISO is? Lol.

Ok I knew FAT32 & NTFS but not ISO. Oops

Well I guess it is possible, but an ISO is a lot more common than having to format a drive, and considering that we're on r/piracy plenty of movies and games come in an ISO, so the likeliness of you coming across an ISO is a lot more common than FAT32 or NTFS.

Honestly I feel like I only know FAT32/NTFS from having to format SD cards for my camera in the past lol. Never pirated games, movies have typically been mkv

just installing many versions of linux involve dealing with iso's

Lol exactly. Especially if he was the one that made the bootable drive.

Yes indeed. Fun story but no hint of reality :)

Atleast it wasn't password protected

My god the rage

/> Archive is password protected

/> Look at the download page for ages trying to find the password

/> Finally find it in a hidden spoiler section after looking for 20 minutes

No the passoword is in a text file downloadable only after taking a paid survey

How do you get through without the survey? Is a brute force the only way?

Usually there isn't even a password on the other end - the archive just contains a dummy file.

source: hours wasted as a twelve year old

Well shit, that's the worst.

Now I know why I found Red Dead Redemption PC port 100% real !

Fucking Sharecash.

Fileice or some shit for club penguin shit.

Generally yeah and it's very rarely the actual file behind the password.


Or it’s in the ReadMe for who knows what reason lol

And that kids, is how I met your mother learned to use a liveCD and gparted.


I can relate to this on a spiritual level

His story look maybe insane, but we've all experienced shit like that and a lot of time

We're just mostly too tired at the end to write it for people

And by read that we all remember the hour of research about PC problems

I remember wasting 8 hours of my time in an internet cafe figuring out how to use reverse tethering on my phone with ADB.

When I finally found it, I proceeded to download all the porn I could find and abuse the cafés insane internet speed.

It's has 5Mbps which sometimes spikes to 20Mbps. It's prolly not much for most but compared to my 300Kbps on my mobile data, I'll take 5Mbps any day.

Welcome to the life!

Almost exactly what happened to my cousins more or less.

Be him. 8mile movie just came out.

Spend fucking 6 days downloading the movie at 3KB/s on KaZAa, find out it's got a password. Search fucking everywhere.

Spend a few days trying to crack it. Somehow crack it.

Extract it.

Turns out it's a fucking porn movie called 8 miles.

Spend the next day thinking if it's possible to somehow get revenge on the asshole who shared the file.

Turns out it's a fucking porn movie called 8 miles.

8 miles... of cock.

I've quit doing this though I have to admit I've waisted many hours and days for stuff like this.

Knows how to partition and dual boot, but doesn't know what a .iso is

One of the first movies I have downloaded was the first Hulk movie. Took me like 2 whole days for a 700 mb DVD rip. When it was finished I invited a friend to see the movie. I never experienced a fake title movie. It was a Swedish porn movie. I was embarrassed because of that friend. Turned it off.

A day later I watched the whole movie alone. Was a really good movie.

Why a fts32 drive and why a linux distro

Aaaaaaah the good ol' days xD

There was a limit on Windows XP that wouldn't allow it to use drives beyond a 137GB limit. You could use a 200 GB hard drive, but only the first 137 GB were usable.

Later service packs introduced 48 bit LBA, which increased the maximum to 2TB. You had to enable this with a simple registry change, but if your BIOS didn't support 48-bit LBA windows would not warn you. Instead, the address would wrap around. So, what would happen is movies written to the first 137 GB would be stored as normal. Beyond that, and the BIOS would actually write to the earlier part of the disk without warning, overwriting the data.

It took some time to rip and convert from my local $0.50 DVD shop to exceed that 137GB limit. My earlier videos would be corrupted, but in a way that later videos would over write portions of the video, which VLC tolerated. Put on Star Wars, and Dogma would play starting from halfway through.

Why weren't you just using NTFS on Windows XP? I switched to using NTFS with Windows 2000 and never looked back.

I can't remember what FS I was using, but the LBA support was at the hardware level, not the FS level.

I did use Windows 2000 for a while. One of the things I absolutely loved about it was the in-explorer media preview.

This is a pirate right of passage

Been down this road as well

Dude, KIND of the same thing happened to me. I was "Emulating" A Video game onto my PC and I didn't realize I put it onto my 25gb SSD and I let it go over night. I Checked it early in the morning it said extraction not complete or something. I did it again a week later because I was so mad. Then I did it again it didn't work. (Still didn't realize my problem). THEN! 2 months later I did it again, found out how retarded I was and now I am a lot better at doing this kind of stuff because of how many times I had to do it when I tried with "That video game"...

I'm shocked this didnt end with him finally opening the file and Skyrim boots up

We've all been there


Ahh, torrenting in 2005, how I NEVER MISS YOU EVER

Ahh the good ol days of Kazaa when downloading something is a total toss up. Spend two days downloading a file to find out it's total bullshit.

What a loser! Step 1: Buy a DVD.

I know this is a meme, but question-

What is the best program for ripping ISOs of dvds that you physically have/what reads them?

makemkv and dvd decrypter

It's 2018 if you're still using fat32 on your system then you have a lot more worry about compared to pirating movies.

Mininova was the shit. No other torrent site has come close to how good it was.

The life of a pirate is hard

Just download YIFY LOOOOL

who in the heck format hdd to fat32

I feel like everyone trying to poke holes in this story by saying "he knew X but not Y?" are 12 or something.

Back in the wild west days where downloading stuff overnight would still only get you a couple percent, I would do everything via guides. I didn't really understand what the guides were saying. But I can read English and follow instructions. So yeah I could boot Linux even if I didn't fully get what I was doing or everything else I was doing.

I mean, I'm still fucking around with custom ROMs on my phone despite having zero idea what chmod777 really does.

Your comments speak to me.

What I can never figure out is why installing a new ROM means the radio antenna doesn't work and makes your voice sound like you're underwater. Loved cmod but I'm still one of those people that uses the phone as a phone

geez I would have looked for some other download option after the archive was corrupt

lol I learned everything I know about computers because I broke tons of shit growing up.

Omg I've so been there

Dude downloads and installs Linux, but doesn't know what an ISO file is?

It's not about the destination, it's About the journey


On the next season of American Horror Story

Fat32? Hello and welcome to 1996. Even my mac supports exFAT.


This was everything I downloaded back in the first days. It taught me so many things!

Even the best of us occasionally have to pay the toll in this here game. Godspeed on your future piracy operations brother. Let the haters hate.

Every pro was a noobie once

Get an 8gb flash drive, format it to ntfs or just use a virtual disk applications. There were easier methods of doing this. So either anon is stupid or this is horrendously old.

it's probably from 10 years ago when we used mininova. nowadays you download those sized files in a couple of hours instead of days, so you dont mind deleting what you downloaded and download a new one. p.s: i was expecting gay animal porn or some shit.





and this is why i stick to private trackers

I used to be quite into computers and stuff but not so much anymore it seems. Granded, i'm 18 in 2018.

I’ve learned most things about computers by similar frustration. The first thing that really made a light bulb go off in my head about how amazing computers could be when I started using No-CD cracks for games. It was the most amazing thing when I could go out and buy a PC game, burn it and install a No-CD crack in the game’s program file directory, then return the game for my money back. Of course I also started to learn how to use cracks for Windows software, keygens, replacing exe’s with cracked one’s and such. Around the same time I discovered Fruity Loops which was software for making music and was hooked. And same I discovered how to find and use cracked software synthesizers and such to use with Fruity Loops. Fast forward 15 years or so and then I discovered Kodi and those same skills in terms of knowing how to search, navigating file systems still apply. All that early childhood stuff lead me to really love computers as an adult today and I’m going to school for IT and always learning stuff on my own. I’ve learned how to download just about every textbook for my classes. Haha! Of course I have become the go-to Tech guy for family and friends. Computers have taught me to research to the point of never giving up, you can always find the answers to anything you want to learn about.

335 _4

All this to avoid $10 Netflix subscription. (Here come the downvotes)

It's obviously a back in the days story which is also obviously fake (ntfs formatting in linux; never heard of iso but downloaded linux distro comes in iso format)

So yeah... Netflix was not always around and not everything is on netflix. Especially with non-US accounts.

I absolutely agree with all said. Nowadays however it’s way more comfortable to spare a few dollars for a digital rental rather than this pain in the ass. Of course, this doesn’t apply for outside of US.

I think you're wrong here

And this people is how a good pirate is born

commencing self destruct in 3....2....1...beep

This would of been a lot simpler by a simple google search of how to open an .iso. Then learning you can use many programs to mount it and view the file right away.

Wait. Am I reading this correctly?

That (probably fiction al) guy k ow how to dual Boot with Linux and Windows, but doesn't know what an ISO is?

Are you kidding me xD

Just a writers technique to draw out a story.

Everyone was this guy before he even knew what the winrar do !


Winrar can open iso files.

I'm gonna get torn a new one for saying this here. But this is why I watch stuff on stream sites, as opposed to downloading from torrent sites.

Who remembers limewire baits

learns that formatting a drive takes up raw space with a file allocation table

Can someone tell me what he's talking about ?

did he come back? someone should check.


learnt is correct too

Both are acceptable, but learned is often used in both British English and American English, while learnt is much more common in British English than in American English.

They day that site died was a bad day. I remember having no clue where to get stuff after that for a while

People keep saying this but how many can explain why it's called an .iso?

He might be saying that you started pirating recently enough that unlock origin existed, so you must be pretty young

Fun fact: the most advanced CD burner at that time was called Nero Burning ROM. You know, because Nero...burnt Rome...

Yesh I remember I had the same burner too lol

Oh man, I still remember the first time I wrote data to a CD without Nero. It felt like betraying an old friend :(

Here you have the Flight Simulator for SPECTRUM. That beast had 48 KB of ram, colors, sprites (I think) and sound that could simulate good music if you programmed it fast enough (beep beep).

Also, do you want to know what you can do with 4 KB with modern computers? The following video was done with 4 KB of code. Enjoy:

"Hmmmmm this setup.exe with a completely strange folder structure looks the right kind of installer"